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V/A - Next Step Electronica

V/A - Next Step Electronica
Label - Instinct Records
Released - 1997
Style - Electronic, Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, Acid Jazz, Lee Library

(random review)
Best acid jazz compilation out there; not one word of vocals on the entire album, this is a pure electronic/jazz hybrid. If you're like the song Cooper's World by Squarepusher and you want an album with the same vibe for every track you wont be dissapointed. "Serious Intent" and "Blakey" are highlights on this cd.

1. Endemic Void - Serious Intent
2. Kosma - Aeroboot
3. Mr. Electric Triangle - A'Luomo
4. Jimpster - Mind Painting
5. Cujo - Traffic
6. Spaceways - At Home With The Snake
7. Taran - Lines
8. The Chris Bangs Project - Future Cliche
9. Red Snapper - Crusoe Takes A Trip
10. Izit - Blakey
11. Four Ears - Blue Jungle
12. James Hardway - Monique


Various - Hydrogen Dukebox : Shake The Bones

Various - Hydrogen Dukebox : Shake The Bones
Label - Hydrogen Dukebox
Released - 1997
Style - Electronic, Techno, Experimental, Ambient, Lee Library

Notes: Released in the U.S. as "High Performance" on the Instinct Ambient label

(review from
A twelve track slab of all things good available from this label from some new as well as existing artists, with a little more flavour added by notable remixers Beaumont Hannant, Monkey Mafia and Andrew Weatherall. New band Soil are very different with electro beats and bass tuned to beguile the listener. If this is a typical sample of their output, then a future album should be a totally electrifying experience. The Big Eye have successfully remodelled Beelzedub into a pseudo reggae/jungle outing of distinction. I also found the track by Pilote Burste scintillating as they have combined succulent themes and bass rhythms that few could play due to the varying beat. TLM are usually guaranteed to fill the speakers with delightful sounds and it should come as no surprise to find their beaten and broken Electrastar does exactly what is promised. The final track by Blue Frog finishes this truly excellent sampler in great style where the reviewer is left wishing for more. Overall the mix is certainly in the modern theme where the changes in instrumental music allows plenty of diversity to shake those bones.

1 Chamber - Funky Paradise (6:32)
2 Globo - Thirteen (Remixed By Beaumont Hannant) (7:24)
3 Omnivore - Spandex (7:21)
4 Slab - Rampant Prankster (Remixed By Monkey Mafia) (4:57)
5 Soil - Imaginary Ocean (6:46)
6 Crash - Shoeshiner (3:35)
7 The Big Eye - Beelzedub (5:07)
8 Pilote Burst - Rare Vermont (6:28)
9 Slab - Atomsmasher (Remixed By Andrew Weatherall) (2:53)
10 Transcendental Love Machine - Electrastar (5:44)
11 Girl Eats Boy - Girl Eats Boy (5:45)
12 Blue Frog - Contra (6:51)


V/A - Joint Ventures

V/A - Joint Ventures
Label - Shadow/NINEBar
Released - 1997
Style - Electronic, Trip Hop, Breaks, Drum and Bass, Lee Library

1 Cujo - Imminent Attack [Featuring - Psyche]
2 Noise - Eclipse [Featuring - Alaska & Paradox]
3 Funki Porcini - Z Cars [Featuring - Cujo]
4 Flavornaughts - Childhood [Featuring - Simmonds]
5 Sureshot - Predatary [Featuring - George]
6 Kraut - Good Morning [Featuring - Cujo]
7 Digidub - Residub [Featuring - Resonator]
8 Curtis - Scram [Featuring - Cujo]
9 Furra - Toe Jam [Featuring - Zero]
10 Twisted Science - Mescal [Featuring - Sureshot]
11 Jerm - Inate
12 Darren - Y London Will Never Swing [Featuring - Cujo]


V/A - Five Star Galaxy Part Two: The Galaxy Strikes Back

V/A - Five Star Galaxy Part Two: The Galaxy Strikes Back
Label - Shadow
Released - 1997
Style - Electronic, Hip-Hop, Abstract, Downtempo, Lee Library

1 Rollercone - Gigantesque, Bizarre Et Magnifique
2 Stade - Dome
3 Rollercone - Final Countdown
4 Capitaine Nemo - Escape
5 Le Gooster - Voyage Sur Hypnose
6 Stade - Stadium
7 Les Fous Du Volant - Swing Machine
8 Le Gooster - Greetings From Goree
9 Rollercone - Zero Gravity
10 Le Gooster - Who Is Mr. Stevens?
11 Rollercone - Immersion
12 MGM - Pendulum
13 MGM + Rollercone - Autostrada
14 Le Gooster - Tales From The Darkside


V/A - Rewired Rhythms

V/A - Rewired Rhythms
Label - Shadow
Released - 1998
Style - Electronic, Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Dub, Drum and Bass, Lee Library

1 DJ Cam - Return Of The Jedi (Luh Mix) (6:34)
2 Marschmellows - 2834 (One Sendai Remix) (7:42)
3 Le Gooster - La Fusée À Polo (Stade Remix) (5:09)
4 Shantel - Bass & Several Cars (Bass & Several Drums Mix) (4:40)
5 Kosma - Aeroboot (Megashira Remix) (6:30)
6 Cujo - Northstar (Baby Fox Remix) (6:56)
7 DJ Cam - Underground Vibes (Double Bound Mix) (5:11)
8 Le Gooster - Une Bonne Journée (MGM Remix) (5:55)
9 Jammin' Unit - Blind Television (Witchman Remix) (7:45)
10 Cujo - Trespassing (Chalice Remix) (5:56)
11 Kosma - Unibosvertripsal (6:25)


Nostramus - Earthlights

Nostramus - Earthlights
Label - Shadow/Substance
Released - 1998
Style - Electronic, Dub, Drum & Bass, Downtempo, Lee Library

Nostramus look raved out.

"Seething drum'n'bass, dark sound effects and samples culled from an LSD scarred imagination".
Mixmag (Review of Earthlights CD)

1 Babel
2 Let's Fuck It Up
3 The Oohs
4 Dark Jewel
5 Earthlight
6 Interplanetary Bass
7 Mystic Drum and Space
8 Live 'n' Direc'
9 Flashbacks
10 A Force As Yet Unknown


V/A - Gomma Audio No. 1

V/A - Gomma Audio No. 1
Label - Shadow
Released - 2001
Style - Electronic, Leftfield, House, Abstract, Downtempo, Lee Library

Notes: compilation of tracks from the Gomma Label 1999-2001

(review from
Some really big names are really digging what Germany's Gomma label is doing. Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova, Kruder & Dorfmeister, and Les Rhythmes Digitales have raised their swords among the legion of the label's fans. In what can be considered a mixed blessing, Shadow has released some of Gomma's 1999-2001 tracks.

Gomma Audio No. 1 is most definitely an aural, dance adventure. This is music that isn't afraid to take risks, and the label distinguishes itself admirably for refusing the cliché. In the cluttered minefield of electronica's myriad genres, the music on this disc oftentimes defies categorization. However, in that stew of creativity, sometimes one comes up with gristle. Sometimes the synth effects are too '80s, like in Headman's "It's Rough," or too overbearing, which almost ruins the deep house groove of Leroy Hanghofer's "Pin." And Ike Yard's "N.C.R." is so choppy, you'd think the track had been ravaged by a Benihana chef.

The rest, however, is a spicy jambalaya of fine, edgy music that makes one realize why such big names as those previously mentioned are into Gomma. Munk has two great tracks on here; Ike Steigner's "Bela Breaks" is a heartbeat away from cardiac arrest; and Spenzer's "The Box" closes out this session with some menacing downtempo that leaves you wanting more.

1 Headman - It Rough (5:48)
2 Ike Yard - N.C.R. (Funkstörung Version) (4:59)
3 Protein - Aspik (4:18)
4 Munk - Stick Mi Amor (6:21)
5 Leroy Hanghofer - Pin (Les Rhythmes Digitales & Sloop John Baillo Rmx) (6:21)
6 Low Daddies - Pomade (8:13)
7 Protein - Yes Törti (4:01)
8 Munk - Haudig (3:55)
9 Palermo King - Murtu (4:32)
10 Headman - Rocket (4:02)
11 Ilk Steigner - Bela Breaks (7:17)
12 Spenzer - The Box (5:03)


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Bomb Squad Instrumentals/B-sides - DC special!

It's too bad the rest of our FM radio in the DC area blows. One dude named Bobby Hill has been doing these sick 3-hour Bomb Squad tribute shows every Christmas Eve for many years. It's a show called "The Other Side" and my brother & I caught it for the first time around 1990 on WPFW 89.3fm, a jazz station here in DC. That first show I heard blew me away - and although I'd been into PE before that, it was the show that sparked my obsession with Bomb Squad production on a musical level. Their shit is crazy.

So even with all the other parts of the world with dope pirate FMs or just cool regular FM stations, I don't think anywhere else boasts an all-Bomb Squad instrumental radio special! Bobby Hill is a great dude for putting such a crazy concept in action, and keeping it in action for so many years. Thanks, dude.

Here is this past years' special - I had correspondence with Bobby via email before the show even aired, and he pulled out some great stuff for 2006/2007! If you are a lover of dope beats or any shade of PE enthusiast, you will love this shit. If you're not, you should still love it if you're even on my page to begin with. I stayed home like a LOSER to record the show this past New Years Eve :\ But I'm glad I did

chopped into 3 sections for easy digestion>>>
WPFW Other Side - Bomb Squad Special [Pt 1] NYE 2006-07.mp3
WPFW Other Side - Bomb Squad Special [Pt 2] NYE 2006-07.mp3
WPFW Other Side - Bomb Squad Special [Pt 3] NYE 2006-07.mp3

Info/Tracklisting from WPFW's website:

The Other...side, w/Bobby Hill
Date 12:00AM-3:00PM
December 31, 2006
PlayList “It’s Not What You’ve Heard....It’s What You’ve Been Hearing”

BoBBy HiLL, Producer/Host

Program Playlist 12/31/2006

“BRING THE NOISE: 18th Annual Public Enemy/Bomb Squad Instrumentals Special

Public Enemy originally grew out of the friendship of James ‘Hank’ Boxley (aka Bomb Squad producer Hank Shocklee) and Richard Griffin (aka Minister of Information Professor Griff), who were Long Island teenage friends. The two formed the Spectrum City Sound System, and were joined by area MC Carlton Riddenhour (aka Chuck D.) and his friends Willie Drayton (aka Flavor Flav) and DJ Norman Rogers (aka Terminator X). In the early 80’s, the Spectrum City Sound System hosted the Super Spectrum Mix Show on NY’s Adelphi University’s campus radio station. A 1984 live broadcast, then titled ‘I’m Your Public Enemy #1’, eventually became Spectrum’s new name and their first single, re-titled ‘Public Enemy #1’. During the hip hop explosion of the mid-80’s, Public Enemy signed with Rick Rubin’s Def Jam label, which in 1987 released their debut recording entitled ‘Yo! Bum Rush the Show’. With the release of their next two recordings, 1988’s “It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back’ and 1990’s “Fear of A Black a Planet’, PE succeeded in redefining the hip hop sound by elevating sampling – the melding of snippets of pre-recorded sound and music – into a new art form, creating a music that was uniquely arresting in both it’s originality and conviction...sonic collages of urban beats and sociopolitical ideas. Bomb Squad Production Members: Hank and Keith Shocklee, Eric ‘Vietnam’ Sadler, Carl Ryder, Bill Stephney, Gary ‘G’ Wiz, Cerwin ‘C-Dawg’ Depper, Stewart Robertz, and JBL.

“Power to the people and the beats”
(Chuck D.)

Program features writer/musician/professor Thomas Stanley’s reading of ‘Inside the Sanctuary of Shockwave: The Bomb Squad --Excerpts from ‘More Brilliant Than the Sun: Adventures in Sonic Fiction’, by Kodwo Eshun

(1st Hour)
1. Public Enemy #1 & Thomas Stanley Full Eshun Readng/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987/8:34 (TS) 10:15
2. The Blues/Terminator X & The Valley Of The Jeep Beets/Terminator X/RAL/1991/2:08
3. Once Upon A Time In The Projects/12”/Ice Cube/Priority/1990/3:00
4. Change The Style/12”/Son Of Bazerk/SOUL/1990/5:00
5. Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1989/1:17
6. Terminator X Speaks With Hands/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987/2:13
7. Rebel Without A Pause/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987/5:00
8. Arizona Assassination Attempt/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1989/1:13
9. SET LENGTH (29:00) PROGRAM THEME: Public Enemy #1 /12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987
10. He Got Game/12”/Public Enemy/ Def Jam/1998/5:01
11. I Stand Accused/12”/Public Enemy/ Def Jam/1994/4:31
12. Mao Tse Tung/12”/Public Enemy/ Def Jam/1994/4:40
13. Shut Em Down (Pete Rock Mixx)/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1989/4:41
14. Resurrection/12”/Public Enemy/ Def Jam/1998/4:23
15. Can’t Truss It/12”/Public Enemy/ Def Jam/1991/5:01
16. SET LENGTH (28:00) PROGRAM THEME: Public Enemy #1 /12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987
(2nd Hour)
17. Incident At 66.6 FM/Fear Of A Black Planet/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1989/2:01 (Note: From Terminator X’s 1990 Performance Disk)
18. Contract On The World Love Jam/Fear of a Black Planet/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1989/2:00 (Note: From Terminator X’s 1990 Performance Disk)
19. Harry Allen’s Interactive Super Highway Phone Call To Chuck D./CD Single/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1994/2:53
20. Night Of The Living Baseheads (Terminator X Meets DST and Chuck Chill Out Mix)/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1988/3:00
21. Nighttrain (Meltdown)/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1992/5:00
22. Prophets Of Rage (Power Version)/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1988/3:00
23. Power To The People/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1992/3:00
24. You’re Gonna Get Yours (Terminator X Getaway Version)/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987/4:00
25. SET LENGTH (28:00) PROGRAM THEME: Public Enemy #1 /12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987
26. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted/12”/Ice Cube/Priority/1990/4:00
27. Welcome To The Terrordome & Terrorbeat/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1989/4:00
28. Hazy Shade Of A Criminal/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1992/5:00
29. Bedlam 13:13/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1992/4:13
30. Revolutionary Generation/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1992/6:00
31. SET LENGTH (28:00)PROGRAM THEME: Public Enemy #1 /12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987
(3rd Hour)
32. Louder Than A Bomb/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1988/4:01 (Note: Remixed by Jam Master Jay)
33. Final Count Of The Collision Between Us And The Damned/Fear of a Black Planet/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1989/2:00 (Note: From Terminator X’s 1990 Performance Disk)
34. LAST!!! OF CD #1 Caught, Can I Get A Witness (Pre Black Steel Ballistic Felony Dub)/ 12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1989/5:20
35. Bring The Noise/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987/4:25
36. Livin In A Zoo/12”/Public Enemy/Orange Label/Undated/6:00
37. Nighttrain (Get Into It)/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1992/5:00
38. The Edge Of Panic/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1992/2:56
39. SET LENGTH (29:00) PROGRAM THEME: Public Enemy #1 /12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987
40. Fight The Power (Powersax)/ 12”/Public Enemy/Motown/1989/4:00
41. Fight The Power/ 12”/Public Enemy/Motown/1989/3:00
42. Enemy Assault Vehicle Mix/12”/ Public Enemy/Def Jam/1990/9:22
43. Say It Loud I’m Black And I’m Proud/45/James Brown & The James Brown Orchestra/King/1968/2:42
44. Say It Loud (Say It Live)/Motherlode/James Brown & The James Brown Orchestra/Polydor/1969/4:50
45. Hank Ballard/Blackenized/45/James Brown & The James Brown Orchestra/King/1969/2:54
46. SET LENGTH (26:00)PROGRAM THEME: Public Enemy #1 /12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987/
47. Closing Themes: Lisa Sokolov & Bigg Jus

WPFW - Bobby Hill's The Other Side page

V/A - Earthrise.Shadow.3

V/A - Earthrise.Shadow.3
Label - Shadow
Released - 1997
Style - Electronic, Trip Hop, Jazz, Lee Library

1 Shantel - Azulee
2 Taran - Maxwell's Dream
3 Megashira - Lo
4 Jammin' Unit - Blind Television
5 Kosma - Mosaik
6 Marschmellows - Splendid
7 Cujo [aka Amon Tobin] - The Sighting
8 Spaceways - Charlie X
9 Slowly - On The Loose (Autechre's For Internal Use Only Mix)
10 Le Gooster - Le Funkster
11 Mr. Electric Triangle - Blow Jam (Red Rum Mix)
12 Futique - Free Radicals
13 Spectral Assignment - Blind Man's Bluff (Jazz Con Bazz Mix)


V/A - Abstrakt Workshop 2

V/A - Abstrakt Workshop 2
Label - Shadow
Released - 1996
Style - Electronic, Trip Hop, Breakbeat, Lee Library

1 Jazz Con Bazz - Wayz Of Life
2 9 Lazy 9 - Brothers Of The Red
3 Slop Shop - My Love Is Higher
4 Diferenz - Fly Away
5 Rollercone - Riviera Traxx Dub
6 DJ Cam - Gangsta Shit
7 Sharpshooters - Heavyweight
8 Beamish & Fly - Stoaked
9 Eight From The Egg - Gone
10 Daphreephunkateerz - Say It No Longer
11 Chugga - Old School Fattie
12 Knowtoryus - Covert Operation


V/A - Pure Abstrakt

V/A - Pure Abstrakt
Label - Shadow Records
Released - 1996
Style - Electronic, Acid Jazz, Trip Hop, Lee Library

(from AMG)
This sampler nicely explicates Shadow records' penchant for... More downbeat instrumentals with some minimalist trip-hop from DJ Cam, Shantel, Da Germ, Sharpshooters, and others. The beats are fat and blunt, with production that's riddled with wry samples and cut-up soundscapes. Fans of alternative hip-hop crews like the Quannum collective will be sure to find something of an electronica-centric analog among these 14 tracks. The mix ranges from the experimentalism of Parisian DJ Cam and Frankfurt-native Shantel, to the poetry-and-beats blend of Sharpshooters and Caribbean funk flavors from Obo and Otropic T(h)ree. In between, there's the dark minimalism of Da Germ and club soul smoothness of Differenz. Boasting an international roster gleaned from the U.S., Cuba, and Europe, Shadow records delivers the underground sounds of hip-hop production from an expansive perspective. Beat freaks with more than just a taste for hard breaks will no doubt enjoy this dusky sampler. ~ Stephen Cook, All Music Guide

01 DJ Cam - Lost Kingdom (3:55)
02 Diferenz - Poppin' Ya Head (Deep Diferenz Mix) (5:22)
03 Shantel - Move Your Hands (5:45)
04 Da Germ - Physical Chemistry (Instrumental Remix) (4:12)
05 Sharpshooters - Spirits Unseen (3:48)
06 Obo - Piked (5:00)
07 Otropic T(h)ree - Proud Mamas (3:15)
08 Shantel - Nova Sola (4:33)
09 DJ Cam - London 1995 (5:00)
10 Obo - 1/4 Gram Man (3:42)
11 Sharpshooters - Funk Shack West (4:45)
12 Diferenz - Pure 'Hip Hop' Fiction (2:50)
13 Otropic T(h)ree - Time To Get It On (3:56)
14 Da Germ - Outro (More And More) (1:18)


Kosma - Universal

Kosma - Universal
Label - Instinct Ambient
Released - 1997
Style - Electronic, Future Jazz, Downtempo, Lee Library

1 Die Sylphen (7:18)
2 Universal (7:22)
3 Arena (7:41)
4 Mosaik (8:07)
5 Aquarium (10:46)
6 Aeroboot (6:15)
7 Les Promesses D'Une Chevelure (4:39)
8 Atlantis (6:04)


Kosma, a.k.a. Roskow Kretschmann is one of the six Jazzanova members. His musical foundation goes back to the year 1987 when he began to build a name for himself as a Hip Hop producer in the Berlin underground scene. With the album "Rock da Most" he had immortalized the first German Hip Hop releases on vinyl. In addition he was a collaborator at the Berlin Hip Hop label Juicefull Records. 1991 saw his departure from the label job as well as from the production of Hip Hop tracks.

Kosma has been a Jazzanova member since the beginning in 1995, when Jazzanova was founded as a DJ team, transforming into poduction in 1996, the same year Kosma released his first solo album "Universal“.

With the opening of the borders to Eastern Europe his interest in the Eastern European jazz scene increased, which clearly had an influence on his work. An additional influence by that time came from his love for the American label CTI and Bob James, to whom he dedicated "Atlantis" from his debut album "Universal".

V/A - Trip Hop For Jazz Junkies

V/A - Trip Hop For Jazz Junkies
Label - Shadow
Released - 1996
Style - Electronic, Hip Hop, Future Jazz, Trip Hop, Abstract, Lee Library

Notes: This is a Promo, no case - comes in clear plastic sleeve.

01 Sharpshooters - Buck The Saw (3.48)
02 Diferenz - Jazz Workshop (Remix) (3.35)
03 Raucous a/k/a Sabatage - Say No More (4.39)
04 DJ Cam - Mad Blunted Jazz (5.03)
05 DJ Krush - Big City Lover (5.55)
06 Diferenz - Mind Movement (4.12)
07 Sharpshooters - Massacre (Roey Marquis 11 Remix) (3.39)
08 Raucous a/k/a Sabatage - No Way Out (Roey Marquis 11 Remix) (4.14)
09 DJ Cam - Pure Pleasure (6.11)
10 DJ Krush - Roll & Tumble (5.05)


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Louder Than a Bomb

Oh you love PE and the Bomb Squad too? Figures. I guess I'll have to post a special Bomb Squad surprise later on tonight then.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Funk Spectrum II - compiled by Kenny Dope (MAW) & Keb Darge

Funk Spectrum II - compiled by Kenny Dope (MAW) & Keb Darge
Label - BBE
Released - 2000
Style - Funk, Soul, Disco, Breaks, Lee Library

Subtitle: Real funk for real people > compiled by Kenny Dope (MAW) & Keb Darge.
Re-mastered, mixed & compiled by Kenny Dope (MAW) & Keb Darge. Project Direction: Peter Adarkwah.
Track 1 is listed as "Undiscovered Break".

1 Unknown Artist - Untitled (3:04)
2 Duralcha - Ghetto Funk (3:05)
3 Billy Gardener - I Got Some (2:52)
4 Mickey & Them - U.F.O. (3:21)
5 The Playboys - Bumpin' Bus Stop (Part One) (4:01)
6 World Wonders - Funky Washing Machine (2:08)
7 Third Guitar - Baby Don't Cry (2:58)
8 The Soul Seven - The Cissy's Thang (2:23)
9 Frankie Seay & The Soul Riders - Soul Food (3:18)
10 Total Experience - Contradiction (4:00)
11 Richard Rome - Ghost A' Go Go (2:16)
12 The Soul Generals - Grandma's Funky Popcorn (Part One) (2:47)
13 The Peacemakers - Don't Push Your Luck (2:55)
14 Latin Breed - I Turn You On (2:25)
15 The Willard Posey Reunion - Cissy Strut-N-American Woman (2:26)
16 Rare Function - Disco Function (4:28)
17 Soul Drifter - Funky Brother (Ian Wright Re-Edit) (2:40)
18 Frankie Beverly's Raw Soul - Color Blind (2:47)
19 Pleasure Seekers - Give Up The Funk (4:46)
20 Joe Coleman - Get It Off The Ground (3:24)


Funk Spectrum: Real Funk For Real People

Funk Spectrum: Real Funk For Real People
Label - BBE
Released - 1998
Style - Funk, Soul, Breaks, Lee Library

(from Amazon)
A head-to-head clash between funk heavyweights Keb Darge andJosh Davis (aka DJ Shadow). Each mixes 10 choice funk jams, for a total of 20 tracks. Darge handles the first half; DJ Shadow handles the rest. 1999 release.

01 The Masters - Party Time
02 The US - Let's Do It Today (Procrastination)
03 Deep Heat - Do It Again
04 4th Coming - The Dead Don't Die Alive (Part One)
05 Milly & Silly - Getting Down For Xmas
06 Communicators & Black Experience Band - The Road
07 The Soul Seven - Mr Chicken Shit
08 Reginald Milton & The Soul Jets - Clap Your Hands
09 The RDM Band - Butter That Popcorn
10 Mr. Clean & The Soul Inc - What's Going On?
11 Mr. Magic - Can't Stop Now
12 Lou Pride - It's A Man's World
13 The Roadrunners - Every Man For Himself
14 Rickey Calloway - Tell Me
15 The Fabulous Originals - It Ain't Fun But It's Fun
16 Second Ammendment Band - Backtalk
17 The Chefs - Mr Machine
18 Joseph Henry - Who's The King
19 Professor Leit & Strudy - We Oughta Get Together
20 Sandi And Matues - The World


Keb Darge's Legendary Deep Funk

Keb Darge's Legendary Deep Funk
Label - BBE
Released - 1997
Style - Funk, Soul, Breaks, Lee Library

(from wiki)
Deep Funk is a underground genre of funk music which, unlike traditional mainstream funk, has a more soulful, rawer, grittier, and "heavier" sound. The term "deep funk" is also the name of the scene of collectors, DJ's, and musicians who are into deep funk as a genre.

It got its name after Keb Darge's "Legendary Deep Funk" DJ night, held at Madame Jojo's nightclub in London's Soho district.

The focus of the scene is collecting and DJing rare funk 45's, usually released originally by local funk groups & artists in the USA throughout the 1960s and 70s that usually stayed in their local home bases, only playing nearby clubs and other venues, and releasing their music on small local & regional record labels at the time in the form of 7" 45 rpm singles in quite small quantities (usually about 1000-5000 copies or less), hence their extreme rarity and high collectible value. Most of these records have quite high re-sale values due to their paucity, with some going for 4, and sometimes 5, figures.

Keb Darge, along with collaborating artists such as Pete Rock, RZA, and DJ Shadow, has released a series of so far three Deep Funk compilations called Funk Spectrum (Volumes I, II and III), released on BBE Records, and featuring classic releases of the genre, as well as modern-day deep funk/"new funk" groups such as The New Mastersounds, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Connie Price & The Keystones, Quantic, and others.

1 The Fun Company - Zambezi (2:23)
2 Ernie & The Top Notes - Dap Walk (3:09)
3 Ray Frazier & The Shades Of Madness - I Who Have Nothing (2:57)
4 Frank Penn - Gimme Some Skin (2:36)
5 Prophet Soul - Kick The Habit (2:09)
6 The UFO's - Too Hot To Hold (2:04)
7 Timothy McNealy - Sagittarius Black (2:46)
8 Pearly Queen - Quit Jive'In (2:38)
9 Billy - Put Your Own Words To It (2:02)
10 Cross Bronx Expressway - Cross Bronx Expressway (3:45)
11 Smokin' Shades Of Black - Grease Wheels (3:36)
12 Judge Suds & The Soul Detergents - The (Rockin') Courtroom (2:04)
13 Big Bo Thomas & The Arrows - How About It (2:57)
14 The Originals Orchestra - Who Dun It (2:49)
15 Lil Ray & The Fantastic Four - Soul Power (2:27)
16 Dave Serrano - Ou-Wee Man (2:15)
17 Ronnie Keaton - Going Down For The Last Time (2:53)
18 Joyce Williams - The First Thing I Do In The Morning (2:54)
19 Norwich Street Extension - Can't Fight The Feeling (2:45)
20 Family Of Eve - I Wanna Be Loved By You (3:48)
21 Family Of Eve - Please Be Truthful (3:39)

* Sorry bout the bad link - all fixed now. [below]

The Rustler Presents: Because You're Funky

The Rustler Presents: Because You're Funky
Label - Lo Recordings
Released - 2002
Style - Funk, Psych, Jazz, Soul, Breaks, Lee Library

1 Les Cooper And His Soul Rockers - Wahoo
2 Soulful Two - Fi-Yi Dance
3 Sir Stan And The Counts - Soulin
4 The Martells - Broadway Exit
5 Danny Freeman And The Soul Superiors - Shang Foo Part 1
6 Davy Jr. And The Guess Who - Party In Joe Craig's Bar
7 Jerry & The Medicine Men - The Medicine Man Part 2
8 Big Man And The Night People - Night Creeper
9 The Four Of Clubs - Funkity
10 US Warren - The Drop Part 2
11 Curly Davis & The Uniques - Black Cobra Part One
12 The Mello Decisions - Mello Decision
13 Soul Unlimited - Sagittarius
14 The Dream Makers - Funky Band Instrumental
15 Basic Sounds Of Pittsburgh - Down Beat
16 The Second Thought - Slingshot
17 Incomparable-Seven - Melting Study Part 2
18 Seven From Eleven - Strawberry Snocone Part 1
19 The Dynasonics - You Got It
20 The Soul Smoochers - Black Pepper
21 The Kinfolks - The Fly
22 Creations Unlimited - Crystal Illusion
23 Burning Star - Trip Horns
24 The Black On White Affair - A Bunch Of Changes

(from posteverything)
After Nuggets - Luke Vibert's selection and Barry 7's Connectors comes music just as far out and even more damn funky.

Because You're Funky brings together 24 seriously fried instrumentals from the collection of the legendary Rustler - a veteran of 20 years on the underground soul scene - bordering on Psych, heavy on the breaks, make no mistake this is extreme music.

But don't think for a minute that Lo Recordings are going all retro on your ass. As we said before, sometimes you got to go back to go forwards.
This is the root of all that is funky from George Clinton to Prince, A Certain Ratio to 23 Skidoo, Derrick May to Timo Mass, Autechre to Aphex, Public Enemy to the Wu Tang clan. Without this shit no one would be feeling the funk.

Some of these tracks are so rare that even DJ Shadow doesn't have them and some are so far out that no one but The Rustler would play
them (!) and a couple of the tracks have been subject to four figure bids from the likes of Kenny "Dope" Gonzales an Ian "Praying Mantis" Wright.

All the cuts are from the late 60s, early 70s , that pre disco, no drum machine era when men were men, women were women and funk was most definitely funky.

It took Lo Recordings 2 years to persuade The Rustler to let these gems into the public domain. Let's hope the world is ready.


The Rustlers Roots of Funk

The Rustlers Roots of Funk
Label - Invisible College/Sonori Productions
Released - ?
Style - Funk, Soul, Jazz, Lee Library

1. Wow - with Pendergast
2. Too Much Firewater - with Lorenzo, Smith
3. The Dealer - with The Gigolos, Jamie Coe
4. Monkey See Monkey Do - with Banny Price
5. Soul Bagg - with Reno, The Chosen Few
6. Strange Happenings - with Rex Garvin
7. Soul Shang A Ling Dance - with Fabulous Georgia Soul Twisters
8. Pigmy - with The Delegates
9. Hot Pants - with Zuma
10. Neck Bones & Hot Sauce - with L. Anderson
11. Goin' Back To Granny's - with The Viceroys
12. Black Olives - with Badboys
13. KC Drive - with Tommy Wills Man With A Horn
14. Cake Time - with Them Prodigals
15. Get Frogish 1 - with King Cobra
16. Get Frogish 2 - with King Cobra
17. Soul Caravan - with The Blockbusters
18. Muddy Pt 2 - with The Blockbusters
19. Cabbage Greens - with World Famous Upsetters
20. KP - with World Famous Upsetters


V/A - The Funky 16 Corners

V/A - The Funky 16 Corners
Label - Stones Throw
Released - 2001
Style - Funk, Soul, Breaks

(from Stones Throw)
Stones Throw Records presents a glimpse into the lives and music of 16 unsung heroes of the late 60s and early 70s’ funk revolution from each corner of the United States. These are musicians that strove to achieve the success of The Meters and James Brown, musicians that played their instruments with a gut-wrenching power unheard in modern music, musicians that testified on wax and have resurfaced some thirty years after disappearing from the music scene. The intensity of their recordings has not lost one ounce of soul with the time passed. Now, finally, the meticulously researched The Funky 16 Corners stands as an historical document to this era in American music.

1 Unknown Artist - Intro
2 Ernie & The Top Notes - Dap Walk
3 James Reese & The Progressions - Let's Go (It's Summertime)
4 Bad Medicine - Trespasser
5 The Highlighters Band - The Funky 16 Corners
6 The Rhythm Machine - The Kick
7 Co Real Artists - What About You (In The World Today)
8 Unknown Artist - Interlude
9 Soul Vibrations - The Dump
10 James Reese & The Progressions - Jody's Freeze
11 Kashmere Stage Band - Kashmere
12 Slim & The Soulful Saints - Fish Head
13 Billy Ball & The Upsetters - Tighten Up Tighter
14 The Soul Seven - Southside Funk
15 Carleen & The Groovers - Can We Rap
16 Spider Harrison - Beautiful Day
17 Revolution Compared To What - Go To Work (Alternate Version)
18 Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen Plus One - The Phantom
19 The Wooden Glass - In The Rain
20 Unknown Artist - Outro
21 Cut Chemist - Bunky's Pick
22 James Bell & The Turner Brothers - The Funky Buzzard


South Dallas All Stars - Live at the South Dallas Pop Festival 1970

South Dallas All Stars - Live at the South Dallas Pop Festival 1970
Label - Now Again
Released - ?
Style - Jazz, Funk, Soul, r&b, Breaks, Live, Lee Library

1 - Marchel Ivery Quintet
2 - Marchel Ivery Quintet
3 - Soul Seven
4 - Soul Seven
5 - Soul Seven
6 - Soul Seven feat. Eddie Purrell
7 - Soul Seven feat. Eddie Purrell
8 - Soul Seven feat. Monica Harris
9 - Soul Seven feat. Monica Harris
10 - Apollo Commanders
11 - Apollo Commanders
12 - Apollo Commanders
13 - Apollo Commanders
14 - Apollo Commanders
15 - Apollo Commanders
16 - Apollo Commanders
17 - Apollo Commanders
18 - Apollo Commanders feat. Eddie Finley
19 - Apollo Commanders feat. Eddie Finley
20 - Black Maffia
21 - Black Maffia
22 - Les Watson And The Panthers
MC's Farewell

description: Over 70 minutes of professionally recorded, fully restored, funky soul music played by some of the best bands in the deep funk business live in 1970.

(from Boomkat)
The Stones Throw funk offshoot overseen by the hardest working man in hip hop / break culture, Egon, goes a further step into the world of obscure and rare funk tracks with this diamond of an LP by the South Dallas All-Stars. Featuring such classy acts as Black Maffia, Marchel Ivery Quintet, Soul Seven with Eddie Purrell, The Apollo Commanders, and Les Watson and The Panthers it holds some superior class funk and soul layed down live on June 22nd 1970. As raw and nasty as funk can get from the Stones Throw crew, what more could you ask for?


Texas Funk: Hard Texas Funk 1968-1975/21 Rare & Unreleased Cuts

Texas Funk: Hard Texas Funk 1968-1975/21 Rare & Unreleased Cuts
Label - Jazzman
Released - 2004
Style - Funk, Jazz, Soul, Lee Library

1. I Turn You On - Latin Breed
2. Reach Out (And Give Me Your Hand) - Tickled Pink
3. Get Down - Sunny & The Sunliners
4. Funky Chick - Majestics
5. Funky Stuff - Little Jr. Jessie & His Teardrops
6. Sagittarius Black - McNealy, Timothy
7. Evil Ways - Brothers Seven
8. Do Your Thing - Zapata
9. There's Got To Be Someone For Me - Groove Merchants
10. Give Everybody Some - Mickey & The Soul Generation
11. Every Man For Himself - Road Runners
12. Super Funk - Blair, Vern Debate
13. Soul Pot - Soul Ones
14. Who Will Be Next Fool - Tyson, 'Little' Jimmy & The Highway Robbers
15. Sissy Strut - Joe Bravo
16. Funky Smunk - Brothers Seven
17. Power Struggle - Polk, James & The Brothers
18. I Got The Feeling - Bobby & The Premiers
19. Clean Up Man - Finley, Eddie & The Cincinatti Show Band
20. Soul Pride - Little Joe & The Latinaires
21. Psycho - Fabulous Mark III

(re: Texas Funk / from Dusty Groove)
This is the kind of funk they've been hiding from you all these years -- the real deal, the heavy stuff, the type of work that's made driving around the country looking for rare 45s so worthwhile! This material's the kind that makes a trip like that happen -- super-rare funk from Texas, dug up by the Jazzman posse, and given the stamp of approval by DJ Shadow! The package is a perfect introduction to the lost heritage of Texas funky work -- as it not only includes 21 searing tracks of funk (some of the best we've heard compiled in a long time!), but it also features a breakdown of the different scenes in the state, and a full set of notes on each tune, complete with an image of the original 45! The whole thing's unbelievable -- as well researched as it is hard and funky, and a delight to the ears throughout. Titles include "Give Everybody Some" by Mickey & The Soul Generation, "Sissy Strut" by Joe Bravo, "Soul Pot" by The Soul Ones, "Every Man For Himself" by The Road Runners, "Super Funk" by Vern Blair Debate, "Soul Pride" by Little Joe & The Latinaires, "I Turn You On" by Latin Breed, "Funky Stuff" by Little Jr Jesse & His Teardrops & The Tears, "Funky Chick" by The Majestics, and "Do Your Thing (parts 1 & 2)" by Zapata.


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rapid shyare users - a tip...

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if you turn your modem off and on, you can end the insane waits...foolproof unless you're on a fixed IP.

Hope this helps everyone.
July 20, 2007 5:35 PM

Various - The Sound Gallery Volume 2

Various - The Sound Gallery Volume 2
Label - Scamp
Released - ???
Style - Lounge, Jazz, Funk, Easy Listening, Soundtrack, Library

(from Chaos Kitty)
Swinging music has invaded the public's consciousness - it's on the television, the wireless and being gyrated to in the most happening of discotheques. Groovy instrumental work-outs, some familiar, others down right weird, have been eagerly embraced by the all-new urban sophisticate. These musical masterpieces stem from but one source, The Sound Gallery Volume One - two albums that moved your feet, soothed your brow, and loosened your clothing - however the mood took you.

Volume Two's recordings range from the seductive - just listen to Laurie Johnson's champagne drenched "Tag", music from the Linda Thorson series of The Avengers; to the familiar -what's Valerie Singleton got to do with "The Good Word"?; to the insane - just listen to Lord Sitar (at the time rumoured to be one of the fab four) musically "enhance" the Who's "I Can See For Miles"; to the downright collectable - the first release on CD of George Martin's "Theme One" especially composed and recorded for the opening of BBC Radio One in 1967.

1. The Jason King Theme - Laurie Johnson
2. Powerhouse Pop - Keith Mansfield
3. The Good Word - The Scotsmen
4. Two Lane Blacktop - James Clarke
5. Zodiac - David Lindup
6. That's Nice - Alan Moorhouse
7. I Can See For Miles - Lord Sitar
8. Accroche Toi, Caroline - Paris Studio Group
9. Marseillaise Generique - Francis Lai
10. Francais Francais - Franck Pourcel
11. Left Bank Two - The Noveltones
12. Light My Fire - John Andrews Tartaglia
13. Avengers Tag - Laurie Johnson
14. Open House - Brian Fahey
15. Mama Elephant - E.Cap
16. International Flight - David Snell
17. Up To Date - Simon Park
18. On The Brink - Mike Vickers
19. Sports Car Special - Johnny Pearson
20. Countdown - Brian Fahey
21. Miss World - Syd Dale
22. Enter The Dragon - Jack Parnell
23. Breakaway - Steve Karmen
24. Caesar Smith - Laurie Johnson
25. The Rat Catchers - Johnny Pearson
26. At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbal - Brian Fahey
27. Theme One - George Martin


Various - The Sound Gallery Volume 1

Various - The Sound Gallery Volume 1
Label - Scamp
Released - ???
Style - Lounge, Jazz, Funk, Easy Listening, Soundtrack, Library

(from Chaos Kitty)
Swinging music has invaded the public's consciousness - it's on the television, the wireless and being gyrated to in the most happening of discotheques. Groovy instrumental work-outs, some familiar, others down right weird, have been eagerly embraced by the all-new urban sophisticate. These musical masterpieces stem from but one source, The Sound Gallery Volume One - two albums that moved your feet, soothed your brow, and loosened your clothing - however the mood took you.

The first volume of The Sound Gallery was released worldwide to great critical acclaim (five star reviews across the board and featured in many end-of-year polls) and is even lovingly referred to by its disciples as "The Bible." Dig the cool sound of The Dave Pell Singers' swinging "Oh Calcutta." Groove to the funky sounds of Mandingo's "The Headhunter" and "Black Rite." Refresh yourself with "Shout About Pepsi" by Denny Wright and The Hustlers. Soak your mind in the amazing takes by John Keating on "I Feel The Earth Move" and the always popular "Jesus Christ Superstar." Or simply join the party with the likes of Alan Hackshaw, John Cameron, Alan Parker, Paddy Kingsland and many more.

1. Oh Calcutta - The Dave Pell Singers
2. Black Rite - Mandingo
3. Punch Bowl - Alan Parker
4. The Night Rider - Alan Hawkshaw
5. The Riviera Allair - Neil Richardson
6. Jet Stream - John Gregory
7. Half Forgotten Daydreams - John Cameron
8. Jaguar - John Gregory
9. Life Of Leisure - Keith Mansfield
10. Girl In A Sportscar - Alan Hawkshaw
11. Young Scene - Keith Mansfield
12. It's All At The Co-op Now - Alan Hawkshaw
13. Funky Fever - Alan Morehouse and His Bond Street Brigade
14. Shout About Pepsi - Denny Wright and The Hustlers
15. The Headhunter - Mandingo
16. Blarney's Stoned - Alan Hawkshaw
17. The Earthmen - Paddy Kingsland
18. I Feel The Earth Move - John Keating
19. The Penthouse Suite - Syd Dale
20. The Snake Pit - Mandingo
21. Boogie Juice - Brian Bennett
22. The Detectives - Alan Tew
23. Jesus Christ Superstar - Johnny Keating
24. Music To Drive By - Joe Loss Concertium


Piero Umiliani - Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso (Soundtrack)

Piero Umiliani - Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso (Soundtrack)
Label - Easy Tempo
Recorded - 1968
Style - Bossa Nova, Lounge, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Library, Soundtrack, Easy Listening

(from Moviegrooves)
Piero Umiliani's classic soundtrack to Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso (Sweden, Heaven and Hell), directed by Luigi Scattini - the cult mondo movie from 1968 that purported to be a serious documentary about life in Sweden, but instead goes the way of the explotation mondo shockumentary and concentrates on showing scenes of wife swapping, porno movies, lesbian nightclubs, biker gangs, Walpurgis Night celebrations and examining Swedens drug, drinking and high suicide problems...

Contains the great/silly track "Mah Na' Mah Na'" that was covered by the Muppets, becoming a classic in its own right!

1. You Tried To Warn Me
2. Le Ragazze Dell'Arcipelago
3. Stoccolma My Dear
4. Mah Na' Mah Na' (Album Version)
5. Essere Donna
6. Notte Di Mezza Estate
7. Sequenza Psichedelica
8. Violenza
9. Fotomodelle
10. La Signora Cameriera
11. Solitudine
12. Free In Minore
13. Piano Bossa Nova
14. Stoccolma My Dear
15. Notte Di Messa Estate
16. Solitudine
17. Nel Cosmo
18. Topless Party
19. Solitudine
20. Eva Svedese
21. Hippies #1
22. Solitudine
23. Hippies #2
24. L'Uomo Interato
25. Samba Mah Na'
26. Orango E Chitarroni
27. Beer, Vermouth E Gin
28. Sleep Now Little One



Piero Piccioni - Colpo Rovente (Original Soundtrack)

Piero Piccioni - Colpo Rovente (The Original Complete Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Label - Easy Tempo
Released - 1970
Style - Electronic, Psychedelic, Jazz, Abstract, Easy Listening, Soundtrack, Library

(from Dusty Groove)
One of the best Italian scores we've heard in ages! The soundtrack is one of the best-ever by the great Piero Piccioni -- and it's a swirling mix of organ riffs, soulful tenor, and throbbing basslines. Some tracks burst out with a heavy groovy sound, while others hang back in a pensive jazzy kind of way. As with the other Easy Tempo reissues, this one's got some incredible extra material -- for a total of 27 great tracks that we've already played again and again and again. Titles include "Kintabu", "Blackflower", "Colpo Rovente", "Easy Dreamer", "Chinatown Drugs", and "LSD".

1 Colpo Rovente (3:11)
2 Kintabù (1:22)
3 Black Flower (3:21)
4 Identikit (1:27)
5 LSD (Red Hot) (2:40)
6 Eros (2:00)
7 Fuoco (2:02)
8 Easy Dreamer (Choir) (2:43)
9 Chinatown Drugs (3:17)
10 Endless Love (2:15)
11 Colpo Rovente (Red Hot) (1:40)
12 Mexican Dream (1:58)
13 Acapulco (2:48)
14 Big Chase (2:03)
15 Colpo Rovente (Alt.) (2:27)
16 Kintabù (Alt.) (1:27)
17 Identikit (1:52)
18 LSD (Alt.) (4:29)
19 Eros (Alt.) (1:50)
20 Colpo Rovente (Alt. Live) (3:41)
21 Easy Dreamer (Alt.) (2:49)
22 Mexican Dream (Alt.) (1:49)
23 Senza Via D'uscita (3:44)
24 Acapulco (Shake) (2:28)
25 Occhio Dell'Uragano (1:29)
26 Acapulco (Alt.) (2:06)
27 Colpo Rovente (Film End Titles) (3:20)


Piero Umiliani - Il Corpo [Original Soundtrack]

Piero Umiliani - Il Corpo [Original Soundtrack]
Label - Easy Tempo
Released - 1974
Style - Electronic, Jazz, Fusion, Ambient, Easy Listening, Library, Soundtrack

(from Dusty Groove)
Sweetly funky and very slinky -- this is one of the best early 70s scores by the great Italian composer Piero Umiliani! The record has lots of bubbling electric piano, rumbling electric basslines, warm acoustic percussion, and moody wordless vocals. At some level, the album sounds a lot like the contemporaneous work by the great Italian Fender Rhodes combo Crossfire -- but it's also filled with a spacey madness that could only come from the pen of Umiliani! One of the best of the recent Easy Tempo reissues -- and very nicely put together, with a consistent sound throughout!

1. Free Life (Vocal)
2. Tidal Stream
3. In The End (Instrumental)
4. Hard Times
5. Stream (Alternate)
6. Princess (Alternative)
7. Chaser
8. Stream (Alternate Intro)
9. The Body
10. White Sand (Extended)
11. In The End
12. In The Village
13. Free Life (Extended)
14. Princess (Extended Intro)
15. Stream
16. Savana
17. Dusken
18. Desert Island
19. Princess
20. The Body
21. Desert Island (Extended)


Piero Umiliani - La Ragazza Fuori Strada

Piero Umiliani - La Ragazza Fuori Strada
Label - Easy Tempo
Released - 1975
Style - Funk, Jazz, Easy Listening, Soundtrack, Library, OST

(from scorebaby)
The '75 release La Ragazza Fuori Strada (or "The Girl from the Street") starred Zeudi Araya, who also starred in Il Corpo and La Ragazza Dalla Pelle Di Luna for which Umiliani also contributed scores reissued by Easy Tempo. Zeudi is an exotic goddess to be sure, but what of the score? As expected, Umiliani's music is a thing of groovy beauty. He often uses an orchestra augmented by a crack rhythm section, but just as often goes solo on the organ or piano, or sticks with a small combo.

Check out the crisp cymbal work, bubbling bass line and jazzy brass on "Nostalgia" -- all backed by organ and strings. Or how about that bouncing funkadelic of "Senza Tregua" with its stabbing organ lines and jangly rhythm guitar. There are 24 tracks in total, with some repetition of theme.

(from musicfromthemovies)
Fuori Strada already bears a strong influence from Isaac Hayes' 1971 breakthrough score for Shaft, evidenced in Umiliani's flawless fusion of a sizable string section, strong melodic lines, and several rhythmically charged synth tracks. It's all vintage 1970s groove music, something fans of the genre will love in Easy Tempo's expanded reissue of the original soundtrack album.

Track Listing
1. Volto Di Donna (Original Demo)
2. Volto Di Donna
3. Nostalgia
4. La Rinuncia
5. Nostalgia
6. Senza Tregua
7. Volto Di Donna
8. Il Tuo Volto
9. Nostalgia
10. Cantata Per Maryam
11. La Rinuncia
12. Oltre L'acqua Del Fiume
13. La Prima Uscita
14. Tra La Gente
15. Le Ore Che Contano (Base)
16. Volto Di Donna
17. Maryam
18. The Party
19. Le Ore Che Contano
20. Volto Di Donna
21. Il Tuo Volto



Piero Umiliani - Questo Sporco Mondo Meraviglioso

Piero Umiliani - Questo Sporco Mondo Meraviglioso
Label - Easy Tempo
Released - 1971
Style - Funk, Jazz, Soundtrack, Library, OST

(from Dusty Groove)
A fab little soundtrack from one of our favorite Italian composers -- a lost gem originally issued in 1971, with a very groovy sound! The score has Piero Umiliani picking up a bit more funk than usual -- working with electric bass and keyboards to come up with some totally great tracks that kind of pick up a sexy Euro funk groove from the Serge Gainsbourg generation, and give it some excellent soundtracky touches in terms of tone, color, and melody. The tracks are all pretty darn great -- bouncy, sunny, and with funk at just the right moments -- and a few nice numbers even have a bit of scatting vocals, an element that makes them all the more pleasing to our ears! Titles include "Mah Na Cowboy", "Holiday Inn", "Love In", "Il Mondo Dell Infanzia", "Luna Di Miele", "Pepito", and "La Nuova Frontiera".

Track listing:
01. questo mondo meraviglioso (archi e cori)
02. la nuova frontiera (archi e ritmi beat)
03. western melody
04. dove và il mondo (complesso beat)
05. pepito (complesso a tempo di samba)
06. luna di miele (sandro e giulia)
07. old rock
08. il mondo dell'infanzia (chitarre classiche)
09. moderato grottesco and cantabile (sandro e giulia)
10. mondo dove vai? (complesso beat con effetti elettronici)
11. il micione e la gattina (sandro e giulia)
12. mah nà cowboy (sandro ed accompagnamento ritmico)
13. holiday inn (organo e ritmi)
14. folk way (complesso beat)
15. young time
16. il mondo è meraviglioso (archi e coro)
17. love in (complesso beat)
18. red train


Janko Nilovic - Impressions Vol. 2

Janko Nilovic - Impressions Vol. 2 [The Best of Janko Nilovic]
Label - Dare-Dare/Pulp Flavor
Recorded - 60s/70s
Style - Soul, Pop, Jazz, Afro, Library, OST



Janko Nilovic - Impressions Vol. 1

Janko Nilovic - Impressions Vol. 1
Label - Dare-Dare/Pulp Flavor
Recorded - 60s/70s
Style - Soul, Pop, Jazz, Afro, Latin, Library, OST

(from moviegrooves)
Impressions: Volume 1 is a fantastic selection of multi-instrumentalist Janko Nilovic's output for the Montparnasse 2000, Télémusic and Selection music libraries during the 60s and 70s which first appeared on LPs such as Psy Impressions, Pop Impressions, Soul Impressions and Vocal Impressions - all now very much in demand by collectors and library music lovers!

Born on May 20th, 1941, in Montenegro, Janko Nilovic began his formal musical training at the age of five. Although an heir to the Slavic and Balkan tradition, he never set aside the more modern styles of jazz, soul and pop, an open-mindedness which also led him to try his luck in Paris in 1960 (where he still lives). Working ten hours a day with a never-faltering persistance, Janko swiftly joined the professional circles, adding up sessions, joys and disappointments.

Nilovic produced more than thirty albums for record companies that specialised in Library Music.

Both Impressions Volume 1 and Volume 2 prove how broad Janko's field of activity can be, how developed was his capacity to digest and to merge his multiple influences and create this timeless language.




Jacky Giordano - Pop In... Devil's Train

Jacky Giordano - Pop In... Devil's Train
Label - Vadim Music / Pulp Flavor
Released - 1976/reissue
Style - Jazz, Funk, Easy Listening, Lee Library, OST

(from Vadim Music)
At the age of 17, Jacky was already doing sessions for the greatest. In the 70's, he was composer for the Crazy Horse Saloon and manager of a musical company. In 1977, he directs the orchestra for "Turbulences" by Eddie Warner & Lalo Shiffrin. In the 80's, two of the albums he has worked on are certified gold in the USA : Géraldine Hunt and Fantasy. Jacky has also composed musics for the Alcazar cabaret and produced more than 300 albums. "Pop in…devil's train" released in 1976 for Montparnasse 2000 is a tribute to funk & soul music...

1. Betelgueuze In The Sky
2. Moving Grooving
3. The Big Mameluk
4. Terefic War
5. Tchu Tchu Face
6. Bombe Hachée
7. Worry For Nothing
8. Devil's Train
9. Sex Girl
10. Tabla Minor
11. Dont Be Cool
12. Blue Circuit


Sound Book - Library & Background Sound [de Wolfe]

Sound Book - Library & Background Sound [De Wolfe Music Library]
Discs 1 & 2
Label - Irma / La Douce
Recorded - 60s/70s
Style - Lounge, Jazz, Funk, Easy Listening, Music Library, Lee Library, OST

(from scorebaby):
This double disc collects the jazz funk of Euro-club cult fave De Wolfe, whose contribution to the soundtrack sub-genre of "library music" is of unusually high quality. The tracks are sophisticated. The performances are slick. At times, one gets the impression that the musicians who play on these sessions would have satisfied the most demanding band leaders. Sometimes the sound borders on progressive fusion, other times disco funk, and other times it almost sounds like Steely Dan, minus the singing, of course. Knowing its audience, Irma La Douche has provided brief descriptions for each of the 32 tracks. "New Project" is described as "beaty, important". "Harlem Globetrotters" is simply "medium tempo, percussion prominent". Although few of the tracks evoke anything particularily cinematic, all of it is way groovy.

Tracklisting [disc 1]:
1.1 Johnny Hawksworth - Jazz Rule (6:03)
1.2 Ludovic Decosne - Gloaming (3:31)
1.3 Barry Stoller - Funky Spider (2:37)
1.4 Peter Reno - Silver Thrust (3:56)
1.5 Alan Parker - Swirl (2:50)
1.6 Peter Reno - Cool It (2:23)
1.7 Nick Ingman - Overtone (2:27)
1.8 Simon Haseley - Response (4:11)
1.9 Richard Harvey - Forgotten Dream (6:12)
1.10 Barbara Moore - I'm Feather (2:09)
1.11 Anton Valotti - Drum Time (3:11)
1.12 Peter Reno - Harlem Globetrotters (2:29)
1.13 Reg Wale - Bright Spark (1:38)
1.14 John Reids - New Project (2:48)
1.15 Nick Ingman - Trip Wire (2:53)

Tracklisting [disc 2]:
2.1 Peter Reno - Megaton (5:01)
2.2 Nick Ingman - Down Home (2:59)
2.3 Jack Trombey - Payroll (2:17)
2.4 Andre Ceccarelli - Dindou N°.1 (1:13)
2.5 Barbara Moore - Hot Heels (2:50)
2.6 Peter Milray - Time Machine (2:27)
2.7 Nick Ingman - Smooth And Cool (2:44)
2.8 Richard Harvey - See The Light (3:30)
2.9 Barry Stoller - Cool Character (2:23)
2.10 Frank McDonald / Chris Rae - Party People (4:46)
2.11 Andre Ceccarelli - Gang Process (2:06)
2.12 Paul Kass - Causeway (3:27)
2.13 Peter Reno - Hard Crust (2:34)
2.14 Roger Webb - Grey Sigh (2:38)
2.15 Anton Valotti - Spiro (2:31)
2.16 Keith Papworth - Track Record (2:40)
2.17 Peter Milray - Supercharger (2:13)

Sound Book disc 1
Sound Book disc 2


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Peter Thomas - Moonflowers & Mini-Skirts

Peter Thomas - Moonflowers & Mini-Skirts
Label - Marina (Germany)
Released - Late 60s/Early 70s/1998
Style - Jazz/Lounge/Rock/Funk/Easy Listening/OST/Library

(from Dusty Groove)
Wonderful stuff! As you've probably noticed in our soundtrack section, we loooove Peter Thomas, the groovy German composer/bandleader who gave the world the cool soundtracks to Space Patrol (Raumpatrouille) and the Jerry Cotton films. Now the same folks who put together the cool Motor Music compilations have done this one of Thomas' other work from the late 60s and early 70s, and it's a real doozy! The sound's a mix of space age crime, groovy bossa tunes, cool now sound gems, and wild soundtrack-y material. Titles include "Uhr 20", "Opium", "Multi-Kolored Mini-Skirts", "Rockin' Computer", "Milky Way", "Meeting Polermo", "Flash Point", "Moonflower Q 70" and "Black Power", which has vocals by a very young Donna Summer! The sound is amazing, and the CD's a real treat to any fan of groovy Euro stuff from the late 60s! New version -- with better packaging, and 2 bonus cuts: "Punjab Poppy Juice (Maxwell Implosion rmx)" and "Bonus Beats".

1 Opium
2 Multi-Kolored Mini-Skirts
3 Black Power (feat. Donna Summer)
4 11 Uhr 20 (Main Theme)
5 Pozzolico
6 Milky Way
7 Under Control
8 Moonflower
9 Vergiss' Mich, Wenn Du Kannst (feat. Senta Berger)
10 Rockin' Computer
11 Power Boost
12 Spiral Angst
13 Meeting Palermo
14 Flash Point
15 Mein Wochenende (feat. Uschi Glas)
16 Happening In White (Main Theme)
17 Beige Turtleneck
18 Malaparte Sinus
19 Minoti On The Run


Easy Tempo compilation series

A quick review on the Easy Tempo vols 1-10 series in general, from scorebaby:

The Easy Tempo series constitutes the most exhaustive collection of Italian cinematic jazz funk available. To try and rate each volume seperately becomes a highly subjective exercise, since each volume tends to feature the same music makers — like Piero Umiliani, Armando Trovajoli, Piero Piccioni, Berto Pisano, et al. Although a couple of volumes attempt to offer a sub-category approach — like Volume 2's focus on psychadelic sounds ("psycho beat") and Volume 3's focus on Latin rhythms — most of the discs are very consistant in sound style. Therefore, it's best to take the series as a whole, because each disc has its standout tracks, but never a genuine stinker. A lot of credit goes to the people at Easy Tempo — part of the jazz label Right Tempo — for having great ears. I can't emphasize enough how essential these discs are to groovy soundtrack fans. Take the plunge.

Easy Tempo Vol 6 - A Cinematic Jazz Experience

Easy Tempo Vol 6 - A Cinematic Jazz Experience
Label - Easy Tempo (Italy)
Released - 70s/1998
Style - Electronic/Pop/Latin/Jazz/Funk/OST/Library

1. (Piero Umiliani) - from "La Legge dei Gangsters"
2. (Riz Ortolani) - from "Una sull'Altra"
3. (Piero Umiliani) - from "I Piaceri Probiti"
4. (Ettore Ballotta) - from the LP "Ettore Ballota"
5. (Maurizio Lama) - from the LP "La Musica Maurizio Lama"
6. (Piero Umiliani) - from "Quando La Coppia Scoppia"
7. (Romano Mussolini) - from the LP "Soft and Swing"
8. (Armando Trovaioli) - from "Rapporto Fuller, Base Stoccolma"
9. (Gino Marinuzzi Jr.) - from the LP "Musica per Commenti Sonori"
10. (Piero Piccioni)- from "3 Notti d'Amore"
11. (Piero Piccioni) - from "Un Italiano in America"
12. (Piero Umiliani) - from "La Legga dei Gangsters"
13. (Piero Umiliani)- from the LP "L'uomo e la Citt"
14. (Tito Fontana) - from the LP "Dire Tempo Jazz"
15. (Lou Stein Trio, The) - from the LP "The Lou Stein Trio"
16. (Mario Migliardi) - from "Sfinge, sorride, prima di morire-stop - Londra"
17. (Gianni Ferrio) - from "Una Farfalla dalle ali Insanguinate"
18. (Francesco De Masi) - from "Troppo per Vivre, Poco per Morire"

1 Piero Umiliani - Gangster Song (3:36)
2 Riz Ortolani - Golden Gate Bridge (3:00)
3 Piero Umiliani - Notte In Algeria (3:21)
4 Ettore Ballotta - Tap 5 (2:30)
5 Maurizio Lama - Sempliccisimo (3:05)
6 Piero Umiliani - Quando La Coppia Scoppi (2:06)
7 Romano Mussolini - Duke (4:20)
8 Armando Trovaioli - Caccia Al Ladro (2:25)
9 Gino Marinuzzi Jr. - La Fine Di Una Storia (2:32)
10 Piero Piccioni - Sally's Surf (3:03)
11 Piero Piccioni - Ebony Ride (3:02)
12 Piero Umiliani - Genova, P.zza De Ferrari, Dalle 2 Alle 7 (3:50)
13 Piero Umiliani - L'Uomo E La Citta (3:08)
14 Tito Fontana - Sweden (2:58)
15 The Lou Stein Trio - Glad (6:53)
16 Mario Migliardi - Splowg's (2:51)
17 Gianni Ferrio - Concerto Blues (1:55)
18 Francesco De Masi - Gordon Blues (2:44)


Easy Tempo Vol 5 - A Slammin' Cinematic Experience

Easy Tempo Vol 5 - A Slammin' Cinematic Experience
Label - Easy Tempo (Italy)
Released - 70s/1998
Style - Jazz/Easy Listening/Funk/OST/Library

1 Augusto Martelli - Nanaue (3:52)
2 Luis Enriquez Bacalov - Anice Nuraghi (2:38)
3 Piero Umiliani - L'Arcangelo (2:04)
4 Stefano Torossi - Running Fast (4:42)
5 Armando Trovaioli - Blazing Magnum (3:29)
6 Alberto Baldan Bembo - Trop's (1:54)
7 Augusto Martelli - Loco Love Motor (8:05)
8 Tony Mimms - Vuca (Wake Up) (4:37)
9 Dick Oliver - The Chicken (4:30)
10 Piero Piccioni - La Rai Si Presenta (3:46)
11 Lesiman - Bagliori (2:55)
12 Mario Migliardi - Apollo Beat (5:17)
13 Ennio Morricone - Adonai (3:04)
14 Luis Enriquez Bacalov - Montreal Non Stop (3:12)
15 Augusto Martelli - The Frog (2:35)
16 Augusto Martelli - Upa Meguino (2:01)


Easy Tempo Vol 4

Easy Tempo Vol 4
Label - Easy Tempo (Italy)
Released - 70s/1997
Style - Latin/Bossa Nova/Easy Listening/Jazz/OST/Library

01 (Lara Saint Paul) - From the LP Frammenti
02 (Ennio Morricone) - From Blue Eyed Bandit
03 (Armando Trovajoli) - From Il Commissario Pepe
04 (Armando Trovajoli) - From the LP Io e Mara
05 (Alberto Baldan Bembo) - From L'Amica di mia Madre
06 (Piero Piccioni) - From Cadaveri Eccellenti
07 (Gianni Oddi) - From the LP Oddi 3
08 (Alberto Baldan Bembo) - From L'Amica di mia Madre
09 (Berto Pisano) - From Sissignore
10 (Stelvio Cipriani) - From Dead End
11 (Giancarlo Gazzani) - From the LP Musica per tutte le ore
12 (Armando Trovajoli) - From Permette? Rocco Papaleo
13 (Florinda Bolkan) - From the 7" mix Single Metti Una Sera A Cena
14 (Luis Bacalov) - From Roma Bene
15 (Piero Umiliani) - From La Schiava io ce l'ho, tu no!
16 (Luis Bacalov) - From Cuori Solitari
17 (Franco Micalizzi) - From Chi Sei?
18 (Capuano) - From the LP International Hits

1 Lara Saint Paul - So
2 Ennio Morricone - Città Viva
3 Armando Trovajoli - Masquerade
4 Armando Trovajoli - Ore 24
5 Alberto Baldan Bembo - Pedro Come
6 Piero Piccioni - Tremendous Stars
7 Gianni Oddi - Dreaming
8 Alberto Baldan Bembo - Tropical Club
9 Berto Pisano - Side Sleep
10 Stelvio Cipriani - Realtà No. 5
11 Giancarlo Gazzani - Under Drama
12 Armando Trovajoli - Little Shakie Girl
13 Florinda Bolkan - Metti Una Sera A Cena
14 Luis Bacalov - Roma Bene
15 Piero Umiliani - Flirt A Rio
16 Luis Bacalov - Paranagua
17 Franco Micalizzi - Roberto's Theme
18 Capuano - Israelities


Easy Tempo Vol 3 - Further Cinematic Easy Listening Experience

Easy Tempo Vol 3 - Further Cinematic Easy Listening Experience
Label - Easy Tempo (Italy)
Released - 70s/1997
Style - Funk/Soul/Jazz/Easy Listening/Psych Rock/OST/Library

01. (Piero Umiliani) - from “Angeli Bianchi... Angeli Neri”
02. (Luis Bacalov) - from “La Seduzione”
03. (Piero Piccioni) - from “Scacco Alla Regina”
04. (Piero Umiliani) - from “La Morte Bussa Due Volte”
05. (Piero Piccioni) - from “Amore Mio Aiutami”
06. (Armando Trovajoli) - from “Il Vuoto”
07. (Roth, Fuentes, Tarenzi) - from the LP “Color Martelli”
08. (Guido & Maurizio De Angelis) - from “La Polizia Incrimina, La Legge Assolve”
09. (Piero Umiliani) - from the LP “To-Day's Sound”
10. (Francesco De Masi) - from “Troppo Per Vivere, Poco Per Morire”
11. (Piero Piccioni) - from “Amore Mio Aiutami”
12. (Augusto Martelli) - from “Il Dio Serpente”
13. (Luis Bacalov) - from “La Seduzione”
14. (Piero Piccioni) - from “Camille 2000”
15. (Franco Micalizzi) - from “Chi sei?”
16. (Augusto Martelli) - from “Il Dio Serpente”
17. (Attilio Donadio) - from the LP “Sax And Stars”
18. (Guido & Maurizio De Angelis) - from “La Polizia Incrimina, La Legge Assolve”
19. (T. A. Valli) - from the LP “Uncle Jim”
20. (Piero Umiliani) - from “5 Bambole Per Una Luna D'agosto”
21. (Sergo Nilo) - from “Il Grande Colpo Dei Sette Uomini D'oro”

1 Piero Umiliani - Saudade (1:36)
2 Luis Bacalov - Nago (5:24)
3 Piero Piccioni - I Cavalli (3:33)
4 Piero Umiliani - Bob e Hellen (4:02)
5 Piero Piccioni - North Pole Penguin (1:48)
6 Armando Trovajoli - Frenesia (3:39)
7 Augusto Martelli - La Bikina (3:20)
8 Guido And Maurizio De Angelis - Il Libanese (1:43)
9 Piero Umiliani - Lady Magnolia (3:25)
10 Francesco De Masi - Diamond Bossa Nova (1:32)
11 Piero Piccioni - Amanda’s Train (2:06)
12 Augusto Martelli - Beryl’s Tune (4:13)
13 Luis Bacalov - La Seduzione (3:11)
14 Piero Piccioni - Easy Lovers (3:45)
15 Franco Micalizzi - Flute Sequence (3:46)
16 Augusto Martelli - Beryl’s Tune N° 2 (2:11)
17 Attilio Donadio - Soul Samba (2:59)
18 Guido And Maurizio De Angelis - Casa di Moda (4:27)
19 The Green Future - Honey Rhythm and Butter (2:09)
20 Piero Umiliani - Danza Citar Free (1:39)
21 Sergo Nilo - Esquetando Os Tambourinos E Cuica (2:03)


Easy Tempo Vol 2 - The Psycho Beat

Easy Tempo Vol 2 - The Psycho Beat
Label - Easy Tempo (Italy)
Released - 70s/1997
Style - Psych Rock/Funk/Soul/Jazz/Easy Listening/OST/Library

01 (Piero Umiliani) - from Svezia Inferno e Paradiso
02 (Nino De Luca) - from La Ragazza con la Pistola
03 (Lesiman) - from the LP Here and Now 1
04 (Piero Umiliani) - from Svezia Inferno e Paradiso
05 (Gianni Ferrio) - from La Famiglia Benvenuti
06 (Barigozzi Group) - from The Big Guns
07 (Lesiman) - from the LP Here And Now
08 (Barigozzi Group) - from the LP Woman's Colour
09 (Gianno Ferrio) - from La Morte Accarezza A Mezzanotte
10 (Nino De Luca) - from La Ragazza con la Pistola
11 (Stelvio Cipriani) - from Mark il Poliziotto
12 (Lesiman) - from the LP Here And Now 2
13 (Gianni Ferrio) - from La Morte Accarezza A Mezzanotte
14 (Mario Molino) - from Gli Angeli del 2000
15 (Mario Molino) - from Gli Angeli del 2000
16 (Lee Selmoco Orchestra) - from the LP Daytime Moods
17 (Barigozzi Group) - from the LP Woman's Colour
18 (Gianni Oddi) - from the LP Oddì
19 (Piero Piccioni) - from Mimì Metallurgico ferito nell'onore
20 (Cesco Anselmo) - from the LP Merry Music
21 (Mario Molino) - from Gli Angeli del 2000

1 Piero Umiliani - Fotomodelle (2:19)
2 Nino De Luca - Rapimento In Sicilia (2:09)
3 Lesiman - Moto Centripeto (2:39)
4 Piero Umiliani - Essere Donna (2:57)
5 Gianni Ferrio - Ipotesi / Un Giorno In Più (2:38)
6 Barigozzi Group - Violets Lips (2:50)
7 Lesiman - Colloquio (2:52)
8 Barigozzi Group - Red Face (3:07)
9 Gianni Ferrio - Valentina (Tra La Folla) (1:56)
10 Nino De Luca - La Ragazza Con La Pistola (1:44)
11 Stelvio Cipriani - La Fine Di Cobb (2:24)
12 Lesiman - Schegge (2:47)
13 Gianni Ferrio - L'appartamento Vuoto (2:47)
14 Mario Molino - Jerk Beat (2:29)
15 Mario Molino - Gli Angeli Del 2000 (2:36)
16 Lee Selmoco Orchestra - Blue Media (2:33)
17 Barigozzi Group - Silver Legs (2:36)
18 Gianni Oddi - Geronimo (4:05)
19 Piero Piccioni - Il Dopolotta (3:02)
20 Cesco Anselmo - Hurricane (2:31)
21 Mario Molino - Shake Psyco (2:42)


Easy Tempo Vol 1 - A Cinematic Listening Experience

Easy Tempo Vol 1 - A Cinematic Listening Experience
Label - Easy Tempo (Italy)
Released - 70s/1997
Style - Jazz/Easy Listening/OST/Library

01 (Gianfranco Plenizio) - from "La Gatta in calore" - (P) 1972 Beat Records
02 (Riz Ortolani) - from "Confessione di un commissario di polizia al procuratore della Repubblica" - (P) 1971 BMG Ricordi S.p.a
03 (Riz Ortolani) - from "Confessione di un commissario di polizia al procuratore della Repubblica" - (P) 1971 BMG Ricordi S.p.a
04 (A. Trovajoli) - from "La famiglia Benvenuti" - (P) 1968 Neapolis
05 (Stelvio Cipriani) - from "Mark il poliziotto" - (P) 1975 Cinevox
06 (Piero Piccioni) - from Bora Bora" - (P) 1968 Cinevox
07 (Riz Ortolani - from "Tiffany memorandum" - (P) 1967 Beat Records
08 (Prokop, Tarenzi, Selleri) - from "Color Martelli" - (P) Cinevox
09 (Gianni Ferrio) - from "La morte accarezza a mezzanotte) - (P) 1973 Carosello
10 (Armando Trovajoli) - from "Sessa Matto" - (P) 1973 West Edizioni Musicali
11 (G. & M. De Angelis) - from "La Polizia incrimina, la legge assolve" - (P) 1973 Beat Records
12 (Martelli) - from "Color Martelli" - (P) Cinevox
13 (Gianni Ferrio) - from "La morte accarezza a mezzanotte" - (P) 1973 Carosello
14 (Gianni Ferrio) - from "Big Guns" - (P) 1973 Carosello
15 (Riz Ortolani) - from "Confessione di un commissario di polizia al procuratore della Repubblica" - (P) 1971 BMG Ricordi S.p.a

1 Gianfranco Plenizio - Grigioperla (3:12)
2 Riz Ortolani - Serena E Lomunno (2:40)
3 Riz Ortolani - Il Ricordo Di Serena (2:48)
4 Armando Trovaioli - I Giovani Benvenuti (5:38)
5 Stelvio Cipriani - Mark Il Poliziotto (2:39)
6 Piero Piccioni - Blue Rhythm Festival (3:46)
7 Riz Ortolani - Notte Al Grand Hotel (3:19)
8 Augusto Martelli - One Fine Morning (2:54)
9 Gianni Ferrio - La Morte Accarezza A Mezzanotte (5:39)
10 Armando Trovaioli - Sessomatto (3:30)
11 Guido And Maurizio De Angelis - Gangster Story (6:10)
12 Augusto Martelli - Mood (3:00)
13 Gianni Ferrio - Ira Rhythm & Blues (2:21)
14 Gianni Ferrio - La Gabbia (2:11)
15 Riz Ortolani - I Travestiti (2:50)