Thursday, July 5, 2007

Piero Umiliani - Musica Elettronica Vol. 1

Piero Umiliani - Musica Elettronica Vol. 1
Label - Easy Tempo
Released - ? (compiles material from 60s/70s/80s)
Style - abstract, breakbeat, Electronic, Funk, Jazz, Lee Library, Soundtrack

Notes from Dusty Groove:
Very groovy stuff from this mad Italian genius! The set features Umiliani getting a lot more experimental than usual, leaving behind his regular funky/easy bag for one that's a lot more tweaky and twonky, but still pretty darn groovy! Some of this stuff reminds us of tracks from the Raymond Scott Manhattan Research set -- as it's spare and bubbly, done in an older analogue style, with a good dose of humor thrown in to warm up the music a bit! Other tracks are funkier, if not in the rhythms, at least in the syncopated style of Umiliani's sounds and keyboard work. Very nice, and a key piece of the mad Umiliani puzzle! Titles include "Momento Ritmico", "Motore A Ioni", "Gadget", "New Experience", "Arabian Synthesizer", and "Officine Stellare".

1. Rapsodia Stellare
2. Momento Ritmico
3. Motore a Loni
4. Elzeviro
5. Fatto Di Cronaca
6. Centrali Termiche
7. Gadget
8. Officina Stellare
9. New Experience
10. Delenda Cartago
11. Dibernetica
12. Caravan
13. Arabian Synthetizer
14. Vierno/Funiculi Funiculà
15. O'Pazzariello



Adam Eleven said...

Hurray! Thou shall worship the EMS Synthi 100 Beast.

snowbewon said...

This is cool shit, where did Lee get all this craziness...

XMP said...

I think he went on a binge a few years ago, getting stuff from a few different places. Vinyl Vultures in the UK, Dusty Groove, and a couple other places that have since shut down...

AMP said...

Umiliani is so good. More to come from him! The sadly defunct Now Music and Fashion in Arlington also had a great selection of now sounds.