Monday, July 9, 2007

Raw Beats 21 (Classic Hip-Hop Edition)

Raw Beats 21
Label - Raw Beats (Germany)
Released - 1996
Style - DJ Battle Tools/Breakbeats/Rap/Oldschool/Instrumental

Good classic hip-hop instrumentals on Green-coloured vinyl!

A1 It Takes 2 Beats BPM 112 3:31
A2 Tonight Quicks Beats BPM 105 2:41
A3 Da' Symphony BPM 95 3:09
A4 Catch A Groove BPM 107 2:02
A5 I'm A Hoe Beats BPM 86 2:20
A6 5 Minutes Of Funk Beats BPM 107 2:56
B1 Eazy-er Said Beats BPM 103 3:03
B2 Piper Peter Beats BPM 106 2:52
B3 Jiggable Pie/Blind Alley BPM 106 2:48
B4 Slow Down Beats BPM 96 3:06
B5 Gangster Boogie Champ BPM 106 2:50
B6 D-Nice Beats BPM 98 1:53



snowbewon said...

oh, man, i remember playing around with this record back in the day....of particular note to me is the 'it takes two' beats with the "your bad sister/get down flip it" much debated vocal sample.

XMP said...

ya bad sista.....Eep! baddest break ever.

Etalon said...

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Adam M Mason said...

Thanks for this.