Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Synthesizers Unlimited - Electric Bazaar (1974)

Synthesizers Unlimited - Electric Bazaar (1974, UK, electronic)
Label - N/A [CD/R]
Released - N/A [CD/R]
Style - Analog/Soundtrack/Breakbeats/Funk/Library/Synthesized/Awesome

Synthesizers Unlimited is a project by Anthony King of whom I don't know much. He performed Soul of the city on the album of Gunther Leonhardt (1971) and collaborated with John Matthews on Pots and Sides (1974).
He also made “Lost star” in the seventies, according to Vitalis on Scopia and you can find some work of King and Chris Vander (Magma?) on Workforce - Percussion Unit from 1980.
Connoisseurs can tell from the picture of the cover it is not an original copy. The typography is different. This is from a bootleg cd.

1 Electrik Bazaar
2 Luxury Life Style
3 Maladjusted Moogie
4 Chunnel Boogie
5 Forgotten World
6 Electrostalagtites
7 Electric Storm
8 Sprightly Spirit
9 March of The Elastic Band
10 Main Street - Tibet
11 Toytown Carousel
12 Windswept Rhapsody
13 Funky Dromedary
14 Doctor Ooze
15 Pip-Pip
16 Jet West



Adam Eleven said...

Also available from the great Dutch blog (plus a bunch of other vintage electronics).

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Released at Peer International Cat# PIL 9027

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great record,great blog.thank you