Friday, July 27, 2007

Kosma - Universal

Kosma - Universal
Label - Instinct Ambient
Released - 1997
Style - Electronic, Future Jazz, Downtempo, Lee Library

1 Die Sylphen (7:18)
2 Universal (7:22)
3 Arena (7:41)
4 Mosaik (8:07)
5 Aquarium (10:46)
6 Aeroboot (6:15)
7 Les Promesses D'Une Chevelure (4:39)
8 Atlantis (6:04)


Kosma, a.k.a. Roskow Kretschmann is one of the six Jazzanova members. His musical foundation goes back to the year 1987 when he began to build a name for himself as a Hip Hop producer in the Berlin underground scene. With the album "Rock da Most" he had immortalized the first German Hip Hop releases on vinyl. In addition he was a collaborator at the Berlin Hip Hop label Juicefull Records. 1991 saw his departure from the label job as well as from the production of Hip Hop tracks.

Kosma has been a Jazzanova member since the beginning in 1995, when Jazzanova was founded as a DJ team, transforming into poduction in 1996, the same year Kosma released his first solo album "Universal“.

With the opening of the borders to Eastern Europe his interest in the Eastern European jazz scene increased, which clearly had an influence on his work. An additional influence by that time came from his love for the American label CTI and Bob James, to whom he dedicated "Atlantis" from his debut album "Universal".


Anonymous said...

omg cant believe i just stumbled on to this i bought this on vinyl years ago. i tried ripping it to my hard drive but my needle is worn out. many many thx fo rthe share of such wonderful music please please keep up the good work!!!

XMP said...

awesome glad to help out. my brother has a bunch of this stuff uploaded, I'm just lazy about posting writeups and stuff. will be posting more this week though...

g23 said...

Awesome I have this on vinyl!


Anonymous said...

least i can do is thank you for the work.greetings from a humble patagonic fan