Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Music For Dancefloors - KPM Library Sessions

V/A - Music For Dancefloors: The Cream Of The KPM Music Green Label Sessions
Label - Strut
Released - 2000
Style - Electronic/Jazz/Funk/Easy Listening/Library Music

1 Alan Parker & Madeline Bell - That's What Friends Are For (Vocal) (2:58)
2 Alan Parker - Unlimited Love (2:07)
3 Duncan Lamont - Funky Express (Re-Edit) (3:12)
4 Johnny Pearson - Assault Course (4:26)
5 Barry Morgan & Ray Cooper - Samba Street (3:01)
6 James Clarke - Second Cut (Re-Edit) (2:24)
7 John Cameron - Swamp Fever (2:07)
8 Dennis Bovell & William Farley - Reggae Train (2:28)
9 Keith Mansfield - Incidental Backcloth No.3 (2:56)
10 Francis Coppieters - Cross Talk (3:20)
11 The P. Xanten & Pierre Lavin Pop Band - In Advance (Re- Edit) (2:20)
12 Alan Hackshaw - Senior Thump (2:46)
13 Alan Moorhouse - Expo In Tokyo (2:17)
14 Nascimbene - Interlude : Witchdoctor (1:19)
15 H. Ehrlinger & Juan Erlando & His Latin Band - Jungle Baby (2:17)
16 Klaus Weiss & Sounds & Percussion - Morning1 / Morning 2 (4:03)
17 Les Baxter - Freeway To Rio (2:06)
18 G. Callert & Juan Erlando & His Latin Band - Brazil Express (2:29)
19 Francis Coppieters - Piano In Transit (4:17)
20 Keith Mansfield - Crash Course (2:43)

(from Moviegrooves)
What a killer CD! An eclectic trip through the archives of KPM - one of the most famous music libraries of the 60's and 70's. This CD has got it all; ultra-smooth disco, funky big band, killer-break beat grooves, hard latin workouts and more (there's even a mad dub track!). No wonder people go crazy for the original LPs... You'll be glad you bought this. Highly Recommended.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting some really nice library music. These Strut releases are great, too bad they went out of business.

AMP said...

Strut was a really great label. Their compilations were put together by some very knowledgeable DJs. I'm fortunate to also have a couple of the AfroStrut release which are really really good.

XMP said...

Thanks for the comments. Much of this stuff makes the routine drive a dramatic event...

axissixa said...

Great to see this posted.

I remember when I first heard John Cameron's "Swamp Fever"...what a funky track, what a great bridge. I still don't get tired of hearing it. Nightmares on Wax was feeling Cameron's vibe as well; it was on their DJ KICKS mix.

If anyone is looking for more Cameron, check "The Sound Gallery 1" just posted here...a laidback trippy tune "Half Forgotten Daydreams."

coolcalmchris said...

This is one of the best library compilations I've ever heard. Thanks.

"Second Cut" is the jam.

Anonymous said...

Missed tracks (breaks) from vinyl version
D5. Voodoo Break (Barry Morgan and Ray Cooper)
D6.Transit Break (Clive Hicks)
D7.The heavies Break (James Clarke)
D8.Money Runner Break (Alan Tew)
D9.The Fence Break*Version A* (Alan Tew)
D10.Frozen Steam Break (John Cameron)



Anonymous said...


missed tracks from vinyl version

D5 - Barry Morgan and Ray Cooper - Voodoo Break
D6 - Clive Hicks - Transit Break
D7 - James Clarke - The heavies Break
D8 - Alan Tew - Money Runner Break
D9 - Alan Tew - The Fence Break (Version A)
D10 - John Cameron - Frozen Steam Break


Anonymous said...

Hi - just stumbled onto your blog, and the goodness posted here has made me a bit dizzy with anticipation. First off, though: thanks for posting these Music For Dancefloor comps. You are nice people.