Monday, July 9, 2007

Big Youth and Dillinger - DJ Originators Head To Head

Big Youth and Dillinger - DJ Originators Head To Head
Label - DJ Originators (???)
Released - 1996
Style - Reggae/Dub
Notes - a Joe Gibbs production!

I can't really find much about this release. I picked it up at DJ Hut in Dupont Circle awhile back. Dillinger is insane so anything involving him promises to be entertaining... This record looks like one of those unofficial reissues, which might explain my luck finding any information about it.

A1 Big Youth - A So We Stay
A2 Big Youth - George Foreman
A3 Big Youth - Enjoy Yourself
A4 Big Youth - Georgie
A5 Big Youth - George Foreman Pt 2
A6 Big Youth - Joe Frazier
B1 Dillinger - War Is Over
B2 Dillinger - Flour Dumplin
B3 Dillinger - Hold Me Tight
B4 Dillinger - Kublicon
B5 Dillinger - Take A Dip
B6 Dillinger - Bellevue Patient



BobbyDigital said...

Thanks for the great reggae uploads! I've never heard of this lp either but it's filled with good tracks. If you like Reggae check out my blog @ ;
I'll add your link

XMP said...

Thanks for the kind words. Linking you up right now - and there's much Dub if you scroll down the page some! cheers...

Anonymous said...

Wheres is the two bonus tracks??

XMP said...

Those 2 were CD-only.

Big Youth & Dillinger - Pumps And Pride
Dillinger - Jah Dreader

I ripped the vinyl, which didn't have those.