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Eternal's Jungle Vinyl Rips - Part 10

Eternal's Jungle Vinyl Rips Pt. 10

  1. TIC feat O'Shea Levander - Raw
  2. TIC feat O'Shea Levander - System Switch
  3. Timebase - Funky
  4. Timebase - War Zone
  5. Trace - Jazz Primitives
  6. Trace - Lost Entity rmx
  7. Trace - 21st & South
  8. Trace - Nexus Apache
  9. Trace & Nico - Replicant
  10. Two Sinners - Second Thoughts
  11. Two Sinners - Second Thoughts [Intalex rmx]

Eternal's Jungle Vinyl Rips - Part 9

Eternal's Jungle Vinyl Rips Pt. 9

  1. Merlin - Return of the Funk
  2. Merlin - Encounters
  3. Orca - Intellect Remix
  4. Orca - Sample & Hold
  5. Safari Sounds (Danny Breaks) - Free Your Mind
  6. Safari Sounds - Ghetto Born Kid
  7. Special K - Feel It
  8. Special K - Slice
  9. Substance - Deep Down
10. Substance - Home Boyz

Eternal's Jungle Vinyl Rips - Part 8

Eternal's Jungle Vinyl Rips Pt. 8

  1. Aphrodite - Mash Up
  2. Aphrodite - Woman That Rolls
  3. Atomic Dog - Step Into Light
  4. Atomic Dog - Break It Down
  5. Danny Breaks - The Bear [Droppin Science 10A]
  6. Danny Breaks - Crime '96 [Droppin Science 10B]
  7. DJ Krust - DJ [Chronic 5A]
  8. DJ Krust - The Hustler [Chronic 5B]
  9. Kosmos aka Dylan - Tighten Up [Droppin Science 9A]
  10. Manix - Back to Burn
  11. Manix - Jazz Bop

Eternal's Jungle Vinyl Rips - Part 7

Eternal's Jungle Vinyl Rips Pt. 7

  1. Express '95 (Ray Keith & Nookie Remix)
  2. Express '95 (S Gurley Remix)
  3. Roni Size - Daylight [Full Cycle 1995]
  4. Krust - Touch [Full Cycle 1995]
  5. Leviticus - Burial [Chronic 1]
  6. Leviticus - Burial [Chronic 2]
  7. Leviticus - Burial [Chronic 3>DIllinja/Krust/Roni Size]
  8. Leviticus - Burial [Chronic 4>Ray Keith/Nookie]
  9. Roni Size - Kiss [V 1993]
  10. Roni Size - Fresh [V 1993]

Eternal's ??? Vinyl Rips - Part 6 *Random Rips*

Eternal's Jungle Vinyl Rips Pt. 6

1. 3rd Rail - Uptown [Instrumental]
2. Dominique Dalcon - Ritmo 2 [solid steel]
3. Faze O - Riding High [solid steel]
4. Mad Lion - Shoot To Kill [dub]
5. PE - Can't Truss It [Inst]
6. Roxanne Shante - Queen of Rox [Dub Mix]
7. Roxanne Shante - Roxanne's Revenge [Instrumental]
8. Roxanne Shante - Roxanne's Revenge [Vocal]
9. Sabu Martinez - Hotel Alysso [solid steel]
10. Solid Steel - Test Tones side
11. Trouble Funk - Hey Fellas [ext version]


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eternal's Jungle Vinyl Rips Pt. 5 * OLDSKOOL!

Eternal's Jungle Vinyl Rips Pt. 5

1. 4 Hero - Mr. Kirk's Nightmare (Energize '96).mp3 (6:00)
2. 4 Hero - Mr. Kirk's Nightmare (4 Hero's '96 Drum + Bass Mix).mp3 (4:11)
3. 4 Hero - Mr. Kirk's Nightmare (Original Mix).mp3 (6:14)
4. 4 Hero - Mr. Kirk's Nightmare (Original Instrumental Mix).mp3 (4:27)
5. Studio Pressure aka Photek - Resolution.mp3 (5:37)
6. Studio Pressure aka Photek - First Sequence.mp3 (5:55)
7. Promo 9 - Untitled.mp3 (8:19)
8. Promo 9 - Let the Rhythm Hit em A.mp3 (7:33)
9. Roni Size - Fresh [1993].mp3 (5:51)
10. Roni Size - Kiss [1993].mp3 (5:31)
11. Rugged Vinyl - Cocaine B.mp3 (5:46)
12. Rugged Vinyl - Missing rmx A.mp3 (5:39)
13. Sound Station - Lost in Sound B.mp3 (5:19)
14. Sound Station - Sound Station A.mp3 (6:02)


Apollo 13 - Do It Again/Let It Roll

D.O.P.E. - Unknown Rugged white label (1995)

Ill Figure aka Intalex - Jam Hot/4 Steps (Intalex 1996)

The Bomb Squad aka ILS - Balance/Ghetto Love (Balance 1994)

Dred Bass/The JB - World of Music/Smokin' Cans (2nd Movement 1995)

 Krome & Time - The Licence / Ruffneck Scouts (Remixes) (Tearin' Vinyl 1995)

Da Intalex - Watcha Gonna Do (Remixes) (Flex 1994 10")

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jungle Jesus Blizzard Xmas 2009 * 12" Vinyl Rips


eternals jungle rips #1 [114 Mb]

Prototype 1997
1. Optical - High Tek Dreams (06:53)
2. Optical - Moving 808s (06:50)
Frontline 1995
3. P-Funk - Xpandin Minds.mp3 ( 7:12)
4. P-Funk Era - P-Funk Era (06:18)
Razors Edge 1995
5. Goldie - Still Life [Photek rmx] (06:53)
6. Photek - The Rain remix (07:58)
Source Direct 1995
7. Source Direct - Exit 9 (06:59)
8. Source Direct - Snake Style (06:43)
K Power 1996
9. Swift - Kick Dat Flava (05:57)
10. Tonic - 24 Break Shit (08:15)

eternals jungle rips #2 [121 Mb]

Frontline 1996
1. Bonafide - Superbad [Zinc remix] (05:56)
2. Bonafide - Superbad (05:33)
DeeJay 1995
3. DJ Trace - By Any Means Necessary (06:20)
Droppin Science 1997
4. Dylan - Witchcraft (07:43)
Razors Edge 1997
5. Goldie - Kemistry VIP [grooverider rmx].mp3 ( 7:27)
Hot 97 2001
6. Mary J. Blige - Be Happy [Remix] (06:19)
Metalheadz 1995
7. J Majik - Jim Kutta.mp3 ( 6: 5)
8. J Majik - Needlepoint Majik.mp3 ( 5:50)
Razors Edge 1997
9. J Majik - Your Sound rmx.mp3 ( 7:21)

eternals jungle rips #3 [139 Mb]

Beltram vs Dylan - Flash 2000 [Raid Ltd]
1. Joey Beltram - Flash 2000 [Dylan rmx] (07:12)
2. Unknown Artist - Storm Clouds (07:52)
Devine and Essence - What Game Ya Play [1994]
3. Devine and Essence - Quest for Life (05:59)
4. Devine and Essence - What Game Ya Play (05:40)
Dillinja - Non-Believers [Chronic 1]
5. 'Unknown Artist' - Chronic 1a (05:23)
6. 'Unknown Artist' - Chronic 1b (05:09)
Format - Promo 22
7. Format - E_N_V (06:04)
8. Format - The Guillotine (05:55)
Fierce and Nico [No_U_Turn-BLK 2002]
9. Fierce & Nico - Crystal (07:06)
10. Fierce & Nico - Input (08:05)
Hidden Face - Vortex [No_U_Turn-BLK 2007]
11. Hidden Face - Terminally Ill (06:26)
12. Hidden Face - Vortex (06:55)

eternal jungle rips #4 [179 Mb]

KMC - Polaris * Timeless (white lbl promo) [1996]
1. KMC - Drifting (06:18)
2. KMC - Polaris slo.mp3 (12:12)
3. KMC - Polaris (09:19)
Mad Different Methods * No_U_Turn-BLK 2001 [1996]
4. DJ Trace, Ed Rush & Nico - Mad Different Methods (07:29)
5. DJ Trace, Ed Rush & Nico - The Droid (06:32)
Nasty Habits - 4 da Cause * Reinforced Records [1997]
6. Nasty Habits - 4 da Cause (07:56)
Phuture Assasins - Future Sound [rmx] * Sub Base [92/2001]
7. Phuture Assasins - Future Sound [2bad mice rmx] (06:03)
8. Phuture Assasins - Future Sound [original mix] (05:05)
Ray Keith - Special Technique * Chronic 8 [1996]
9. Ray Keith - Special Technique (06:34)
Skanna - The Future * Whitehouse Records [1993]
10. Skanna - The Future (05:05)
11. Skanna - Nightstalker (05:48)
12. Skanna - Intimidator (Technoid Mix) (04:38)
13. Skanna - Exit The Lights (04:44)
VA - NY Jungle EP * Sm:)e Green Camo 10" [1995]
16. DB - Warrior's Theme (05:07)
17. Jason Jinx - Gonna Be (05:15)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

V/A - Artists Anonymous 4 [Bunker 2009 Ltd]

This mysterious compilation of predominantly unknown origin has made its way across the binary universe and landed here, like some compressed package of space dust or alien bacterial shmear.

Either way, this Artists Anonymous comp on the Bunker label received limited vinyl release during 2009. With little to no information on many artists and track names included on the comp, I about flipped out when I heard the first couple tracks. Dark, atmospheric Electro with hardly any trace of human involvement :)

So this weird comp has landed in my #1 spot for bug out material released in 2009.... Enjoy :!~

Various - Artists Anonymous #4
Label: Bunker Records
Catalog#: BUNKER 3082
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, White Label, Limited Edition, Red
Country: Netherlands
Released: 29 Apr 2009
Genre: Electro

A1 Unknown Artist - Untitled
A2 The Pulse Projects - Sacred Prostitute Series042
A3 Erikoismies - Untitled
A4 Star-Kid - Star Seed
B1 Loyal Plastic Robot - Night At The Institute
B2 Interfunk - U Got My Number
B3 Voltron ST-727 - Black Flag
B4 Voltron ST-727 - Dummheit

Notes ~
Limited edition of 100 copies, pressed on red vinyl.
Released in a clear plastic sleeve with a large paper inlaysheet with release details printed on it.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Linval Thompson - Phoenix Dub * Re-Up!

Linval Thompson - Phoenix Dub
Label - Motion
Recorded - 1980-1982
Style - Dancehall, Dub, Reggae, Lee Library

1. Clock Face Dub
2. Back Against The Wall
3. Dub Somebody
4. Wrong Fight Version
5. Hungry Belly Dub
6. Holding On I Dub
7. Dubbing Feet
8. Guide Me In Dub Style
9. Got To Hide Dub
10. Lonely Cry
11. Own Eyes Version
12. Scatter Grain Dub
13. Dubbing To Africa
14. Doing Good Dub

(from Dusty Groove):
So the story goes on this set that Linval Thompson came across these tapes when cleaning house, tapes of previously unreleased sessions he'd cut with the Roots Radics and the Revolutionaries, then handed over to Tubby, Scientist (yes!!) and Jammy to mix. There are some nice dubs of Thompson's best rhythms here, choice cuts and unique versions that you know haven't been released, they've been in the bottom of a closet for years! Remastered with fine sound quality, there's 13 bottom heavy cuts here to keep your woofer from gathering dust: "Clock Face Dub", "Back Against The Wall", "Dub Somebody", "Wrong Fight Version", "Hungry Belly Dub", "Holding On In Dub", "Dubbing Feet", "Guide Me In Dub Style", "Got To Hide Dub", "Lonely Cry", "Own Eyes Version", 'Scatter Grain Dub" and "Dubbing To Africa".


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Industrial Nation Vol. 5 (Summer 1992) [PDF]

Industrial Nation Vol. 5 (Summer 1992)
60 Pages [29.3MB PDF]

Somehow this item of nostalgia has remained in my possession all these years... in quite good condition as well!

Table of Contents:

Letters To The Editor --- 3
Newz -------------------- 4
Frontline Assembly ------ 6
Literary Corner --------- 10
State of the Industry --- 12
Chem Lab ---------------- 14
Cyberspectives ---------- 20
Networking -------------- 22
Nitzer Ebb -------------- 24
Rebecca Off The Nine ---- 28
What ?!* ---------------- 30
Joe Kole Column --------- 31
Skinny Puppy ------------ 32
Death and Judgment ------ 38
Sonic Reviews ----------- 40
Scene Reports ----------- 50
Choking on Staples ------ 52
Concert Reviews --------- 54
Technogogue ------------- 56
Zine Reviews ------------ 59
Market Place ------------ 62

d0wnl0d3 PDF

Sunday, September 27, 2009

African Head Charge - Off The Beaten Track * (Re-up Request)

African Head Charge - Off The Beaten Track
Label - On-U Sound
Recorded - 1986
Style - Electronic, Dub, Reggae, Lee Library, World Music
Additional Musicians - Skip McDonald, Jah Wobble

(review by Steve Barker)
Off The Beaten Track

In the intervening years between the 1986 release of “Off The Beaten Track” and its immediate predecessor 1983’s “Drastic Season”, African Head Charge had been moulded into a live blood-pumping band by its main man Bonjo lyabinghi Noah, who had truly come out of the shadows where percussion usually resides, fuelled by a righteous desire to occupy that front-of-stage position. Also during that time producer Adrian Sherwood had volunteered to be fed through the funk-mangle by Messrs.

(Skip) McDonald, (Doug) Wimbish and (Keith) Le Blanc, had come out the other end more disciplined and focused on what fresh sounds might be possibly created through the blatant use and abuse of state of the art technology, where he had previously generated samples as a “captured sound” by-product of the studio hardware or bled all over the old Studer decks as a result of a thousand razored edits. The result of this “great leap forward” was the fourth actual, but first “modern”, African Head Charge album – “Off The Beaten Track” – which sounded like nothing else around at the time, and whose combination of fat beats and ethnic chants was to provide the template, which many lesser lights were to attempt to emulate over the ensuing years.

Compared to previous efforts the "new" AHC rhythms were less abstract and more direct, with continuous and flowing percussion lines and more managed tempo shifts. The application of loops and samples of increased time duration made all the difference when combined with the more fluid and confident approach of the musicians involved in the build of the tracks. Sherwood shows up once more under his by now redundant guise as "The Prisoner". Skip McDonald makes an early non-funk entry and the reappearance of Jah Wobble makes clear his creative commitment to his old friends at On-U. But most remarkably, and making his debut as a recording artist, is the twentieth centuries most radical scientist - the super-cool Albert Einstein, laying down a sweet rap with the most conscious of lyrics in "Language And Mentality". Of course, Albert was in the studio in spirit only and the exercise, to my knowledge, has never been repeated.

The title “Off The Beaten Track” was not just an example of a great piece of wordplay, but also incredibly apt as the music was not only a departure for On-U Sound, but also a landmark album for what was to become the whole new ethno-beat strand within the commercial category of what we now know as “World Music”. – Steve Barker

1 Off The Beaten Track (5:02)
2 Some Bizarre (5:05)
3 Belinda (3:40)
4 Language & Mentality (4:22)
5 Throw It Away (3:35)
6 Conspiring (4:38)
7 Release The Doctor (3:32)
8 Down Under Again (3:05)
9 Over The Sky (3:15)


**Pretty cool re-up request, even though the requester was 'anonymous'... usually anonymous requests are prioritized least @ ICOOYS - but interesting, unpredictable or bizarre requests trump blogger anonymity. So - hope you enjoy!**

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Aphex Twin - Untitled [Live @ NASA Tour/SF 1993]

Just as I said in comment form on the original Youtube user's page, RARE AS FUCK. Read post below for reference....

Orbital - Live in Birmingham [1993]

Orbital - Live in Birmingham [1993]

*** Recorded just a few months before NYC rave promoters NASA launched the curious See The Light Tour stateside - featuring Orbital, Vapourspace, Aphex Twin & Moby. This is significant to the ICOOYS brothaz, since we were lucky enough to catch this weird moment in 'live Electronica enters nacent American rave consciousness via Sketchy rave promoters in the sketchiest parts of a handful of techno-aware cities - for the very first time in US history'.... I'm pretty sure we had some sort of deep brotherly bonding experience; although the 100% definite consumption of LSD blotter on everyone's part throws a wrench in any attempt at total recall w/ perfect clarity :x

I can personally vouche for being blown away on a technical level by the entire production - especially from Aphex T's super-bizarre stage presence; complete with piles of handcrafted analogue devices which he basically hid behind while his female bodybuilder (???) dancers absorbed most of the dumfounded/confused/inebriated audience's attention. The other thing I can clearly recall is the Hartknoll brothers' freaking out behind their own stacks of synths, modules and controllers with no illumination whatsoever (onstage and off) except for those ridiculous caving lamps strapped to their heads. Matching optical antennae donning the Orbital brothers = simply too f*cking weird to ignore.

My brother and I both played the living shit out of the crappy little promotional cassette tape they handed us as we stumbled out of the club at the end of the night... The tape itself was a considerably poor production; lackluster musically, poorly programmed and devoid of any sort of exclusive content one might expect in a ltd. promo recording like that... But it was nevertheless the one single artifact we had in our possession which symbolized the semi-traumatizing exposure to chemicals and rare imported analog/electronic performance from some of the most influential names in Techno. I wouldn't be surprised if Big Brotha ICOOYS still has the fucking tape in his collection somewhere... (tbc?)

1. Orbital - Planet of The Shapes [Live] (6:36)
2. Orbital - Lush 3-1 [Live] (4:53)
3. Orbital - Lush 3-2 [Live] (3:54)
4. Orbital - Lush Euro Tunnel [Live] (1:42)
5. Orbital - Imapct [Part 1] [Live] (4:55)
6. Orbital - Impact [Part 2] [Live] (5:31)
7. Orbital - Remind [Live] (6:41)
8. Orbital - Chime [Live] (7:43)
9. Orbital - Walk Now [Live] (9:30)
10. Orbital - Monday [Live] (8:07)
11. Orbital - Monday [Orchestral] [Live] (0:48)
12. Orbital - The Naked and The Dead [Live] (5:06)
13. Orbital - The Naked and The Dub [Live] (3:00)

(txt c/o The Guardian*UK)
Flashback, July 1993

Paul Hartnoll recalls how one night with Orbital in north London changed the course of dance music ...

If there is one gig that changed everything for Orbital and the culture that grew up around us, it's the first night we played Megadog at the Rocket in north London. Before then, we'd done our thing at raves and in nightclubs, but we'd never played in any kind of rock'n'roll arena. They were used to psychedelic bands like Ozric Tentacles there and that alternative, hippie kind of edge - there were lots of 'crusties', for want of a better word - suited us much more. It wasn't like at clubs like Shoom, where the bouncers would check you out to see if you were suitable - the scene there was completely unpretentious. I was just like one of the punters, dancing around and then 'Oh, we're on in 15 minutes.'

I pressed the button on the big Roland synth and it did a complete Les Dawson, playing all the wrong notes. We had to reset everything to get it right, with 1,500 people waiting, but it eventually went off like a dream and then everyone went mad. It was a kind of crossing of that indie and dance bridge. We were the first dance act the Megadog lot put on but Underworld became regulars there and we went on tour with acts like the Aphex Twin; promoters didn't think you could take electronic dance music round the UK gig circuit, but they were wrong. Within the space of 12 months of that first night, we were headlining Glastonbury.


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Active Links

Sorry for the slackness, but a certian Quail.Egg has been ultraslack on posting anything new like he promised (hisssssss!) so here's a list of Dub and Afro joints still active in our RS conservatory:



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Phillies Blunt Adidas


Various - Frequencies, Bass & Bleeps Volume One

Various - Frequencies, Bass & Bleeps Volume One
Label: F.B.B.
Catalog#: FBB 8601
Format: Vinyl, 12", Unofficial Release
Country: US
Released: ? 1990 ?
Genre: Electronic
Style: Breakbeat, Techno
Notes: Producer & Mixed by Top Euro D.J.'s
Licensed from U.S. Management Inc.
Philadelphia - PA - U.S.A.

A1 Lloyd Owes Me A Packet - Keep It Up (6:06)
A2 Basswave - Travels Through Time (3:54)
B1 Distress State - Destress State (Spychose) (4:40)
B2 Cybertech - Tracid Mission (5:07)

No info on 3/4 of the artists, but Lloyd Owes Me A Packet is a weird old alias of Luke Slater. Enjoi.


Thøse Norwegians - Kaminzky Park

Norwegian house...

Just saying 'house' doesn't even come close. Sure, it came out on a house label - but these guys completely pull off blaxploitation funk, authentic with subtle sleazy nuances that prove what talented musicians these producers are at the core. Amazing stuff... Truly timeless!

Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite albums of all time. After this record came out, they kinda disappeared into Norwegian clouds of p00f. Enchanting!

praps to for the bullet-ridden source. p00f...

also praps to Jes Rosenberg who gave me this record at WXJM to review when it first came out in '97... miss ya dude.

Thøse Norwegians - Kaminzky Park
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Downtempo
Year: 1997

1 Kaminzky Park (0:38)
2 39-38-39 (5:07)
3 Dom B. Sensi (3:12)
4 Goulette (4:13)
5 Da Kingue D'mazda (5:04)
6 L'hybride Fiasco (6:48)
7 Molde (4:12)
8 Hurdy Burdy (6:09)
9 Toons (6:30)
10 Laika (4:51)
11 Da Kingue D'mazda (S-Charge Poudra Blanca Mix) (6:25)



DJ mixtapes from myself or associates, ripped @ Hellhaus / Summer '09.

Gallery Grooves II -
Pre-recorded set of Soundtrack and Library musick, arranged in Audition for a photography exhibit in DC; Stirling Elmendorf and Mark Parascandola's debut... Good times / Weird soundz. Love doing stupid sh*t like this.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Requested / Replenished / + Weird Treets 4 U

Sorry forgot to a bunch of sh*t I recently handled and rapidshatted.....

As requested by Carbon Monoxide <> <> <> exorcising my rites to ignore all but the most 'creative' reup requests ... Don't take it personal everyone else - just busy doing other sh*t. Rather put my energy/time into new explorations, which is why the posts have gotten a bit sparse over the last few months. Slowly making a weird comeback though. Apparently. So...

Weird Treets 4 U <> <> <>

Carl Crack : Black Ark
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Carl Crack~+~Lion MC : dance/the/monkey [mxtpe]

"who's carl crack?"

"like CRACKKK crack??"

"he was down with those guys? weird."

"gotta be german or some shit."

"not necessarily? what the fuck does that mean??"

"ok so wait.... what happened to him?"



Thursday, July 16, 2009

The KLF - Kylie Said To Jason

The KLF - Kylie Said To Jason

Label: KLF Communications
Catalog#: KLF 010 T
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: UK
Released: 1989
Genre: Electronic, Synthpop, Acid House

A. Kylie Said To Jason
B. Kylie Said Trance

"Kylie Said to Jason" was a 1989 single by The KLF, "Kylie" and "Jason" being Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, then stars in the popular Australian TV soap opera Neighbours. The lyrics also feature references to Archie Bunker, Todd Terry, Rolf Harris, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and BBC comedy programmes The Good Life and Some Mothers do 'ave 'em. Designed for chart success, the single nonetheless failed to enter the UK top 100. The rarity of the original CD single has led to it becoming a valuable collectors' item.

"KSTJ" was intended to be a top 10 record which The KLF — Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty — were hoping could "rescue them from the jaws of bankruptcy". Instead, it flopped commercially, failing even to make the UK top 100 and forcing the entire film and soundtrack project to be put on hold.

- Wiki P.




Various - The Fight Is On

Various - The Fight Is On
Label: L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords
Catalog#: LAY 10
Format: Vinyl LP Compilation
Country: Belgium
Released: 1985
Genre: Electronic, Classical, Industrial, Experimental

: Comes with printed inner sleeve.

Lustmørd: Extracts from "Paradise Disowned" recorded 04 February 84.
Nurse With Wound: Mixed at I.P.S. Studio, January 85.

A1. Coil - Sicktone (3:21)
A2. Current 93 - A Visit To Dogland (6:04)
Featuring - Christ, Isidore Ducasse
Performer - Tibet 93, John Murphy, Linda Verbeek, Steven Stapleton

A3. The Hafler Trio - Blanket (Level Approach) (4:17)
B1. Robert Haigh - Music For Piano (3:03)
B2. Lustmørd - Invocation Of Shiva (4:01)
Performer [Shawn, Spring], Strings [Bow], Gong, Voice - John Murphy
Voice, Noises, Electronics [Generator], Gong, Flute [Ritual], Tape - B. Lustmørd

B3. Lustmørd - Dreams Of Dead Names (2:37)
Performer [Shawn, Spring], Strings [Bow], Gong, Voice - John Murphy
Voice, Noises, Electronics [Generator], Gong, Flute [Ritual], Tape - B. Lustmørd

B4. Nurse With Wound - Stick That Chick And You'll Feel My Steel Trough Your Last Meal (5:44)
Featuring [Guest] - Brian Lustmørd, David Jackman, Tracy Lustmørd
B5. Organum - Talon (1:22)
B6. Organum - Veil (2:05)



93 Current 93 - Dogs Blood Rising


"The theme of this record is nightmare. Falling Back In Fields Of Rape is a precision wicked radio play from noise sculpture Hell, engineered in multipart-progression fashion like Whitehouses Daddo, but more claustrophobic and evocative. St. Peters [sic] Keys All Bloody is a chilling, atmospheric dreamcast of spooky lamentations: malevolently layered fragments of Sounds of Silence & Scarborough Fair, blended with a Hollow Men remix of the Lords Prayer(!) This final track is a haunted house poetry remake of Kraftwerks News."
- shiny9

93 Current 93 - Dogs Blood Rising
Label: L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords
Catalog#: LAY 08
Format: Vinyl LP
Country: Belgium
Released: 1984
Genre: Electronic, Industrial, Experimental, Malevolent

A1. Christus Christus (The Shells Have Cracked)
A2. Falling Back In Fields Of Rape
B1. From Broken Cross, Locusts
B2. Raio No Terrasu (Jesus Wept)
B3. St. Peters Keys All Bloody

Notes: Dogs Blood Rising was recorded at Shinju and IPS studios, with the exception of Raio No Terrasu which was recorded live at Bar Maldoror on November 25, 1983, on the thirteenth anniversary of the death of Yukio Mishima through hara-kiri and beheading.

Scratched messages:
A= From the desolate fields
B= Into the heart of the Beast.



Friday, July 10, 2009

Dead Can Dance - Dead Can Dance

Dead Can Dance - Dead Can Dance
Label: 4AD
Catalog#: CAD 404 CD
Format: CD, Album
Country: UK
Released: 1986
Genre: Rock
Style: Goth Rock, Ethereal

Notes: CD edition of 1984 album & EP.
Tracks 1 to 10: from "Dead Can Dance" LP (CAD 404).
Tracks 11 to 14 from "Garden Of The Arcane Delights" EP (BAD 408), recorded and mixed at Vineyard.

Dead Can Dance
1 The Fatal Impact (3:21)
2 The Trial (3:42)
3 Frontier (3:13)
4 Fortune (3:47)
5 Ocean (3:21)
6 East Of Eden (3:23)
7 Threshold (3:34)
8 A Passage In Time (4:03)
9 Wild In The Woods (3:46)
10 Musica Eternal (3:51)

Garden Of The Arcane Delights
11 Carnival Of Light (3:31)
12 In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated (4:11)
13 The Arcane (3:49)
14 Flowers Of The Sea (3:28)


Christian Death - The Decomposition Of Violets ~ Live In Hollywood ['85]

Christian Death - The Decomposition Of Violets [Live In Hollywood]
Label: ROIR (Reachout International Records)
Catalog#: RUSCD8240
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 1985/1990/1998
Genre: Rock
Style: Goth Rock

Voice, Artwork By [Cover Design] - Rozz Williams
Voice, Keyboards - Gitane Demone
Notes: All songs recorded "Live" at the Berwin Entertainment Center, except "Romeo's Distress" recorded at Fenders International Ballroom.

1 Awake The Wall (4:41)
2 Sleepwalk (5:54)
3 The Drowning (3:41)
4 Theatre Of Pain (2:46)
5 Cavity (5:03)
6 The Blue Hour (4:44)
7 Electra Descending (4:07)
8 As Evening Falls (3:17)
9 Face (3:29)
10 Cervix Couch (4:49)
11 The Glass House (3:32)
12 Romeo's Distress (4:16)