Thursday, July 30, 2009


DJ mixtapes from myself or associates, ripped @ Hellhaus / Summer '09.

Gallery Grooves II -
Pre-recorded set of Soundtrack and Library musick, arranged in Audition for a photography exhibit in DC; Stirling Elmendorf and Mark Parascandola's debut... Good times / Weird soundz. Love doing stupid sh*t like this.

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PMX said...

Bukem = DnB/Jungle (duh)

ADM aka Adam Straus = Broken Beat/jazz/house/quality (brokenbeatlounge / richmond VA)

Eternal/Sonic Boom = Jungle (cameo by DJ Faust / live in allentown PA 1996)

Carl Crack = cracky Jungle

Rob Paine = live recording / dancehall & house sets both amazing

Max/Eternal on WXJM = ridiculously fast drum'n'bass/breakbeat/neurofock

DJ Sine & Rubix Qube = oldskool breaks w/ major talented MCs Jay Sharpness & armanni reign (Philly crew)