Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lard - Power Of Lard EP

Lard - Power Of Lard EP
Label - Alternative Tentacles
Released - 1989
Style - Industrial/Punk/Sludge

Artwork By [Sleeve Concept] - Biafra
Engineer - Keith Auerbach , Steve Spapperi
Featuring - Al Jourgensen , Jeff Ward , Jello Biafra , Paul Barker
Producer - Count Ringworm , Hypo Luxa & Hermes Pan
Written-By - Lard

Just like Godflesh, I first heard Lard on 89.7FM WCVT Towson back in 1990. And the track they played is still my favorite of all the Lard material I've heard. That track was the uber-long Time To Melt, clocking in at nearly 32 minutes of pure grinding sludge. Perfect for turning an otherwise cheerful party into an awkward, uncomfortable situation for a really really long time.

1 The Power Of Lard (7:28)
2 Hellfudge (4:58)
3 Time To Melt (31:59)

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Equations Of Eternity - Vevè

Equations Of Eternity - Vevè
Label - WordSound
Released - 1998
Style - Electronic/Ambient/Drone/'Illbeint'

Bass - Bill Laswell
Electronics, Drum Programming [Beats] - Mick Harris
Electronics, Drum Programming [Beats], Programmed By, Guitar [Treated], Producer, Mixed By - Eraldo Bernocchi
Engineer - Robert Musso
Mastered By - Michael Fossenkemper
Notes: Created at Verba Corrige Studio, Milan, Italy; Orange Music Sound Studios, West Orange, New Jersey; and The Box, Birmingham, UK (January 1998 - June 1998).

1 Baron Samedi (6:36)
2 Magamat (6:22)
3 Kurukulla (6:22)
4 Luk Krok (6:36)
5 Set Rising (5:27)
6 Aether (6:40)
7 Madre De Agua (5:41)
8 Yama (5:40)
9 Maka (6:55)

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Concentrated Underground Vol. 2 (v/a)

Various - Concentrated Underground Vol. 2
Label - Flagbearer Records
Released - 1994
Style - Techno/Acid/Electronic

1 Link & E621 - Antacid (11:37)
2 Integrated Circuits - Predo (7:43)
3 Drax - Acid Generation (5:52)
4 Purple Plejade - Blanche (6:14)
5 Art Of Trance - Cambodia (Clanger Remix) (5:21)
6 Paragliders - Paraglide (4:33)
7 Exit EEE - Epidemic (5:35)
8 Mark N-R-G - High Noon (5:45)
9 Warp 69 - Natural High (5:31)
10 The Manitou - Wuken Tunka (The Sun Spirit) (5:34)
11 Acrid Abeyance - Exposure Track (5:57)
12 Interphaze - Aphasia (4:15)
13 AFX - Isoprophlex (5:17)

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Richard H. Kirk - Earlier/Later

Richard H. Kirk - Earlier/Later
Label - Mute/Grey Area
Released - 2004
Style - Electronic/Experimental/Industrial

The front/back of this CD had me sold the moment I laid eyes on it. Its borderline hilarious/very very scary. Perfection.

CD1.01 Never Lose Your Shadow (12" Mix) (10:00)
CD1.02 Street Gang (9mm 12" Mix) (RTT179 Aborted) (6:09)
CD1.03 I Want More (3:03)
CD1.04 Numero Uno Baby/Information (3:42)
CD1.05 Do As I Do (3:36)
CD1.06 On Fire (5:49)
CD1.07 Digital Globe (3:55)
CD1.08 Narcotics Rap (It Stinks In Here) (4:21)
CD1.09 Latin/MYBM (5:56)
CD1.10 Martyrs Of Palestine (12" Mix) (RTT 199) (8:11)
CD1.11 One Three Fourgasm (5:54)
CD1.12 Public Fun (1:19)
CD1.13 Electron 78 (4:49)
CD2.01 Hell In Here (5:41)
CD2.02 Cosmic Overide 1 (1:04)
CD2.03 International Smashface Detective Theme (5:13)
CD2.04 Phantom Of Liberty (0:38)
CD2.05 Concerto For Damaged Piano (Extract 1) (1:41)
CD2.06 Venusian Electrodes (1:26)
CD2.07 Immaculate Riot (4:48)
CD2.08 Radio Silence (0:26)
CD2.09 Entering Creation (Help Me I'm Melting) (9:05)
CD2.10 El (2:02)
CD2.11 Zyklus 1 (1:49)
CD2.12 Photomaton (2:28)
CD2.13 Au Service De La Révolution (3:52)
CD2.14 Lost Rhythm Of Life (3:41)
CD2.15 Trabantenstadt (3:26)
CD2.16 All Nationalities (5:40)
CD2.17 Solar Defiance (6:36)
CD2.18 Zukunft (2:37)
CD2.19 Kinshasa Express (3:03)
CD2.20 Cosmic Overide 2 (4:50)

Richard H K1rk - Earlier

Richard H K1rk - Later


Energy Flash [V/A]

V/A - Energy Flash
Label - no label
Released - 1998
Style - Electronic/Hardcore/Techno/Jungle

Got this in the UK edition of Energy Flash by Sim0n Reynolds. Solid comp.

1 Nightmares On Wax - Aftermath (5:59)
2 Joey Beltram - Energy Flash (5:52)
3 LFO - Mentok 1 (4:17)
4 DJs Unite - DJs Unite (4:40)
5 Blame - Two Bad Mice Take You (5:55)
6 Hyper-On Experience - Assention (To The Ninth Level) (5:26)
7 DJ Trax - We Rock The Most (5:47)
8 Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Bust That Groove (4:00)
9 Foul Play - Survival (Remix) (5:20)
10 DJ Hype - Shot In The Dark (Gunshot Mix) (4:55)
11 4 Hero - The Elements (Remix) (4:59)
12 Boogie Times Tribe - The Dark Stranger (Q-Bass Mix) (4:45)

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FS0L - Far-Out Son Of Lung...

FS0L - Far-Out Son Of Lung And The Ramblings Of A Madman
Label - V1rgin
Released - 1995
Style - Electronic/Ambient/Funk

One of the best and least well-known EPs released by FSOL...

1 Far-Out Son Of Lung And The Ramblings Of A Madman (4:41)
2 Snake Hips (8:33)
3 Smokin Japanese Babe (5:42)
4 Amoeba (5:00)

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Doctor Death's Volume IV - The Marvels Of Insect Life

Doctor Death's Volume IV - The Marvels Of Insect Life (V/A)
Label - C'est La Mort
Released - 1990
Style - Dark/Gothic/Cold

** A note about the Label [from Angry Robot]
C'est La Mort was a small, independent record label, run by Woodrow "Woody" Dumas of Baker, Louisiana. The label existed from the mid-80s to the mid-90s, releasing gothic, ethereal, and "artsy" pop and rock. The label is best remembered for its series of Doctor Death compilations, which grew out of Dumas's Doctor Death radio show. Also of note was Area, the label's flagship band, which released four albums before members went on to form The Moon Seven Times and Lanterna. C'est La Mort did much of its business via mail order and indie record stores, but did eventually establish distribution through Cargo in the '90s. A few C'est La Mort releases, including all four Area albums, were eventually reissued by Projekt's Archive sub-label. Any releases not reissued by Projekt remain long out-of-print and difficult to locate, other than from auction sites or used and rare record dealers. Some people refer to C'est La Mort as a "bedroom 4AD."

1 M-1 Alternative - The Marvels Of Insect Life Theme (3:54)
2 Johanna's House Of Glamour - Dark Hour (3:59)
3 Mumbles - Two Clouds (4:06)
4 Double Happiness - Cut (4:54)
5 Critical Mass - Vacation (2:44)
6 Flower Sermon - If God Is (3:20)
7 M-1 Alternative - Slumming (7:05)
8 Talisker Tale - Alone (4:52)
9 Psychic Surgery - Greeks And Romans (4:00)
10 Area - Green Light (3:45)
11 Blackgirls - Translator (3:08)
12 Leigh Gregory - Athea (4:23)
13 Halcyon Daze - Ragman (4:16)
14 Millions, The - Delicate Balance (4:00)
15 Magnetic Fields, The - Crowd Of Drifters (3:27)
16 Future Neighbors - Salty Sea (3:02)
17 And Siamese Urbain - Whale's Belly (4:47)
18 Handful Of Snowdrops - Now, Then And Forever (6:05)

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Strafe FR - Lufthunger

Strafe FR - Lufthunger
Label - Touch/Soleil Moon
Released - 1991
Style - Electronic/Experimental/Conceptual/Thematic

Subtitled: "Ten Catastrophes in the History of the World and of Music".
All noises, instruments and recordings by Strafe F.R. Mixed during Dec-Jan 1991 at Merz Studios, Düsseldorf. No electronic instruments were used.
Thanks to Thomas Ruff for his support.
Packaged with 10 panel foldout booklet, containing detailed notes on the individual tracks.

1 Cambrian: Upper And Middle - 530 to 495 Million Years Ago (4:49)
2 Ordovician: Upper - 430 To 420 Million Years Ago (7:18)
3 Devonian: Upper - 375 To 360 Million Years Ago (6:40)
4 Permian: Upper - 258 To 245 Million Years Ago (4:32)
5 Triassic: Upper - 229 To 205 Million Years Ago (5:10)
6 Jurassic: Lower And Upper - 205 To 130 Million Years Ago (6:22)
7 Cretaceous: Upper - 95 To 65 Million Years Ago (7:25)
8 Tertiary: Oligocene And Eocene - 58 To 23 Million Years Ago (6:08)
9 Quaternary: Pleistocene - 2.3 To 0.01 Million Years Ago (5:33)
10 Quaternary: Holocene - 0.01 Million Years Ago (7:22)

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Barry 7's Connectors

Barry 7's Connectors [V/A]
Label - Lo
Released - 2001
Style - Italian Sound Library/Funk/Jazz/Electronic/Other

(review from b00mkat)...
Less on a fried funk trip, more of a relax your mind and float downstream psychedelic odyssey‚. An alternative chill out album if you like, ranging from blissed out easy vibes reminiscent of Lemon Jelly to the dark ambience of ‘Scared Trip’ by one Doris Hays (!!) - a precursor of Aphex Twin’s selected ambient works 2 ‚ thats for sure. In this parallel universe classic tunes such as the superb Solar Flares rub shoulders with weird electronic experiments from the secret laboratory of Cecil Leuter and Georges Teperino by way of Venusian coffee table music, slick space funk - Quasars -, eerie sci - fi vibrations – Paul Bonneau - and the Joe Meek in outer space of Electronic Rhythm. An LP that proves once again that there is more to library music than kitsch pop cheese.

01 Jiri Bezant & Jiri Malasek - Erotica 2
02 Nino Nardini - Catch That Man
03 Stringtronics - Dawn Mists
04 Georges Teperino - Weird Sounds No. 1
05 Paul Guiot & Paul Piot - Amour, Vacances Et Baroque
06 Paul Bonneau - Preambule No. 36
07 Sven Libaek - Solar Flares
08 Doris Hays - Scared Trip
09 Eric Peters - Electronic Rhythm
10 Paul Bonneau - Univers Sideral
11 Roger Roger - Coconut Coast
12 Cecil Leuter - Electro Sounds No. 8
13 Roger Roger - Roger Rhythm No. 1
14 The Johanna Group - Hors Phase
15 Anthony King - Maladjusted Moogie
16 John Matthews - Electro - Exotic 1
17 Paul Bonneau - Preambule No. 37
18 Torrie Zito - Mobile
19 Gary Bellington - Merry Go Sound

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Dry & Heavy - Full Contact

Dry & Heavy - Full Contact
Label - BSI Records
Released - 2000
Style - Japanese Dub/Jam

I first heard of Dry & Heavy only a few months ago, when my buddy pulled out his record (bright, orange sleeve w/ lion sketch on the front) and asked if I'd ever heard Japanese Dub before. I immediately thought of Mute Beat, then realized I didn't know of any other prominent Japanese Dub reggae artists. He put the needle on the record, played me the 2nd last song on Side B - I believe it's 'Life in the Jungle' but not completely sure. It was so dope, I was shocked and couldn't even speak until the song had played out completely. So good. Plus I had never heard of them before, so I was 2x shocked.

I made him play it back for me about 10 times before he finally had enough. Two weeks later I came over with my Nomad, and recorded the entire record.

A couple disclaimers first; the track titles and sequence is all fucked up since I didn't write stuff down as I was recording it. When I got home to edit the audio, there were more tracks than what tells me. Plus, the track lengths didn't match up to mine. So disregard all that. I did signify which were vocals and which were Dubs - the vocal tracks are really funny to me (sorry! just being honest!) but the Dubs are what really shine. PLEASE DO ENJOY>>>

Dry & Heavy - Full Contact

1 Dawn Is Breaking
2 Dawn Is Breaking [dub]
3 King Cobra Style
4 Unknown
5 Rumble
6 Love Explosion
7 Love Explosion [dub]
8 Private Plan
9 Private Plan [dub]
10 Life in the Jungle
11 The Smoker's Cough
12 Unknown [dub]
13 Landing

** Dry & Heavy is apparently quite popular in the Japanese hippy/reggae/jam-band/ festival scene. Generally, I'd be bummed about how Japanese peeps and German peeps are always light years ahead of Americans in their music scenes and degree of weird music popularity. But this LP was released domestically on a very very cool, small indie label out of Portland, Oregon. Doing some research on other BSI releases that infiltrated my music radar, I came across an unassuming little online record shop called Zion's Gate - located in Seattle. They have one of the most impressive vinyl selections, not just for Dub but also Electro, Minimal Techno, Ghettotech etc. Check 'em out...

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Godflesh - Merciless

Godflesh - Merciless
Label - Earache
Released - 1994
Style - Industrial/Grind/Sludge/core

Performer, Engineer - G C Green* , J K Broadrick*
Producer - G C Green* , J K Broadrick*

1: recorded digitally Dec. '93.
2, 3: biomechanical mixes recorded 8, 16 and digital 24. 91 - 93.
4: "Don't Give Me Flowers" demixed Dec. '93.

All sounds are guitar samples.
Analogue to digital.
All mixed at Avalanche, Birmingham, Jan. '94.

1 Merciless (6:16)
2 Blind (7:16)
3 Unworthy (7:13)
4 Flowers (7:34)

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Cabaret Voltaire - Technology: Western Re-Works 1992

Cabaret Voltaire - Technology: Western Re-Works 1992
Label - Virgin
Released - 1992
Style - Techno/Downtempo/Electro/Electronikz

Written by Kirk / Mallinder
Produced and remixed by Cabaret Voltaire @ Western Works, Sheffield
except 11 produced by Cabaret Voltaire, reconstructed and mixed
by Altern 8 for 808 Acid Revival Productions

01 Talking Time (6:08)
02 24-24 (6:15)
03 Crackdown (6:35)
04 Just Fascination (5:36)
05 Sleepwalking (6:25)
06 Kino (6:13)
07 Ghost Talk (6:59)
08 I Want You (6:34)
09 Bad Self (Pt. 1) (6:48)
10 Sensoria (6:03)
11 I Want You (Altern 8's 808 Heaven Mix) (5:42)
12 Kino 4 (5:27)

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Terminator X & The Valley Of The Jeep Beats

Terminator X & The Valley Of The Jeep Beats
Label - Columb1a
Released - 1991
Style - Jeep Beats/Hip Hop/Bomb Squad Style

Executive Producer: Carl Ryder of The Bomb Squad

A1 Vendetta... The Big Getback (Instrumental)
A2 Buck Whylin'
Featuring - Chuck D , Sister Souljah
A3 Homey Don't Play Dat
Featuring - Bonnie 'N' Clyde
A4 Juvenile Delinquentz
Featuring - Juvenile Delinquentz
A5 The Blues
Featuring - Andreas 13
A6 Back To The Scene Of The Bass
Featuring - Interrogators, The
B1 Can't Take My Style (Instrumental)
B2 Wanna Be Dancin'
Featuring - Celo
B3 DJ Is The Selector
Featuring - Dubmaster
B4 Run That Go-Power Thang
Featuring - Spacey B. Experience
B5 No Further
Featuring - Section 8
B6 High Priest Of Turbulence
B7 Ain't Got Nuttin
Featuring - Chief Groovy Loo, The

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Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup

Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup
Label - Nothing
Released - 1998
Style - Breaks/Experimental/Electronicz

1 Prime Audio Soup (6:17)
2 Prime Audio Soup (Dub) (5:18)
3 Prime Audio Soup (Vegetarian Soup By Boards Of Canada) (7:05)
4 Prime Audio Soup (The Herbaliser Remix) (6:46)
5 Prime Audio Soup (Edit) (3:32)

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The 0rb - Dipping Into The Cyberworld

The 0rb - Dipping Into The Cyberworld
Label - Trance Music (Italian bootleg)
Released - 1995
Style - Dub/Ambient/Chill

1 Outlands (5:25)
2 Mudslicker (2:41)
3 Valley (8:34)
4 Towers Of Dub (13:06)
5 UF.Orb (4:20)
6 Little Fluffy Clouds (8:10)
7 Blue Room (10:50)
8 Earth (Gaia) (1:23)
9 Close Encounters (9:50)
10 A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Center Of The Ultraworld (Loving You) (7:45)

Notes: Tracks 1 to 5:
Live at Woodstock Festival, New York, August 1994.

Tracks 6 to 10:
Live from FM Radio, England 1994.

There is written on the back-cover:
"Forget the virtual reality, hear this music and you are in!"

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The 0rb - The Visit0r

The 0rb - The Visit0r
Label - pirate style
Released - 93/94
Style - Leftfield/House/Ambient/Breakbeat

1 Alex Vs The KLF (10:18)
2 Brooklyn New York (3:46)
3 Alex & Steve [Hillage] - Music 2 Funk 2 (7:09)
4 Reefer Spin In The Galaxy (5:02)
5 Towers Of Dub (Solaris Mix) (16:33)
6 Oobe (Pool Mix) (11:33)
7 Blue Room (Ambient Demo At Mark Angelos) (9:00)
8 Orb Vs Coldcut - Kiss FM (Extract) (14:27)

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Mike & Rich - Expert Knob Twiddlers

Mike & Rich - Mike & Rich [expert knob twiddlers]
Production credits - Richard D. James [aphex twin] and Mike Paradinas [mu-ziq]
Label - Rephlex
Released - 1996
Style - Leftfield/Drunken IDM/Electronic

A1 Mr. Frosty (6:51)
A2 Jelly Fish (6:30)
B1 Eggy Toast (4:07)
B2 Reg (5:57)
B3 Vodka (4:12)
C1 Upright Kangaroo (3:31)
C2 Winner Takes All (5:44)
C3 Giant Deflating Football (6:22)
D1 The Sound Of Beady Eyes (7:46)
D2 Bu Bu Bu Ba (6:51)

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P0lygon Window - Surfing on Sine Waves [original '93 release]

P0lygon Window - Surfing on Sine Waves [original '93 release]
Label - Warp
Released - 1993
Style - IDM/Ambient/Electronic

1 Polygon Window (5:28)
2 Audax Powder (4:40)
3 Quoth (5:36)
4 If It Really Is Me (7:03)
5 Supremacy II (4:07)
6 UT1-dot (5:20)
7 Untitled (6:24)
8 Quixote (6:03)
9 Quino-Phec (4:41)

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Fr0nt Line Assembly - The Initial Command

Front Line Assembly - The Initial Command
Label - KK Records
Released - 1988
Style - Electronic/EBM/Industrial

1 The State (6:16)
2 Insanity Lurks Nearby (6:10)
3 Casualties (4:46)
4 Ausgang Zum Himmel (7:14)
5 Nine Times (6:27)
6 Black March (5:59)
7 No Control (6:37)
8 Slaughter House (5:11)

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Godflesh EP

Godflesh - Godflesh EP
Label - Swordfish
Released - 1988
Style - Industrial/Electronic/Birmingham Sludge

'Stay tuned, because this is the heaviness of Godflesh'....
This was the introduction to 'Avalanche Master' on WCVT 89.7fm (Towson) one night back in 1990 on the weekly Industrial/Electronic show. Heaviness is an understatement. This is more like being run over *slowly* by a gigantic tractor trailer. Bonecrushing.

A1 Avalanche Master Song (5:13)
A2 Veins (4:30)
A3 Godhead (5:01)
B1 Spinebender (5:07)
B2 Weak Flesh (4:23)
B3 Ice Nerveshatter (6:31)

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Musick - To Play In The Club

V/A - Musick - To Play In The Club
Label - Shitkatapult
Released - 2004
Style - Techno, Electro, Minimal, ???

My vote goes to Jerry Abstract for his 'Grittn' contribution. But they're all whacked out. Good for kicking the shit out of a sound system and general late-night scare tactics. Good luck!

A1 Elastic Heads - Kickin!
A2 Jerry Abstract - Grittn
B1 T.Raumschmiere - Kønig Shuffle (Pt. 2)
B2 Peter Grummich - Dirty Disco Rock

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Anders Ilar - Everdom

Anders Ilar - Everdom
Label - Shitkatapult
Released - 2003
Style - Electronic, Dub, Minimal, Ambient

This guy really knows how to create a textural masterpiece. This stuff is emotive, lush, otherworldly, timeless; synthetic yet somehow natural. Beyond excellent.

1 Coastline (5:04)
2 Rare Islands (8:41)
3 Remember When (7:33)
4 Make Believe (10:10)
5 Illusion Of A Summerbreeze (10:35)
6 December Haze (7:18)
7 Everlast (9:26)

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Wartime - FFfT

Wartime - Fast Food For Thought
Label - Chrysalis (Promo Only)
Released - 1990
Style - Rock/Hardcore/Funk/Go Go

Wartime is one of the most underrated and least well-known Henry Rollins side projects. This is the only release they ever put out, and it's unclear whether it ever got a full release. The vinyl says "For Promo Only" (which is what I'm doing now) and only has 4 full 'songs.' But this is possibly my favorite Rollins record outside of the Black Flag stuff. This cassette had heavy play back in '91/92, but I never appreciated the go go flavor until I just recently found it again on vinyl... I believe it's just vocals, drum machines and various layers of bass. The bass is what pulled me the first time around... Lots of distortion, flange and envelope filter - which really gives it alot of rock guitar character at times. And the percussion is all drum machines and go go rhythms. Excellent.

A1 Mindfield (1:34)
A2 Wartime (5:46)
A3 Right To Live (7:43)
B1 The Whole Truth (5:50)
B2 Franklin's Tower (7:38)

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Psychick TV - Kondole/Dead Cat

Psychick TV - Ov Dolphins and Whales
Label - Temple
Date - 1989
Style - Abstract/Ambient/Industrial/Drone

Picked this up at a used record shop in Georgetown called Aquarius (*correction - Orpheus, not Aquarius) back in 1994. The shop was appropriately located only a few blocks from the 'Exorcist steps.' Pretty weird record. Very strange hidden track. Hamburger Lady...

from Discogs link:
Thee First Part ov this music was recorded at Time Square Studios, Chiswick, London, on thee 23rd January 1988. It is thee soundtrack to a 23 minute film called "KONDOLE (THEE WHALE)" at present in production by David Lewis and Andy Crabb. Thee Second Part ov this music was recorded at Time Square Studios, Chiswick, London, on thee 23rd January 1989. It is thee soundtrack to an already coumpleted film by David Lewis called "DEAD CAT".

A1 Kondole (15:18)
B1 Dead Cat (15:46)
C1 Hidden Track (3:43)

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Whoop Whoop - Organic Groove

Whoop Whoop - Organic Groove
Label - Plank Records
Date - 2002
Style - Breaks (strange)/A.M. Weirdness

The B-Side 'Marsupial Ten-dencies' is the winner. Crazy weird breaks style. Lots of flange and bass and weirdness. The something about psychiatry (???) sample makes it extra special and appropriate. 'Are you recording?' What does that mean??? who cares. awesome.

A Organic Groove
B Marsupial Ten-Dances

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The Gentle People - Mix Gently (remixes)

The Gentle People - Mix Gently (remixes)
Label - Rephlex
Date - 1998
Style - Throwback/Electro/Pop-ish sometimes

A Groovin' With You (Intergalactic Harbour Mix)
B1 Journey (Remixed By DMX Krew)
B2 Laurie's Theme (Remixed By Global Goon)

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Solar - Return to Io

Solar - Return to Io
Label - Circular Orbit Records
Date - 2002
Style - Vocoder-heavy Electro

True-school electro. Full of vocoded speak-n-spell samples, lazer beams, dubby and spacey synth action. Outerspace themes will always be awesome.

A1 Yohkoh (not zipped)
AA1 Return To Io

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Otto von Schirach - Pick Your Perversion EP

Otto von Schirach - Pick Your Perversion EP
Label - Touchin' Bass
Date - 2006
Style - Weird/Not For Kids/Electro/Techno/Scary

The sleeve's artwork alone puts this record in a realm of its own. Whacked-out electro/tech from Otto von Schirach that will make unsuspecting victims completely lose their shit. Riddled with nasty DSP, this record is absolutely grimey.
The Phoenecia tune is my favorite of the two. 'Yo Yo I'm Feeling You' vocal quickly makes way for a demented orgy of glitches. Not for the weak.

A. Trick Snitch
B. Phoenecia - Boombonic Plague (Gorge!Binge!Purge!Edit)

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Oliver Dodd - Lucite EP

Oliver Dodd - Lucite EP
Label - World Electric
Date - 2002
Style - HEAVY Electro

'Tokio Electric' is one of my favorites on here, for the weird minimal analog burpy-ness of it all... very funky, dark and bleak electro - just how it should be. 'Codec' is my other favorite from this record. Really gritty, pounding distorted bass and Roland percussion violate your earholes. Soaring high-pitched arpeggios fly past your skull, gritty basslines threaten to tear holes in your woofers. Break yo' face.

A1 Latex
A2 Corporate Whore
B1 Codec
B2 Tokio Electric

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Maetrik vs. Mariel Ito - Data Addict EP

Maetrik vs. Mariel Ito - Data Addict EP
Label - Affected Music
Date - 2002
Style - Freaked-Out Techno/Minimal/Electro

A1 & B1 are the more conservative, straightforward tracks on the EP. But A2 & B2 are my personal favorites. Very very strange. 'Warped' is almost militant/borderline industrial... reminscent of Skinny Puppy c. Too Dark Park with a 4/4 electro beat.

A1 Hometown Destructor
A2 Complexes
B1 24 Hours
B2 Warped

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Chris Carter & JHz - Roxkiller

Chris Carter & JHz - Roxkiller
Label - Record
Date - 2006
Style - Bleepy Electro/Breaks

A Creature Feature
AA Turkey Jerky

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Bochum Welt - Feelings On A Screen EP

Bochum Welt - Feelings On A Screen EP
Label - Rephlex
Date - 1997
Style - IDM/Electronic/Future Disco

A1 Greenwich
A2 Fortune Green
B1 Feelings On A Screen
B2 La Nuit (Slumber Mix)

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BBC & MTA - Miami Internal Affairs [V/A]

BBC & MTA - Miami Internal Affairs [V/A]
Label - Mass Transit
Date - 2002
Style - Electro

A1 Datathief Advanced Social Engineering (3:47)
A2 V8 Transmito.001 (Edit) (1:32)
A3 Silicon Scally / V8 Transmito.001 (Main Mix) (6:45)
B1 Simulant Pressure Point (5:10)
B2 Datathief Advanced Vocal Engineering (2:02)
B3 Otto Von Schirach Pandemonium Intelligence (4:42)

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It's Coming Out Of Your Speaker.