Thursday, May 31, 2007

Equations Of Eternity - Vevè

Equations Of Eternity - Vevè
Label - WordSound
Released - 1998
Style - Electronic/Ambient/Drone/'Illbeint'

Bass - Bill Laswell
Electronics, Drum Programming [Beats] - Mick Harris
Electronics, Drum Programming [Beats], Programmed By, Guitar [Treated], Producer, Mixed By - Eraldo Bernocchi
Engineer - Robert Musso
Mastered By - Michael Fossenkemper
Notes: Created at Verba Corrige Studio, Milan, Italy; Orange Music Sound Studios, West Orange, New Jersey; and The Box, Birmingham, UK (January 1998 - June 1998).

1 Baron Samedi (6:36)
2 Magamat (6:22)
3 Kurukulla (6:22)
4 Luk Krok (6:36)
5 Set Rising (5:27)
6 Aether (6:40)
7 Madre De Agua (5:41)
8 Yama (5:40)
9 Maka (6:55)

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Anonymous said...

funny thing - never seen this bernochi-harris-laswell project on ANY blog! still have it on vinyl, and their first on CD - great stuff!

found you via fuzzy, btw ;)

cheers - and g'luck with your blog

XMP said...

awesome glad to help! also glad i'm getting some good exposure via fuzzy. That's a great resource for the good shit!

Anonymous said...

tofu sure is a good place to get the daily blog fix ;)

as i see, you're still linking to my old bloggy orang aural. i moved to wordpress in january, and transferred almost all my old posts to my new border music blog.

i'm glad, too - cause you seem dig the slits. their bootleg is my favorite punk record - raw as hell, and bloody funny as well! ;)

salute, amigo!

XMP said...

oh whoops lemme link to the new spot then. and yes thank you for that slits magic. i do indeed have a not-so-secret crush on ari up...

ryan said...

Thanks mang. I had a few of the tracks as a kickdown, glad to hear the album in its entirety.