Monday, May 21, 2007

Mike & Rich - Expert Knob Twiddlers

Mike & Rich - Mike & Rich [expert knob twiddlers]
Production credits - Richard D. James [aphex twin] and Mike Paradinas [mu-ziq]
Label - Rephlex
Released - 1996
Style - Leftfield/Drunken IDM/Electronic

A1 Mr. Frosty (6:51)
A2 Jelly Fish (6:30)
B1 Eggy Toast (4:07)
B2 Reg (5:57)
B3 Vodka (4:12)
C1 Upright Kangaroo (3:31)
C2 Winner Takes All (5:44)
C3 Giant Deflating Football (6:22)
D1 The Sound Of Beady Eyes (7:46)
D2 Bu Bu Bu Ba (6:51)

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Heather Ferreira said...

This may very well be the greatest album cover ever.

XMP said...

couldn't agree more!

kmb said...

Thank you for the post! Appreciated!!!

Anonymous said...

This album kicks ass. I used to love listening to this when stuck in traffic. The voice on ‘Reg’ always reminded me of Fred Schneider. Awesome blog!

P.S. ‘Drunken IDM’ is a very good tag for this.

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