Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Renegade Soundwave 12"s!

Super big thanks to the Wardmeister for another batch of killa RSW 12" rips!!!

You rule dude.

RSW 2a
Biting my Nails (Bassnumb chapter).mp3
Biting my Nails (Instrumental Dub 1988).mp3
Biting my Nails (Soundsystem plays a renegade tune).mp3
Inspiral Carpets - This is how it feels (Drum mix).mp3
Inspiral Carpets - This is how it feels (Robbery mix).mp3
PWEI - Cicciolina (The RSW mix - smoothneck).mp3
RSW Megamix (Lesson 1).mp3

RSW 2b
Space Gladiator (dub).mp3
Space Gladiator.mp3
The Phantom (remix).mp3
The Phantom (Turntable Scratch mix).mp3
The Phantom.mp3
Thunder 2.mp3
Women Respond to Bass (12 inch vocal mix).mp3
Women Respond to Bass (Women Respond in Heaven).mp3
Women Respond to Bass (Women Respond to Terror Drums).mp3

Download RSW 2a
Download RSW 2b

Friday, May 9, 2008

Smith & Mighty/Rockers Hi-Fi/More Rockers/Bristol

In response to the handful of More Rockers requests we received in the past week alone, I have to say their old material is impossible to find! I couldn't find anything really. So I apologize for that, but I did find some great mixes featuring lots of that Bristol Dub/Drum'n'Bass sound, including More Rockers acetates. So that should tide you over until something more substantial comes along...

A bit about Smith & Mighty:
The story of SMITH & MIGHTY is closely bound up with the musical history of Bristol, their hometown. For a good decade Rob Smith and Ray Mighty (joined nowadays by third member Peter D. Rose) have featured among sound pioneers like Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead and Roni Size who have enjoyed worldwide success. However, despite their huge influence on the 'Sound of Bristol', whereas the aforementioned have been able to celebrate their well-deserved successes, SMITH & MIGHTY have always had to take a back seat due to a plethora of unfavourable circumstances. In spite of some excellent 12" releases and their totally cool debut album 'Bass Is Maternal', an international breakthrough was not foreseeable for the time being. This only changed in 1998, with their self-compiled release for the DJ Kicks series, which firmly put them back on the map and earned them much respect internationally. But let's start at the beginning:

In the mid-eighties a scene arose in the St. Paul's district, based around DJs like Nellee Hooper (later founder of Soul II Soul), Miles Johnson, Grant and Mushroom, who soon dubbed themselves the Wild Bunch, going on to father the 'Sound of Bristol' by blasting a bassy melt-in-your-mouth mix of fusion, dub, reggae, soul and hip hop out of their soundsystems on to the streets of St. Paul's. What was initially played through traditional soundsystems progressed into the production of their own tracks, and the 'Wild Bunch's first recording 'Look of Love' clinched them quite a local hit. Co-producing was a second Bristol team, namely Rob Smith & Ray Mighty, who had established their own soundsystem called '3 Stripe' In 1987 SMITH & MIGHTY released a cover version of Burt Bacharch's 'Anyone (Who Had A Heart)', shortly followed by 'Walk On By' on their label, also dubbed '3 Stripe'. With this brace of tracks and their mellow basslines, soulful vocals and deep arrangements SMITH & MIGHTY had set the precedent for successive releases in the British port. (Such as a certain Massive Attack's debut single 'Any Love', which they produced.)

They were also producers of 'Wishing On A Star' by Fresh Four (a one hit wonder featuring the then 17 year old DJ Krust) at the end of 1989, marking the beginning of a five year odyssey through the lowlands of the (major) music industry. After the huge success of 'Wishing On A Star', record companies began to take an interest in the boys from Bristol. They refused a lucrative offer from Virgin's Richard Branson, commenting 'We just don't like his style, and the way Margaret Thatcher portrayed him as the ideal business mogul. Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that we used to be punks" (Ray Mighty). The deal signed with London Records proved to be disastrous. They still went ahead with producing Carlton's album, 'The Call Is Strong', exposing a real source of inspiration, but the record company couldn't handle their visionary downtempo beats when England was obsessed with fast house and techno beats. To this day the album is regarded as the 'great lost album of the Bristol Sound'. Further SMITH & MIGHTY productions were greeted with the same lack of recognition by the record company and mostly weren't even released.

After their deal with the major company had expired, the first album on their own label More Rockers was released in 1995 (a dub version of an LP originally recorded for London Records). Due to woeful distribution, this album only managed to make its way to hard core fans, yet rave reviews in the press consoled SMITH & MIGHTY. The next stage was to concentrate on the project and label More Rockers, run with third member Peter D. Rose. They started laying down tracks with groundbreaking breakbeat and Drum 'n' Bass again, which were picked up and reworked by producers like Roni Size and DJ Krust. Hence the arrival of 'Bristol Jump-Up'.

Hip hop, reggae, soul and mainly a great love of dub make the songs on the new album somewhat of one of the most exciting records to appear out of Bristol. The album was recorded over a period of two years, with vocals by the likes of Tammy Payne, Alice Perera and Rudy Lee, who all also hail from Bristol, and SMITH & MIGHTY's deeply-embedded roots in the city make the whole thing into rather a family affair.

Rockers Hi-Fi - Transmission Control (1998)


Now for the mixes!

Smith & Mighty - Essential Mix 11 - 24 - 96 part 1
Quality: 85.93 MB | 192 kbps | 44100 Hz | Stereo | 62:34 min.

Massive Attack - Any Love (Massive Attack)
Smith & Mighty - Walk On (Three Stripe)
McKelz Smith & Mighty - Mix me Down Maestro (Three Stripe)
The General - The Time To Rhyme (FFRR)
Fresh 4 - Wishing On A Star (Ten)
Smith & Mighty - Anyone (Three Stripe)
Receiver - Irrational (Swarf Finger)
The Wild Bunch - The Look Of Love (4th & Broadway)
Smith & Mighty with McKelz & Tammy Payne - Seeds (White Label)
Wilks - A & R Man (White Label)
Dub Ghecko - Love To The Power Of Each (Dub Head)
Dub Ghecko - Love To The Power Of Each (Dub Head)
Smith & Mighty - Killa (FFRR)
Blue & Red/ Freddie - Blessed (Acetate Pressing)
Blue & Red - Unity (Acetate Pressing)
Blue & Red/ K.Oil - Don Anything (Acetate Pressing)
Tamlins - Baltimore Remix 2 (Acetate Pressing)
Tamlins - Baltimore Remix 3 (Acetate Pressing)
Smith & Mighty - Heavens In (Acetate Pressing)
Bally Sagoo - Ghuraliya (Columbia)
Virginity - Rainbows (More Rockers)
Flyn & Flora - New World (White Label)
Jazklash - Off The Edge (White Label)
Jazklash - BQE (White Label)
Smith & Mighty - Same (More Rockers)
Smith & Mighty - Higher (More Rockers)
More Rockers - Another Day (More Rockers)
More Rockers - Sound Boy (More Rockers)
More Rockers - Show Love (Acetate)

Download Part 1

Smith & Mighty - Essential Mix 11 - 24 - 96 part 2
Quality: 78.98 MB | 192 kbps | 44100 Hz | Stereo | 57:30 min.

More Rockers - 162 (Acetate)
More Rockers- Nightfall (More Rockers)
More Rockers - First Time (More Rockers)
More Rockers - Frush (Acetate)
More Rockers - Das Ya One (More Rockers)
More Rockers - 1 2 3 Break (More Rockers)
Silent Poets - Talk Is Toy (Acetate)
Jazklash - Than The Haze (Acetate)
More Rockers - Bibo (Acetate)
More Rockers - Cure (Acetate)
smith & mighty - Down In Rwanda (More Rockers)
Flyn & Flora - Bass Speaker (White Label)

Download Part 2

Rockers Hi-Fi: Live on Back To The Basics, 1997
BTTB-X-Series: Rockers Hi-Fi

Rockers Hi Fi - "Xmas-Intro" (Different Drummer)
Primal Scream - "Vanishing Dub" (Creation)
The Angel - "Strange Times" (Om Records)
Organic Synthetic - "Space Walkin'" (Funk 21)
Omni Trio - "Sanctuary (Original Mix)" (Moving Shadow 1997)
Coast - "Shield" (Pepper)
pHrack R - "Yardstick" (Fused & Bruised)
Shantel - "Hey Girl" (No Info)
George D. Geckeler, M.D. Coupling - "No Info" (Philips)
Rhythm & Sound - "Music A Fe Rule" (Rhythm & Sound 1997)
DJ Bigfoot - "Hello" (Covert)
Scuba - "No Info" (No Info)
DJ Wally & DJ Swingsett - "Hungry In The Abstract" (Ubiquity 1997)
Tekware - "Nostalgia" (Grand Larcency)

Download mix

Rob Smith - Live at Groovalistic 11/2002
No Tracklisting available - this mix starts off dubby/housey and then moves into Bristol-style Drum'n'Bass. Very good mix!

Download Part 1
Download Part 2


Received a request for the Tresor Vol. 1 comp which I unfortunately could not locate. But I did find a couple of the first Tresor releases, which are just so good I have to post them!

A bit about Tresor:
Tresor (German for safe or vault) is an underground techno nightclub and record label - one of the most influential clubs for techno music in the 1990s. The club was founded in March 1991 in the vaults of the former old Wertheim department store in Mitte, the central part of the former East Berlin, next to the famous Potsdamer Platz, however the history of the club goes back to 1988 when the electronic music label Interfisch opened the UFO Club in Berlin. UFO was the original centre of Berlin house and techno, but due to financial problems that club closed in 1990.

After UFO closed, Interfisch's head, Dimitri Hegemann and some investors in the club found the new space in East Berlin. This was advantageous timing, as it was only a few months before Germany unified. The vaults under the Wertheim department store proved to be the perfect location for a club, and Tresor quickly became the place to be in Berlin. Tresor continued to be a popular club to this day, having expanded and reconstructed continuously several times to include an outdoor garden area, and a second "Globus" floor. The concept for the Tresor floor in the basement was specifically hard techno, industrial and acid music while Globus was featuring mainly more mellow house sound. The recordlabel Tresor Records was founded soon after the club first opened, in October 1991. Featured artists on the label include Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Robert Hood, Joey Beltram, Pacou, Cristian Vogel and many others.

In 2004 the documentary "Tresor Berlin: The Vault & the Electronic Frontier" was released. Directed by Mike Andrawis, it features interviews with Hegemann, Carola Stoiber, and DJs & artists associated with the club & label. [1] The film covers the period from Hegemann's involvement with the Fishladen and UFO clubs in Berlin-Kreuzberg to the final months prior to Tresor's closure.

Tresor closed on the 16th April 2005, after several years prolonged short-term rent. The city sold the land to an investor group to build offices on the Leipziger Straße location. It was open for each night of April 2005, with the final event starting the Saturday night with queues stretching all the way down the road, and still going Monday morning.

Tresor reopened on 24th May 2007 in a renovated power plant on Köpenickerstrasse in Mitte.

The following are the first releases off the Tresor label, 001 and 002 respectively.

X-101 - X-101
Tresor 001
Released - 1991
Style - Techno

A1 Sonic Destroyer (5:00)
A2 Rave New World (5:29)
A3 The Final Hour (4:15)
B1 G-force (4:12)
B2 Whatever Happen To Peace (5:30)
B3 Mindpower (5:43)

This is great techno. 1991 style. Very minimal and soulful, but not the standard 'soul' more like machine soul. Tons of bleeps and shuffly 808s + synth stabs for days. Awesome stuff!

First Tresor release. "Whatever Happened to Peace" is a dark, sophisticated, and suprisingly simple classic. Note that this was re-released by Mute as "Sonic Destroyer" but with this EP's tracklist.


Blake Baxter - Dream Sequence
Tresor 002
Released - 1991
Style - Techno

A1 Ghost
A2 The Warning
B1 One Mo Time (Mix 1)
B2 Laser 101
B3 Ex-
B4 Dark Basse

This is more acid-heavy than the X-101 release. Equally good. Early rave-style techno. Definitely something to grab!



Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Just got a couple new mixes from my homey in Austin called MVSCLZ (aka Ben Aqua). Well that's his latest pseudonym at least; Ben is a man of many different faces and sounds. MVSCLZ plays alot of early 80s obscure-ish new-wave/electro/dub/disco stuff, which isn't necessarily much of what we post on this blog but it's always fun to switch things up every once in a while. Plus he sports ridiculous mustaches. Keepin it free-form, ya know...

This guy also sometimes performs in a 1-man fantasy metal band called ASSACRE (yes!!), which has been described as a continuous shredding guitar solo. While Wikipedia elaborates like this:

After releasing a demo in 2004 entitled Impossibly Silent, ASSACRE began making a name for himself throughout Texas with his wild, confrontational, and unpredictable performances. He is often extravagantly costumed in concert and in photographs. The costumes, which he creates himself, result in the visual aspect of the project becoming as important as the musical.

ASSACRE ambitiously toured the USA in the summer of 2005 in support of his first full-length release, Fantastic Illusions Worth Dying For (Awthum Records, August 2005). The album features 8 tracks of fantasy, death, and thrash metal mixed with bizarre, abstract sound collages, displaying a wide array of musical influences - from Death to Klaus Nomi to Merzbow to Sun Ra.

So anyways, this post isn't primarily about Assacre but I just think the notion is so ridiculous that it demands attention. For more on Assacre, peep the myspace: http://myspace.com/assacre.

So anyways, dude hooked me up with his latest mixes and I need to post them. Here ya go:

MVSCLZ - Black Magic Mountain
1. (intro) Vangelis - Conquest of Paradise
2. Future World Orchestra - I'm Not Afraid of the Future
3. Goblin - Tenebre
4. Claudio Simonetti - College
5. Bob East Showband - Squash
6. Martin Agterberg - Ephemeron
7. Gene Ramone - Romantic Face
8. Passengers - Go Michelle
9. Vivien Vee - Gotta Go
10. Imagination - Music and Lights
11. Peter Jacques Band - Counting on Love One, Two, Three
12. Arabesque - Don't Kiss a Crocodile
13. Change - Angel in My Pocket
14. Richard Romero - Non Chalance
15. Alexander Robotnick - Love Robot
16. Vam Cyborg - Gods Valley (New Dance Mix)
17. Patrick Cowley - Teen Planet

download: http://www.mediafire.com/?3rfhmdwlqmd

and MVSCLZ - 2008 Will Be Delicious
1 (intro) Cerrone - Désertion (Suite)
2 Midnight Passion - I Need You
3 Bamboo - Space Ship Crashing
4 Creatures - Digital Rebel
5 Neoton Familia - Disckokece
6 Disco Dream and the Androids - Connection Disconnection
7 Video Kids - Communication Outerspace
8 Psychic Interface - Dancin' in the Night
9 Xalan - I Only Move For Money
10 Space Art - Axius
11 Moon Birds - Astro 9
12 Giorgio Moroder - First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love
13 Telex - L'amour Toujours
14 Wish Key - Orient Express
15 Passengers - Go Michelle
16 Crazy Gang - Telephone Computer

download: http://www.mediafire.com/?a5my7gm5nhg

If you like what you hear, hit him up via myspace or check his main website here.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Renegade Soundwave - Select 12" rips

Renegade Soundwave - Select 12" rips
c/o Mr. Ward (thanks!!!)

1986 - 1990
Style - Electro, Dub, Electronic

Formed in London during the late '80s, Renegade Soundwave applied the punk and industrial ethic to both dub and dancefloor electronica, in good company with fellow sound terrorists throughout the decade, from Cabaret Voltaire to Skinny Puppy and Meat Beat Manifesto. The trio of Gary Asquith, Danny Briottet and Carl Bonnie debuted on Rhythm King with the 1987 single "Kray Twins," and moved to Mute one year later for an EP, Biting My Nails. Though Renegade Soundwave spent two years recording material for an album, the release of Soundclash and In Dub within six months vindicated them somewhat. The group's only hit, "Probably a Robbery" (from Soundclash), made the British Top 40 early in 1990, but Bonnie left later that year, after releasing the single "Renegade Soundwave", for a solo career. Asquith and Briottet spent several years in isolation before emerging in 1994 with the "Renegade Soundwave" single and the album How You Doin? During late 1994, after playing their first live date since their participation in 1991's "Mute Over America" tour, the duo released Brixton and The Next Chapter of Dub the following year. The compilation RSW 87-95 emerged in 1996.


Cocaine Sex (Bonus Porno Beats)
Cocaine Sex (Sub Aqua Overdrive Dub)
Cocaine Sex (Turbo Lust mix)
Cocaine Sex
Kray Twins (7 inch easy mix)
Kray Twins (Dragon Based Sound System)
Kray Twins (Renegade Theme)
Kray Twins (Terror Drum mix)
Kray Twins

Ozone Breakdown (Original Version)
Ozone Breakdown 90 (Uprising mix)
Probably a Robbery (12 Gauge Turbo)
Probably a Robbery (Extended mix)
Probably a Robbery (Turntable Scratch mix)

download RSW1
download RSW2

Hardfloor - Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk

Hardfloor - Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk
Label - Harthouse
Released - 1995
Style - Electronic, Breakbeat, Techno, Acid, Funk

* Thanks for the sweet find, Rich @ RTX!
** This is one of my favorite Hardfloor records to date.

(Review from OuterBass)
At the risk of being labeled bandwagon-hoppers, Hardfloor have taken their acid machines, vicious sense of rhythm, and their swing-beat sensibility and dropped their own distinct sound in the middle of the crowded and often incestuous world of triphop dub. As the astonished faces of Hardfloor fans after the first few notes of Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk? can attest, it seems as if a constant in the universe has been altered. Unrepentent, Da Damn... is a metamorphosis of abrasive acid house energy into a six-track megadose of deep, funky grooves. The first track, "Yimtrop," characterizes the new style: leading in with a long intro, rising in anticipation in a seemingly predictable Hardfloor build, but instead of rocketing into high-tempo madness, drops like a rock into a low and slow dub beat accompanied by overlapping wails of the 303. Most tracks, such as "Triple Pay" and "Drive Thru," are powered by funky-swing beats higher in tempo, carrying strange noises and gurgling electric squelches in loose arrangements that allow an appreciation of those quirky notes that usually scream by at 140 bpm. To the often copycat school of dub and triphop, Hardfloor's facelift is a welcome new twist.

1 Yimtrop (8:24)
2 Triple Pay (7:29)
3 Phat Packer (5:55)
4 Dubdope (8:55)
5 Drive Thruw (3:59)
6 Pepper Penalty (6:11)


V/A - Tresor II - Berlin & Detroit - A Techno Alliance

V/A - Tresor II - Berlin & Detroit - A Techno Alliance
Label - Tresor/NovaMute
Released - 1993
Style - Electronic, Classic Techno

* Thanks for the sweet find, Rich @ RTX!

1 Vainquer - Lyot (Maurizio Mix) (7:05)
2 3 Phase Versus Pulse - Das Rennen (6:24)
3 DJ Hell - Acid Musik (6:15)
4 Maurizio - T. T. / F. F. (7:33)
5 Noxious - E-Zug (4:56)
6 Violet Micro - ...I Know (6:45)
7 Underground Resistance - Jupiter Jazz (4:33)
8 X-102 - Mimas (4:50)
9 Jeff Mills - Changes Of Life (4:51)
10 Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes & 3MB - Illuminisim (Sun Electric Edit) (6:25)
11 3 Phase - Current 1 (7:57)
12 3MB Featuring Juan Atkins - Die Kosmischen Kuriere (5:42)
13 K. Hand - Mystery (4:40)

rather good discogs review:
Eclectic! Tresor compilations would never be so diverse as this CD. There are very very fine examples of so many sides of techno here that it is quite hard to fully appreciate it all without many listens. The punishing Maurizio remix of "Lyot", and Hell's "Red Bull" start the album off with a more schranzy feel, but 3 Phase's "Das Rennen" and Maurizio's own "T.T. / F. F." stray into more minimal Germanic territory. There's more of this later with the quirky 3 Phase piece "Current 1". Rather repetitive, but hypnotic.

Then of course come the Detroit contributions. What can I possibly say about UR's "Jupiter Jazz" other than it's practically the epitome of Detroit Techno-soul? CLASSIC, CLASSIC TECHNO! And along with 3MB & Juan Atkins' devastating "Die Kosmischen Kuriere" (a different and better mix here to the two on the "3MB and Juan Atkins" album!!). I'm almost too flabberghasted to notice the other fine pieces slotted in around them: Mills' "Changes Of Life" is a classic stomper, Sun Electric's edit of Illuminism is wonderful minimal-melodica, and K-Hand's "Mystery" is a rather simple but energetic slab of melodic techno that nicely rounds off the comp.

Essential, wonderful techno. The only slightly poor additions here are the Noxious and Violet Micro tracks - somewhat dodgy hard tech that sound a tad dated now. But everything else rules mercilessly. Best track = CAN'T CHOOSE!! *brain promptly explodes*

download pt. 1
download pt. 2

Ko-Wreck Technique - Ko-Wrecktion EP

Ko-Wreck Technique - Ko-Wrecktion EP
Label - Choc. Industries/Warp
Released - 1999
Style - Hip-Hop, Abstract, Turntablism, Electronic, IDM

* Thanks for the sweet find, Rich @ RTX!

1 I Can’t Understand You (4:42)
2 Metro Dade (4:46)
3 Metro Dade (Plaid mix) (6:05)
4 Behavior (4:31)
5 Take Me Away (Four Track Mix) (3:59)

Combining the talents of Skam's push button objects and DMC world champion DJ Craze, Ko-Wreck Technique brings funky IDM abstraction and flashy turntable wizardry together. Plaid also does an excellent remix.

Random review from discogs:
Being a major fan of DJ Craze, and also Push Button Objects helps me like this one a lot.

If I had to compare it to something... i would have to say DJ Krush mixed with a idm tinge. Mellow triphop backgrounds, with idm-ified beats

The Plaid remix is outstanding... possibly my fave from the ep. Its definately worth picking up tho :)


Monday, May 5, 2008

New Dub Mixes!

I'm part of a dc-based Dub soundsystem crew called Version Sound, and we've been hard at work putting some promo mixes together to get bookings (book us!). We've got 2 new mixes up for your enjoyment. Both have been getting heavy praise from DC to SF to NYC to UK and beyond...

The first mix is "Twiss Up" - featuring a bunch of obscure Dub tunes that you will love. We've loaded up the chamber with dubbed-out 80s arcade fx and lazers and digital bombs, which really help bring the soundsystem vibe to the mix. Twiss Up goes into some obscure Jamaican funk later on in the mix - featuring two tunes from a record called Prime Cuts. Then its back into Dub. Good stuff. The second mix "Be Thankful" is a more rootsier dub, deejay and early dancehall-oriented mix. Both are excellent mixes and won't dissapoint! Here are the stats:

Version Sound - Twiss Up
March 2008

1. Ethnic Fight Band - Dub Explosion
2. Ethnic Fight Band - Danny J * Special Dub
3. Fatman Riddim Section - Twelve Tribes Rock
4. Fatman Riddim Section - Sounds of Israel
5. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Majestic Dub
6. Matumbi - Ajali
7. Blackbeard - Hyde Park Corner Investigation
8. Blackbeard - Who Made The Prime Minister's Honour List
9. Prince Hammer - Churchill
10. Prince Hammer - Dreadlocks Rebel Force
11. Dynamic - Dub Dunza
12. Fatman Riddim Section - Lick Chalice
13. ??? - African Communication
14. Prime Cuts - Two-Way Stretch
15. Prime Cuts - Vice-Versa
16. Junior Delgado - Dance a Dub
17. Kodama & The Dubstation Band - Fire Fire
18. Kodama & The Dubstation Band - Neppu No Machi Pt. 2
19. Lloyd - Blood for Freedom Dub
20. King Tubby, Scientist & Prince Jammy - Chapter 2
21. Creation Rebel - Drum Talk

download: http://www.whalefish.org/Version_Sound-Twiss_Up.mp3
info: http://www.whalefish.org/vs2.html

Version Sound - Be Thankful
March 2008

1. Aswad - Warrior Charge
2. Dennis Bovell - Scientific
3. Ranking Joe - Gideon Time
4. Prince Lincoln & the Rasses - Interstellar Over Dub
5. Joe Gibbs - No Bones for the Dogs
6. Clint Eastwood & General Saint - I Can't Take Another World War
7. Twilight Circus Sound System - Dub Voyage
8. Aswad - Hey Jah Children
9. Lone Ranger - Rub 'n' Scrub
10. Mikey Dread - Resignation Dub
11. Yabba You - No Tarry Yah Version
12. Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Another Ones Bites the Dust
13. Little Joe - Tradition Skank
14. Prince Jazzbo - Gal Boy I Roy
15. Jah Stitch - Set Up Yourself Dreadlocks
16. Michigan & Smiley - Sensimilla
17. Ranking Dread - Superstar
18. Mikey General - Tell It Like It Is
19. Dr. Alimantado - Poison Flour
20. Augustus Clarke - Rockers Time
21. King Tubby - Moving Version
22. Donovan Carlos - Be Thankful

download: http://www.whalefish.org/VersionSound_-_Be_Thankful.mp3
info: http://www.whalefish.org/vs1.html

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Depth Charge 12"s

Depth Charge 12"s
Label - Vinyl Solution
Released - 1989-1990
Style - Electronic, Breakbeat, Dub

This one submitted by Mr. Ward. (Thanks!!)

Real Name: Jonathan Saul Kane
URLs: http://www.phinnweb.org/jsk/
Aliases: Alexanders Dark Band, Block Ink, Depth Charge, Grimm Death, Mr. Selfish, The Octagon Man, The Spider, T.E.T.

Bounty Killer (The Sequel)
Bounty Killers (Death is ma name - the bit in the middle - measly 1000 bucks version)
Bounty Killers
Dead by Dawn
Dead by Dub
Depth Charge (Drum Death - Bass It)
Depth Charge (Han Do Jin version)
Space Mutant

download pt 1
download pt 2