Tuesday, May 6, 2008

V/A - Tresor II - Berlin & Detroit - A Techno Alliance

V/A - Tresor II - Berlin & Detroit - A Techno Alliance
Label - Tresor/NovaMute
Released - 1993
Style - Electronic, Classic Techno

* Thanks for the sweet find, Rich @ RTX!

1 Vainquer - Lyot (Maurizio Mix) (7:05)
2 3 Phase Versus Pulse - Das Rennen (6:24)
3 DJ Hell - Acid Musik (6:15)
4 Maurizio - T. T. / F. F. (7:33)
5 Noxious - E-Zug (4:56)
6 Violet Micro - ...I Know (6:45)
7 Underground Resistance - Jupiter Jazz (4:33)
8 X-102 - Mimas (4:50)
9 Jeff Mills - Changes Of Life (4:51)
10 Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes & 3MB - Illuminisim (Sun Electric Edit) (6:25)
11 3 Phase - Current 1 (7:57)
12 3MB Featuring Juan Atkins - Die Kosmischen Kuriere (5:42)
13 K. Hand - Mystery (4:40)

rather good discogs review:
Eclectic! Tresor compilations would never be so diverse as this CD. There are very very fine examples of so many sides of techno here that it is quite hard to fully appreciate it all without many listens. The punishing Maurizio remix of "Lyot", and Hell's "Red Bull" start the album off with a more schranzy feel, but 3 Phase's "Das Rennen" and Maurizio's own "T.T. / F. F." stray into more minimal Germanic territory. There's more of this later with the quirky 3 Phase piece "Current 1". Rather repetitive, but hypnotic.

Then of course come the Detroit contributions. What can I possibly say about UR's "Jupiter Jazz" other than it's practically the epitome of Detroit Techno-soul? CLASSIC, CLASSIC TECHNO! And along with 3MB & Juan Atkins' devastating "Die Kosmischen Kuriere" (a different and better mix here to the two on the "3MB and Juan Atkins" album!!). I'm almost too flabberghasted to notice the other fine pieces slotted in around them: Mills' "Changes Of Life" is a classic stomper, Sun Electric's edit of Illuminism is wonderful minimal-melodica, and K-Hand's "Mystery" is a rather simple but energetic slab of melodic techno that nicely rounds off the comp.

Essential, wonderful techno. The only slightly poor additions here are the Noxious and Violet Micro tracks - somewhat dodgy hard tech that sound a tad dated now. But everything else rules mercilessly. Best track = CAN'T CHOOSE!! *brain promptly explodes*

download pt. 1
download pt. 2


nattymari said...

Do you have the first Tresor comp Novamute put out. I've lost my copy and have been looking for it for some time.

XMP said...

I don't have that on hand, but I'll keep an eye out. I did find a couple older Tresor releases I'll probably post soon... if i come across Tresor 1 I'll def post for ya

synaptic flow said...

This is one of my favorite CDs ever. I have bought it 3 times. It's a really dream type of compilation to me. It's the kind of techno that fuels my imaginiation.

XMP said...

glad you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

‘Jupiter Jazz’ always brings a tear to my eye and Eddie Flashin’ Fowlkes never got the respect he deserved. ‘420 Low’ is one of the best techno tunes of all time.
Thank you again for all these wonderful posts!
Phase IV