Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hardfloor - Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk

Hardfloor - Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk
Label - Harthouse
Released - 1995
Style - Electronic, Breakbeat, Techno, Acid, Funk

* Thanks for the sweet find, Rich @ RTX!
** This is one of my favorite Hardfloor records to date.

(Review from OuterBass)
At the risk of being labeled bandwagon-hoppers, Hardfloor have taken their acid machines, vicious sense of rhythm, and their swing-beat sensibility and dropped their own distinct sound in the middle of the crowded and often incestuous world of triphop dub. As the astonished faces of Hardfloor fans after the first few notes of Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk? can attest, it seems as if a constant in the universe has been altered. Unrepentent, Da Damn... is a metamorphosis of abrasive acid house energy into a six-track megadose of deep, funky grooves. The first track, "Yimtrop," characterizes the new style: leading in with a long intro, rising in anticipation in a seemingly predictable Hardfloor build, but instead of rocketing into high-tempo madness, drops like a rock into a low and slow dub beat accompanied by overlapping wails of the 303. Most tracks, such as "Triple Pay" and "Drive Thru," are powered by funky-swing beats higher in tempo, carrying strange noises and gurgling electric squelches in loose arrangements that allow an appreciation of those quirky notes that usually scream by at 140 bpm. To the often copycat school of dub and triphop, Hardfloor's facelift is a welcome new twist.

1 Yimtrop (8:24)
2 Triple Pay (7:29)
3 Phat Packer (5:55)
4 Dubdope (8:55)
5 Drive Thruw (3:59)
6 Pepper Penalty (6:11)



AMP said...

it's great to see that RTX can still bring it. remember Record Convergence in Falls Church, then again in Fairfax?

XMP said...

yeah they were pretty nice! might have to take a trip to cd cella and see if they've got anything worthwhile there...

AMP said...

cd cellar was amazing in their first year. i don't know wha'ppen, but they been shitty ever since.

sosolid said...

oh, man! thanks!

XMP said...

HEY SAM! didn't think I'd see you around these parts :)

ikik said...

wow nice

Anonymous said...

Oh hell yeah! :) Thanks you-great share.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome…just straight up plain awesome blog. Loved the Renegade Soundwave posts and everything else…Dub, library, techno, funk, soul, OSTs, jungle…Absolute treasure trove…Love it! Speaking of which, this Hart House release looks great. Makes me want to dig out my old Patrick Lindsey vinyls…Love this blog! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phase IV