Friday, January 15, 2010

Luke Vibert... a couple mixes

 Luke Vibert is the greatest.

I just found these mixes not too long ago, and I've got a couple other mixes in the archives I can post later if ppl are grabbing these. Grab.

Luke Vibert - Sesiones Replicantes 4/26 [2008]

Luke Vibert - Live at The Bakery [Perth, AU Dec 1 2007]

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ancient Slungle Mysteries...

Yup. I knew there was something funny going on with those DJ Spun 1994 breaks... I KNOW THAT'S JUNGLE @ SLOW SPEED... but what the f*ck is that tune SUPPOSED to sound like??? The first one on the mix if I remember correctly, is the one I've been trying to figure out since 1994. Now I am found. SLUNGLE NATION 2010

Mystery breaks = wishdokta & emma c - 'infinity'

DJ Spun - What We Do Is Secret (not anymore! yuk yuk yuk)