Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pete Rock - Mecca and the Soul Brother Instrumentals

Not much I can say about this.... Mecca and the Soul Brother is one of the best albums ever produced. Amazing, amazing productions. These are the instrumentals.

A1 Return Of The Mecca
A2 For Pete's Sake
A3 Ghetto's Of The Mind
A4 Act Like You Know
B1 Lots Of Lovin
B2 Anger In The Nation
B3 They Reminice Over You

Formed 1984, Mount Vernon, New York, Pete Rock (b. Peter Phillips, June 21, 1970, Mount Vernon), C. L. Smooth (b. Corey Penn, Oct. 8, 1968, New Rochelle, NY.), DJ. Pete Rock Aliases: Soul Brother No. 1, Chocolate Boy Wonder, The Creator. CL Smooth Aliases: Carmel King, Mecca Don. Mt. Vernon’s most prolific producer got his start as a deejay for Marley Marl’s “In Control” radio show on New York’s WBLS. His turntable skills led him to produce for various artists. In 1991, Pete was signed to Elektra records with C.L. Smooth and they dropped the now classic EP, All Souled Out. Their first album, Mecca & The Soul Brother, featured a tribute to Trouble T-Roy Dixon (R.I.P.) who was a member of Heavy D & The Boyz. The album also contained ground-breaking beats that mined the crates for horns, snares, and clever interludes.


Pete Rock - Petestrumentals

Pete Rock - Petestrumentals
Label - BBE
Released - 2001
Style - Dope Beats, Instrumental, Hip-Hop

What can I say? Pete Rock is the man; one of the most prolific producers in the game. These instrumentals are jazzy, quirky, laidback and ultra dope.

1 A Little Soul
2 Play Dis Only At Night
3 Something Funky
4 For The People
5 Hip Hopcrisy
6 Smooth Sailing
7 Pete's Jazz
8 The Boss
9 Get Involved
10 Give It To Y'all
11 Walk On By
12 Cake
13 What You Waiting For
14 Nothin' Lesser (Jamie's Mix)


Fat Jazzy Grooves #16

Various - Fat Jazzy Grooves Vol. 16
Label - New Breed
Released - 1996
Style - Future Jazz, Acid Jazz, Hip-Hop, Instrumental, Dope Beats

1 Nutsek - Space Dust
2 BMF - Trippin'
3 Manhattan Project - Midnite Groove
4 The Prunes - Dsb Style
5 Hal Lee - Version Valley
6 Khromozomes - Mindscape Dub

More dope beats from New Breed NYC!


Fat Jazzy Grooves #14

Various - Fat Jazzy Grooves Vol. 14
Label - New Breed
Released - 1996
Style - Future Jazz, Acid Jazz, Instrumental, Dope Beats, Hip-Hop

1 Nutsek - Mood
2 Beats Of San Francisco - Respect
3 Hustletron - Maximizer
4 The Prunes - Rashaan
5 I-Cue - Pass It Around
6 DJ Smash - Kikit

I'm not sure how many of these were actually released, but the Fat Jazzy Grooves series came out on New Breed in the mid-late 90s and they are so so dope. Lots of Downtempo/Future Jazz/Hip-Hop Instrumental beats. My favorite from this bunch is Hustletron's Maximizer because it reminds me of a tweaky Ultramarine groove. Great stuff!