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Goldie Interview...Generator Magazine - Issue 5 (Oct 93)

Generator Magazine - Issue 5 (Oct 93) - Goldie Interview.pdf

Eek-A-Mouse - Peel Sessions

Eek-A-Mouse - Peel Sessions.

Eek-A-Mouse, known for his signature squeaky voice, rose to fame in Jamaica in 1980 with the hit single Wha Do Dem. That was followed by Modelling Queen, another hit single which appeared on his first album Bubble Up Yu Hip. Eek-A-Mouse ruled on the music scene for the next couple of years and toured extensively throughout the early 1990s.

These are both sessions Eek a Mouse recorded for the Peel program. Despite releasing his first album "Bubble Up Yu Hip" in 1980 it was 1983 before Eek a Mouse was invited to Maida Vale to record his first Peel Session by which time he was promoting the release of his fourth album "The Assassinator". This was actually a kind of double session of which this was the second half as the band had been in Maida Vale the previous day to record a session for Kid Jenson (broadcast on 12/10/1983). Peel often complained about reggae artists not turning up at Maida Vale despite being booked. There was no problem with Eek a Mouse however and he returned the following year for a second session.

1. Assassinator
2. Hitler
3. Hire & Removal
4. Wa-Do-Dem
5. Elizabeth
6. Safari
7. The Mouse & The Man
8. Triple Love

>>Transmission Dates<<
1-4 - 17th October 1983
5-8 - 26th June 1984

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Bob Marley & The Wailers - Live Japanese Broadcast 1973

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Live Japanese Broadcast 1973 

I'm not entirely sure where this recording actually comes from, or for that matter what show it was broadcast on.I think this is the show recorded on 24th May 1973 at the Paris Cinema, Regent Street, London.What I do know though is this is a brilliant show and a copy of it should occupy a place in everyones record collection.If you can tell me more about it, please get in touch.

1. Intro
2. Rasta Man Chant
3. Slave Driver
4. Stop That Train
5. No More Trouble
6. 400 Years
7. Stir It Up
8. Concrete Jungle
9. Get Up Stand Up
10. Kinky Reggae

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