Thursday, July 30, 2009

Phillies Blunt Adidas


Various - Frequencies, Bass & Bleeps Volume One

Various - Frequencies, Bass & Bleeps Volume One
Label: F.B.B.
Catalog#: FBB 8601
Format: Vinyl, 12", Unofficial Release
Country: US
Released: ? 1990 ?
Genre: Electronic
Style: Breakbeat, Techno
Notes: Producer & Mixed by Top Euro D.J.'s
Licensed from U.S. Management Inc.
Philadelphia - PA - U.S.A.

A1 Lloyd Owes Me A Packet - Keep It Up (6:06)
A2 Basswave - Travels Through Time (3:54)
B1 Distress State - Destress State (Spychose) (4:40)
B2 Cybertech - Tracid Mission (5:07)

No info on 3/4 of the artists, but Lloyd Owes Me A Packet is a weird old alias of Luke Slater. Enjoi.


Thøse Norwegians - Kaminzky Park

Norwegian house...

Just saying 'house' doesn't even come close. Sure, it came out on a house label - but these guys completely pull off blaxploitation funk, authentic with subtle sleazy nuances that prove what talented musicians these producers are at the core. Amazing stuff... Truly timeless!

Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite albums of all time. After this record came out, they kinda disappeared into Norwegian clouds of p00f. Enchanting!

praps to for the bullet-ridden source. p00f...

also praps to Jes Rosenberg who gave me this record at WXJM to review when it first came out in '97... miss ya dude.

Thøse Norwegians - Kaminzky Park
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Downtempo
Year: 1997

1 Kaminzky Park (0:38)
2 39-38-39 (5:07)
3 Dom B. Sensi (3:12)
4 Goulette (4:13)
5 Da Kingue D'mazda (5:04)
6 L'hybride Fiasco (6:48)
7 Molde (4:12)
8 Hurdy Burdy (6:09)
9 Toons (6:30)
10 Laika (4:51)
11 Da Kingue D'mazda (S-Charge Poudra Blanca Mix) (6:25)



DJ mixtapes from myself or associates, ripped @ Hellhaus / Summer '09.

Gallery Grooves II -
Pre-recorded set of Soundtrack and Library musick, arranged in Audition for a photography exhibit in DC; Stirling Elmendorf and Mark Parascandola's debut... Good times / Weird soundz. Love doing stupid sh*t like this.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Requested / Replenished / + Weird Treets 4 U

Sorry forgot to a bunch of sh*t I recently handled and rapidshatted.....

As requested by Carbon Monoxide <> <> <> exorcising my rites to ignore all but the most 'creative' reup requests ... Don't take it personal everyone else - just busy doing other sh*t. Rather put my energy/time into new explorations, which is why the posts have gotten a bit sparse over the last few months. Slowly making a weird comeback though. Apparently. So...

Weird Treets 4 U <> <> <>

Carl Crack : Black Ark
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Carl Crack~+~Lion MC : dance/the/monkey [mxtpe]

"who's carl crack?"

"like CRACKKK crack??"

"he was down with those guys? weird."

"gotta be german or some shit."

"not necessarily? what the fuck does that mean??"

"ok so wait.... what happened to him?"



Thursday, July 16, 2009

The KLF - Kylie Said To Jason

The KLF - Kylie Said To Jason

Label: KLF Communications
Catalog#: KLF 010 T
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: UK
Released: 1989
Genre: Electronic, Synthpop, Acid House

A. Kylie Said To Jason
B. Kylie Said Trance

"Kylie Said to Jason" was a 1989 single by The KLF, "Kylie" and "Jason" being Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, then stars in the popular Australian TV soap opera Neighbours. The lyrics also feature references to Archie Bunker, Todd Terry, Rolf Harris, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and BBC comedy programmes The Good Life and Some Mothers do 'ave 'em. Designed for chart success, the single nonetheless failed to enter the UK top 100. The rarity of the original CD single has led to it becoming a valuable collectors' item.

"KSTJ" was intended to be a top 10 record which The KLF — Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty — were hoping could "rescue them from the jaws of bankruptcy". Instead, it flopped commercially, failing even to make the UK top 100 and forcing the entire film and soundtrack project to be put on hold.

- Wiki P.




Various - The Fight Is On

Various - The Fight Is On
Label: L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords
Catalog#: LAY 10
Format: Vinyl LP Compilation
Country: Belgium
Released: 1985
Genre: Electronic, Classical, Industrial, Experimental

: Comes with printed inner sleeve.

Lustmørd: Extracts from "Paradise Disowned" recorded 04 February 84.
Nurse With Wound: Mixed at I.P.S. Studio, January 85.

A1. Coil - Sicktone (3:21)
A2. Current 93 - A Visit To Dogland (6:04)
Featuring - Christ, Isidore Ducasse
Performer - Tibet 93, John Murphy, Linda Verbeek, Steven Stapleton

A3. The Hafler Trio - Blanket (Level Approach) (4:17)
B1. Robert Haigh - Music For Piano (3:03)
B2. Lustmørd - Invocation Of Shiva (4:01)
Performer [Shawn, Spring], Strings [Bow], Gong, Voice - John Murphy
Voice, Noises, Electronics [Generator], Gong, Flute [Ritual], Tape - B. Lustmørd

B3. Lustmørd - Dreams Of Dead Names (2:37)
Performer [Shawn, Spring], Strings [Bow], Gong, Voice - John Murphy
Voice, Noises, Electronics [Generator], Gong, Flute [Ritual], Tape - B. Lustmørd

B4. Nurse With Wound - Stick That Chick And You'll Feel My Steel Trough Your Last Meal (5:44)
Featuring [Guest] - Brian Lustmørd, David Jackman, Tracy Lustmørd
B5. Organum - Talon (1:22)
B6. Organum - Veil (2:05)



93 Current 93 - Dogs Blood Rising


"The theme of this record is nightmare. Falling Back In Fields Of Rape is a precision wicked radio play from noise sculpture Hell, engineered in multipart-progression fashion like Whitehouses Daddo, but more claustrophobic and evocative. St. Peters [sic] Keys All Bloody is a chilling, atmospheric dreamcast of spooky lamentations: malevolently layered fragments of Sounds of Silence & Scarborough Fair, blended with a Hollow Men remix of the Lords Prayer(!) This final track is a haunted house poetry remake of Kraftwerks News."
- shiny9

93 Current 93 - Dogs Blood Rising
Label: L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords
Catalog#: LAY 08
Format: Vinyl LP
Country: Belgium
Released: 1984
Genre: Electronic, Industrial, Experimental, Malevolent

A1. Christus Christus (The Shells Have Cracked)
A2. Falling Back In Fields Of Rape
B1. From Broken Cross, Locusts
B2. Raio No Terrasu (Jesus Wept)
B3. St. Peters Keys All Bloody

Notes: Dogs Blood Rising was recorded at Shinju and IPS studios, with the exception of Raio No Terrasu which was recorded live at Bar Maldoror on November 25, 1983, on the thirteenth anniversary of the death of Yukio Mishima through hara-kiri and beheading.

Scratched messages:
A= From the desolate fields
B= Into the heart of the Beast.



Friday, July 10, 2009

Dead Can Dance - Dead Can Dance

Dead Can Dance - Dead Can Dance
Label: 4AD
Catalog#: CAD 404 CD
Format: CD, Album
Country: UK
Released: 1986
Genre: Rock
Style: Goth Rock, Ethereal

Notes: CD edition of 1984 album & EP.
Tracks 1 to 10: from "Dead Can Dance" LP (CAD 404).
Tracks 11 to 14 from "Garden Of The Arcane Delights" EP (BAD 408), recorded and mixed at Vineyard.

Dead Can Dance
1 The Fatal Impact (3:21)
2 The Trial (3:42)
3 Frontier (3:13)
4 Fortune (3:47)
5 Ocean (3:21)
6 East Of Eden (3:23)
7 Threshold (3:34)
8 A Passage In Time (4:03)
9 Wild In The Woods (3:46)
10 Musica Eternal (3:51)

Garden Of The Arcane Delights
11 Carnival Of Light (3:31)
12 In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated (4:11)
13 The Arcane (3:49)
14 Flowers Of The Sea (3:28)


Christian Death - The Decomposition Of Violets ~ Live In Hollywood ['85]

Christian Death - The Decomposition Of Violets [Live In Hollywood]
Label: ROIR (Reachout International Records)
Catalog#: RUSCD8240
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 1985/1990/1998
Genre: Rock
Style: Goth Rock

Voice, Artwork By [Cover Design] - Rozz Williams
Voice, Keyboards - Gitane Demone
Notes: All songs recorded "Live" at the Berwin Entertainment Center, except "Romeo's Distress" recorded at Fenders International Ballroom.

1 Awake The Wall (4:41)
2 Sleepwalk (5:54)
3 The Drowning (3:41)
4 Theatre Of Pain (2:46)
5 Cavity (5:03)
6 The Blue Hour (4:44)
7 Electra Descending (4:07)
8 As Evening Falls (3:17)
9 Face (3:29)
10 Cervix Couch (4:49)
11 The Glass House (3:32)
12 Romeo's Distress (4:16)