Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thøse Norwegians - Kaminzky Park

Norwegian house...

Just saying 'house' doesn't even come close. Sure, it came out on a house label - but these guys completely pull off blaxploitation funk, authentic with subtle sleazy nuances that prove what talented musicians these producers are at the core. Amazing stuff... Truly timeless!

Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite albums of all time. After this record came out, they kinda disappeared into Norwegian clouds of p00f. Enchanting!

praps to for the bullet-ridden source. p00f...

also praps to Jes Rosenberg who gave me this record at WXJM to review when it first came out in '97... miss ya dude.

Thøse Norwegians - Kaminzky Park
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Downtempo
Year: 1997

1 Kaminzky Park (0:38)
2 39-38-39 (5:07)
3 Dom B. Sensi (3:12)
4 Goulette (4:13)
5 Da Kingue D'mazda (5:04)
6 L'hybride Fiasco (6:48)
7 Molde (4:12)
8 Hurdy Burdy (6:09)
9 Toons (6:30)
10 Laika (4:51)
11 Da Kingue D'mazda (S-Charge Poudra Blanca Mix) (6:25)



quail.egg said...

...don't forget this release came out from the inimitable Paper Recordings, a fantastic label. also, Those Norwegians were three norwegian dudes, one of which, Torbjørn Brundtland, went on to form

quail.egg said...

and funny you mentioned "poof" a few times because in Norwegian Röyksopp means puffball

PMX said...

HA HA nice.

"It's neither quail nor egg. Discuss."

PMX said...

not norwegian, but I had a friend in kindygaarten named Jaap (pronounced 'yappy'!) who was mad dutch. he was a total spazzkadet. His paarents had a pantry full of candy - in retrospect the dutchest thing parents could do to a 5 yr old.

quail.egg said...

I liike your cleaver uuse of double voweels!

John said...

I've been digging on your dub/reggae uploads and found this sandwiched in there. Wicked album. Thanks for the upload, I love these kinda random finds.