Thursday, May 1, 2008

Depth Charge 12"s

Depth Charge 12"s
Label - Vinyl Solution
Released - 1989-1990
Style - Electronic, Breakbeat, Dub

This one submitted by Mr. Ward. (Thanks!!)

Real Name: Jonathan Saul Kane
Aliases: Alexanders Dark Band, Block Ink, Depth Charge, Grimm Death, Mr. Selfish, The Octagon Man, The Spider, T.E.T.

Bounty Killer (The Sequel)
Bounty Killers (Death is ma name - the bit in the middle - measly 1000 bucks version)
Bounty Killers
Dead by Dawn
Dead by Dub
Depth Charge (Drum Death - Bass It)
Depth Charge (Han Do Jin version)
Space Mutant

download pt 1
download pt 2


AMP said...

Nice one, mate! Many thanks for sharing dem up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these old classics!

Anonymous said...

J Saul Kane is a true pioneer, love this stuff. Thanks!

Mick said...

fantastic !!! been looking for bounty killers for ages - many thanks for upping these gems.

Anonymous said...

Just when I think I will have found it all, you come out with brilliance like this…LOVE Depth Charge. Have all the albums you can legally buy, but none of the singles. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Phase IV