Thursday, April 24, 2008

Assorted WARPness

...more from our trusty Nottingham correspondent. Thanks Chris!

I ran these through some audio processes to get the levels up, but besides that they sound pretty solid!

One of the first record of the bleeps genre was “The Theme” by Bradford’s Unique 3 in 1989. LFO’s “LFO” was released on Sheffield’s Warp Records in 1990. Nightmares on Wax next released “Dextrous” on Warp Records in 1990. The label went on to release the club anthem “Testone” by Sweet Exorcist (DJ Parrot, and Richard H. Kirk of Sheffield avant-garde experimentalists Cabaret Voltaire), a track that went on to define the Yorkshire sound, and also the rather silly “Tricky Disco” by Tricky Disco. These were followed by a string of releases on the short-lived Leeds label Bassic Records, including the “Ital’s Anthem” by Ital Rockers, a Chapeltown dub reggae band diversifying into techno, and Juno’s “Soul Thunder”, an understated track now recognised as a techno classic.

The music scene in England changed, as piano house anthems took over northern clubs and the breakbeat hardcore scene grew in London and the West Midlands.

Bassic Records folded in 1991, taking most of their acts with them. Those who survived changed styles, with Ital Rockers going back to dub reggae and LFO shifting to techno.

Check out this blog for more info

Forgemasters - Shall we..
Forgemasters - Track with no name
LFO - LFO (remix)
LFO - Mentok 1
LFO - Quijard
Man Machine - Man Machine (Cyber-Subsonik)
Man Machine - Man Machine (Electronik - Automatik)
Man Machine - Man Machine (Electronik - Genetik)



whalefish said...

On a related note, check out the Warp Era Tribute Mix. An excellent selection. --->

Yeah You (Robert's Mix)
We Are Back
Track With No Name
A Case Of Funk
I'm For Real
Track 4
Aftermath (LFO Remix)
Hey! Hey! Can U Relate?
LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix)
Join The Future
Groovy Distortion
Mentok 1
Yeah You

XMP said...

yeah i was about to post that! now i don't have to

Zalman said...

I need 2 albums of "Piero Umiliani" which are considered Electronic.

These are :

Piero Umiliani
Synthi Time (1971)
Genti e Paesi del Mondo (1975)

Thanks in advance.


LFO! I remember when the S/T release came out it had a warning to watch your bassbins (as it may cause speaker damage). So, my friend and I took the CD to the club and sure enough DAMAGE!

XMP said...

LOL @ doing damage... from the gutterbreakz blog: "All the Warp records at that time were cut at Virgin's Townhouse. I insisted on that. There was a guy there, Kevin Metcalfe, who cut the whole of the Greensleeves catalogue."

That would explain the heavy bass!

Dubstrong said...

Big up!

U got the 'LFO- We are Back' 12''?

Great post!


AMP said...

Thanks Chris - this looks great!

Hi Zalman - sorry i do not have those Umiliani joints. they do look dope and i'll be on the lookout for 'em!

XMP said...

sorry I can't locate We Are Back anywhere. if you find it lemme know, Dubstrong!

Dubstrong said...