Monday, April 7, 2008

Andrea Parker - The Dark Ages EP

Gotta give a huge shout out to Baroquedub for sorting this one out. I didn't know about this EP before, but it's PURE electro - full of analog expression - heavy 808s, tons of bass and discordant atmospherics. I immediately recognized some of the tracks from her Groovetech Radio sets (which I will be posting shortly). If you like oldschool Miami Bass and real Electro (i.e. NOT fischerspooner or any of that hipster bullshit), you absolutely must download this EP!

Andrea Parker - The Dark Ages EP
Label - Quartermass
Released - 2001
Style - Electro, Bass

1 Empty Words (5:08)
2 The Swamp (5:29)
3 Expedition (5:31)
4 Invasion (5:36)
5 No Excuse (4:46)

Review from Forced Exposure:

"Inky Blacknuss, Two Sandwiches short of a Lunchbox [R&S], Angular Art [Infonet], an acclaimed album Kiss My Arp on Mo' Wax.... these are some of the many projects in which you may find Andrea Parker's touch as composer. Beside an impressive discography, she is of course, a unique DJ, find traces of her ability in the Studio! K7 'DJ Kicks' series. another aspect of her work is the art of 'remixes': Depeche Mode, Patrick Pulsinger, Lamb, Mira Calix (Warp) , The Orb, Tipper, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Steve Reich... another non-exhaustive list. Along with live work with Philip Glass and Bang On A Can. How to define Andrea Parker's particular electronic universe? One might think about some amplified heartbeats recorded during a tribal ceremony, some dry waves of sounds recycled from Andrea's environment, floating sonic ghosts grabbed from vintage machines. If you listen closely, depth is obvious. In the forefront, bass, snares, hats and other rhythmical elements are moving in some kind of molecular agitation, creating a massive structure in which the subtle abstract touches are floating in a non-randomatic disorder. This is surely the purest electro sound you'll find, but don't expect Andrea Parker to make music for dancefloor addicts only. These tracks are ready to make you move, but the more you pay attention the more you get. This might be the missing link in the mutually exclusive worlds of 'techno' and 'experimental music', now breathing side by side. danger is a duty."



Michael said...

Both the 'download' and 'info' link go to the page on


droid9 said...

this is the dark age of love

AMP said...

thanks baroquedub! i like the stuff i have on Quartermass (Tino Dub, Meat Beat Dub). looking farword to hearing dis!

XMP said...

Whoops - Sorry about that. Fixed the dl link all good

Michael said...

Oh man this is sweet! Cheers for this one! Woohoo!

Paxjorge said...

Hey there,

Great blog! If you want, I can upload "Andrea Parker & David Morley - Angular Art" 1995, another superb work.

Drop a line if you'd like it.

P M X said...

I don't have that one - but of course would love to check it out...

I'm kind of obsessed with andrea parker. She is the most special <

Paxjorge said...

Here you go:

And I also found a radio set floating around:!download|99tl3|105460213|Andrea_Parker_-_GT_Radio_2002-03-22_pt1.mp3!download|752tl4|105463598|Andrea_Parker_-_GT_Radio_2002-03-22_pt2.mp3!download|233l33|105466311|Andrea_Parker_-_GT_Radio_2002-07-04_pt1.mp3!download|309dt|105468816|Andrea_Parker_-_GT_Radio_2002-07-04_pt2.mp3

P M X said...

Cheers for the link. Ha! those radio sets came from me (Groovetech archives - I've got a bunch of 'em)