Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cabaret Voltaire - Plasticity

Cabaret Voltaire - Plasticity
Label - Plastex
Released - 1992
Style - Electronic, IDM, Experimental, Ambient, Electro

This is one of those albums that we used to play over and over and over again. Mainly because of the movie dialogue about Sherm or PCP and 187s (Track 1 "Low Cool"). The movie apparently never came out due to high production costs, but would have been cool to watch. I gather it was some sort of documentary on gangs/street life or something like that. Even without the movie, CV does an excellent job of creating a soundscape that compliments the dark underbelly of inner-city life. I had lost my copy of the album years ago, but it just recently re-appeared so here it is....

AMG Review:
Re-emerging with a much more original sound after their 1990 house album, Kirk and Mallinder for the most part rely on abstract electro-inspired ambient-techno with extended voice-over samples for Plasticity. It certainly wasn't the first time CV had remade themselves without losing elements of their past work (even re-sampling a passage originally recorded over ten years earlier on "Soul Vine [70 Billion People]"), and Plasticity was an excellent reworking of the house blueprint into the growing fringe of techno not necessarily produced for the dancefloor. The tribal flourishes of "Deep Time" and the obvious signal track "Inside the Electronic Revolution" showcase the duo as continuing visionaries. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide

1 Low Cool (6:31)
2 Soul Vine (70 Billion People) (7:50)
3 Resonator (5:54)
4 Inside The Electronic Revolution (5:29)
5 From Another Source (6:49)
6 Deep Time (7:42)
7 Back To Brazilia (6:10)
8 Neuron Factory (4:58)
9 Delmas 19 (6:05)
10 Cooled Out (2:26)
11 Invisible Generation (5:58)
12 Soulenoid (Scream At The Right Time) (8:45)

Notes: Recorded at Western Works Studios, Sheffield, England.
The front cover has a reference to a "Plasticity" 60-minutes video by Ikon under Plastex license ( IKON37 / EXLV04) but the video has never been released, most likely for lack of funds.

Tracks 2 and 12 contain samples taken from "Demon With A Glass Hand" (an episode from the mid-sixties american TV series 'The Outer Limits'). Samples from the same episode had been already used by Cabaret Voltaire in the early 80's in the songs "Stay Out Of It" (The Voice Of America, 1980) and "Yashar" (2X45, 1982).




Wow. Nice one. I used to have this on vinyl back when Instinct Records used to distribute this beauty. Can't wait to play that song that sounds like "Knight Rider" (if I remember right!). Thanks!

padraig said...

Discovered your blog at random and I just wanted to thank you profusely for creating such a great resource, especially the amazing collection of rare dub.

Turk said...

Hi man

Hope your well...

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Shmalfus has been diamond keeping posts added though without me adding I'm sure he won't feel enthusiastic about doing all the work for much longer.

We have casually spoke about shareing a few other genres.
I've considered it a lot and as soon as I next chat with Shmalfus I think we will be opening the genre gates to much more music that inspired the original theme of AV.
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Take Care

XMP said...

haha yeah I think one of those tracks kinda sounds like Knight Rider. But really all I remember is the Sherm talk, although upon further listening - this album still shines after so many years. Other albums I used to love, I give them a listen 15 years later and I'm less than impressed. CV never disappoints.

Turk man I will hit you up on AIM. Stay strong! And I have some mixes you might be interested in.

AMP said...

takes me back to when i began raving. i love this CV release and that one with the Shaft rmx. great stuff!

XMP said...

Oh yeah Theme From Shaft - that was from the Eight Crepuscle Tracks tape we used to have. We'll have to post that up too!

jd45 said...

Thanks for this great post.
If you have more ... you know what to do ;o)

XMP said...

cool we'll get some more up there for ya

AMP said...

i'll be posting some Richard H. Kirk that's along the same lines - Sandoz Digital Lifeforms Redux written/recorded 1992-93... and got lots more electronic releases to post up! looks to be the current ICOOYS tangent.

XMP said...


Anonymous said...

I hope you can provide some SOLO albums of a an Italian composer called:"Stefano Pulga".

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,

This is his discography:

1976 - Vivo (Single)
1979 - Suspicion (LP)
1982 - Indio (LP)
1983 - Love Taker (Single)
1984 - If (LP)
1984 - Alone Again (Single)
1984 - Take me Higher (Single)
1995 - Viale dei passi perduti (CD)

Turk said...

Back on line for this month

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k I'm gonna whip this R$ account for all its worth - after all I need music for the iPod to drive around with now I've decided to keep my car I'll fit the new speakers, amp, 12" bass bin etc etc haha putting in boy racer stereo, I'm half way to pulling my pension (30 somethings... weird I'm having mid life crisis n I'm not even 40 :)))

eh what's this to do with Cabaret Voltaire? very little, other than I just downloaded it :)
v true AMP, you an old skooler as well? - fancy a dove?
only 3 :)

yes please!

peace bro.. s

AMP said...

glad to see Turk is back online! is one of my fav go-to's. white doves indEEd!

AMP said...

Francois, sorry i don't have Stefano Pulga in my collection. will keep an eye out for it!

HMK said...

Wow. Totally bummed I missed this one!