Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sandoz - Digital Lifeforms (Redux)


Sandoz - Digital Lifeforms (Redux)
Record date: 1992-93
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Techno, Experimental
Credits: Artwork By [Sleeve] - Designers Republic, The
Mastered By [Original] - George Peckham
Mastered By [Remaster] - Dennis Blackham*
Producer - Sandoz
Written-By - Richard H. Kirk
Notes: Recorded at Western Works Studios, Sheffield (1992/93).
Similar to CV's Plasticity. Disc 1 was originally released as 'Digital Lifeforms' in 1993 on Touch. Disc 2 contains bonus material to this re-release, recorded in the same years. Track 8 on disc 2 ("Medium Cool") is the very first track recorded by Richard H. Kirk under the name Sandoz, in 1992.

1-01 Armed Response (7:43)
1-02 Chocolate Machine (7:34)
1-03 Digital Lifeforms (8:05)
1-04 Human Spirit (7:00)
1-05 Drum Meditation (7:01)
1-06 Limbo (8:47)
1-07 Zombie Astral (8:27)
1-08 Beam (6:47)
1-09 Steel Tabernacle (7:52)
1-10 White Darkness (9:10)
2-01 Communicate (With The Future) (7:03)
2-02 Ocean Reflection (8:53)
2-03 Tribal Warfare (7:43)
2-04 White Tab / Steel Darkness (Tetrodotoxin Mix) (9:27)
2-05 Erzulie (7:27)
2-06 Human Spirit (Original Dub And Roll Mix) (6:59)
2-07 Zombie Savane (7:02)
2-08 Medium Cool (10:15)
2-09 Shanpwel (6:04)
2-10 Mirror (3:37)

download 1
download 2
download 3
download 4


Sheffield Shuffler said...

ah yes - the minimal sound of Sheffield! Many thanks for this.

baroquedub said...

XMP, you get better all the time! I just love Sandoz. 'The Voice of America' was one of my favourite albums growing up, and tracks like 'Breathe Deep' off the 2x45 EP still sound so fresh even today... then cuts like Oneski just blew me away when they came out under the Richard H Kirk moniker (about 30mins in on this lovingly compiled mixtape) - DJing that track was just fresh air at a time of too much trance in the clubs. And then as Sandoz when he gets on that electronic reggae tip he just can't be beat! Found this doing the rounds on the net a while back, may be of interest to other fans. (PC users may need stuffit to get to the good stuff)

XMP said...

it was actually the brother AMP who posted this, but we have similar tastes in muzak. I did post a Richard H. Kirk album awhile back (http://itscomingoutofyourspeaker.blogspot.com/2007/05/richard-h-kirk-earlierlater.html) but it wasn't quite like this. The Ring Modulations one looks solid. Thanks for the lnk. I think I've got Voice of America if you need it?

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I am so happy to have the Richard Kirk and Sandoz albums again! Thanks. Do you have any of the other Sandoz albums? I would love to check them out.

The other album I am looking for is 99% by Meat Beat Manifesto - a classic. Do you happen to have that one? Meat Beat are dons.

XMP said...

will have to take a look around for those...

AMP said...

hey anon, must be you're lucky day. i have 99% here on my work computer and so i've upped it for you:

i think we've got Sandoz Chant to Jah and maybe one other. if i find them i'll post them up. thanks for the comments!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the 99% - made my day!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey i love this blog, it has everything i love and more!!!so thankyou!!!

Mona said...

Great blog but are you guys coming back?
Any chance of a re-up of this one?

Anonymous said...

links r dead but u find here