Thursday, April 24, 2008

Deep Space Network Meets Higher Intelligence Agency

Deep Space Network Meets Higher Intelligence Agency
* Submitted by Anonymous

Label - Source
Released - 1996
Style - Electronic, Ambient

Thanks, Anonymous! for submitting this to ICOOYS. I would have never found out about it otherwise :)

A collaboration between Birmingham's Higher Intelligence Agency and Heidelberg's Deep Space Network.

11 tracks, recorded in two sessions, Oct 95 and Jan 96.

1 Psyphonic (5:51)
2 Hexametre (8:07)
3 P.A.K. (6:17)
4 E-Z Wider (8:52)
5 Under Water Looking Up (8:49)
6 Zener Diode (4:27)
7 Ramp One (7:00)
8 Chai (8:33)
9 Baikonur (6:19)
10 Majoun (8:37)
11 T. Mat (4:57)



Anonymous said...

two titans, enjoying this, nice.. z.

Michael said...

what is HIA up to these days? Anything?

Giovanni said...

thank you! when i first saw this i thought i had it already, but i was confusing it with HIA's collaboration with biosphere, which came out at around the same time. nice upload.

XMP said...

he's got some gigs lined up on the myspace page:

KMB said...

Thanks for posting this!