Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Andrea Parker - Here's One I Made Earlier

Andrea Parker - Here's One I Made Earlier
Label - Touchin Bass
Released - xxx
Style - Breaks, Electro, Ambient

(review from Boomkat)
"Here's One I Made Earlier" brings together some of Parker's most sought-after and long unavailable material for the likes of the Infonet label, tracks like the immense Angular Art (written with David Morley and now an astonishing 12 years old) or the incredibly spacious "Invasion". In fact every track here is pure goodness - and it's about time they were made available again for a new generation of listeners who no doubt have long abandoned hope of finding the originals. A brilliant, inspiring selection of tracks.

1 After Dark (8:49)
2 Undercurrents (7:17)
3 Invasion (5:34)
4 Too Good To Be Strange (7:17)
5 Time Zones (7:19)
6 Frogspawn (7:45)
7 Empty Words (5:06)
8 Unconnected (7:03)
9 Nearly There (3:02)
10 The Swamp (5:26)
11 Angular Art (7:24)
12 Too Strange To Be Good (6:17)

download part 1
download part 2


Joshua said...

Thanks for the albums. It would be cool if you could use another site to host. Maybe try sharebee.com because it will distribute the file to multiple sites and you get a single URL that lists them all.

Anonymous said...

i think this goes a little bit in a wrong direction, for me is electronic music "soulless" and i hope you will post more hand-made music in the future, thank you for the great blog

Anonymous said...


AMP said...

thanks for the suggestions all. now, if only i could find my face.


found this the other day:


XMP said...

OOH good find! I'm liking the selections there. thanks as always

Fantasmi said...

Love your blog!

thanx for beating me off!


Zalman said...

I need this album please.
I hope you can share it .

Best Regards.

Franco Fabbri(Italy)

Domestic Flight (1983)

Rare electronic album by former guitarist of Prog band Stormy Six that makes use of guitar synthesizer, a drum machine and a computer. Cosmic sound.

XMP said...

your welcome for beating you off?

zalman sorry I can't find that stuff anywhere. It is indeed obscure.

Anonymous said...

Thank you !!! Great blog,great music !!!

fangorn said...

thanks!!!!!! I Love Andrea Parker, I was looking for kiss my arp 5 years... this album is marvelous (my only andrea's cd)

I have a problem with the last song:

12 Too Strange To Be Good.. the file is corrupted...

thanks again