Sunday, April 13, 2008

Microstoria - snd

Microstoria - snd
Label - Thrill Jockey/Mille Plateaux
Released - 1996
Style - Minimal, Electronic, Experimental

(review from Outer Sound):
Like a sound check for the Big Bang, Microstoria's snd simmers at a level just below consciousness and leaves you teetering on the edge of an explosion.

The album's eight tracks screech, swell, hum and bubble like a cat sauntering along an abandoned Moog. Everyday sounds, from the morning alarm clock to a siren passing under a window, swirl through the tracks as if through barely boiling water. Microstoria could be brainwashing you into donating your dog to the Jehovah's Witnesses, and you'd never know. Your conscious mind would be too busy trying to figure out what that noise was or where one track ended and the next began.

Tracks like "Teil Zeit" and "bpi" have no melody, no rhythm, no discernible instruments apart from the (unidentifiable, at least to these ears) electronic pantheon. On the other hand, Microstoria's defiant antistructuralism can be really rather soothing. Notes infiltrate thought and perception; the walls look a little stranger, outside noises become just another element of the composition.

1 Sleepy People / Network Down (5:27)
2 Teil Zeit (5:40)
3 Per Formal (5:10)
4 Feld 1 (4:47)
5 Endless Summer NAMM (4:39)
6 Work Place (5:07)
7 BPI (3:57)
8 Quit Not Save (2:50)



canadianbacon said...

looks like someone has been holding out on us, eh?

XMP said...

This last batch came from my roommate's collection. Probably more to come will be from his collection as well (he has a lot of classy music).

\m/etal\m/inx said...

thanks for this! i was just thinking about them the other day, and wished i still had the cd ;)



XMP said...

glad to help!

Pharoah said...

Nice nice thanx for Microstoria