Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nightmares on Wax - Aftermath series

* submitted by our lovely Nottingham correspondent Chris Ward. Thanks, Chris!

Nightmares on Wax - Aftermath 12"s
Label - Warp/Outer Rhythm
Released - 1990
Style - Bleep, Electronic, Techno, Electronic

Seminal early Warp releases; Aftermath original + remixes + couple other tracks. This is the definitive Warp sound! Bleepy, uneasy warehouse techno c. 1990. Very very good stuff here. Download on sight! Buy it if you can, but these vinyl releases are not easy to come by...

The LFO remix of Aftermath is the best of the bunch, perfectly matching the early Warp bleep bass blueprint. Strangely eerie, and really capturing that Warehouse feel.

Re: Aftermath/I'm For Real: Both these tunes sample from Newcleus' 'Jam On It', Aftermath uses the female sweepy vocal off it, and 'Im For Real' uses the arpeggio'd bleepy loop.

NOW - Aftermath (LFO remix)
NOW - Aftermath
NOW - I'm for real (remix)
NOW - I'm for real
NOW - In two minds
NOW - Sal Batardes



Chris Ward said...


Your welcome chaps, glad that the music is being enjoyed.

There'll be more on the way soon...

Chris Ward
Nottingham - UK

whalefish said...

Big up ICOOYS for this one! and thanks Chris!

AMP said...

Many thanks for these great shares, Chris!

jib said...

Many many thanks for this post - i've been trying to find in two minds for yonks.