Monday, May 14, 2007

Psychick TV - Kondole/Dead Cat

Psychick TV - Ov Dolphins and Whales
Label - Temple
Date - 1989
Style - Abstract/Ambient/Industrial/Drone

Picked this up at a used record shop in Georgetown called Aquarius (*correction - Orpheus, not Aquarius) back in 1994. The shop was appropriately located only a few blocks from the 'Exorcist steps.' Pretty weird record. Very strange hidden track. Hamburger Lady...

from Discogs link:
Thee First Part ov this music was recorded at Time Square Studios, Chiswick, London, on thee 23rd January 1988. It is thee soundtrack to a 23 minute film called "KONDOLE (THEE WHALE)" at present in production by David Lewis and Andy Crabb. Thee Second Part ov this music was recorded at Time Square Studios, Chiswick, London, on thee 23rd January 1989. It is thee soundtrack to an already coumpleted film by David Lewis called "DEAD CAT".

A1 Kondole (15:18)
B1 Dead Cat (15:46)
C1 Hidden Track (3:43)

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wassonii said...

Very good find! Thank you for sharing. Reminds me of some of the Splinter Test stuff.
Lookin forward to more treats.

XMP said...

glad to contribute... will hunt down some more material subterraneae

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Ahhh... RIP Aquarius Records. They morphed, kinda, into Smash Records. Last time I wandered over to Georgetown, I was shocked and saddened to see that Smash was no longer there. Imagine my relief and happiness when I learned that they had merely moved... to my neighborhood!

I'm not a Psychic TV fan, but their presence here is definitely enough to cause me to bookmark the site. Best wishes!

XMP said...

Princess Sparkle Pony's Photo Blog
'I keep track of Condoleezza's hairdo so you don't have to.'

Smash Hit! I feel honored...

yeah Aquarius was right down the street, but bigger (i think?) and less pretentious. I remember a grizzly dude with long hair and a beard who must have run the place.

p.s. the new/used (?) Smash on 18th street is actually quite alright. I got the Wartime EP there and they have handmade purses w/ female reproductive organs sewn in like stitchwork. I almost bought one too.

XMP said...

***correction - I think that record shop might have been called Orpheus. doing some research, I see that they moved to Clarendon (!!!)