Monday, May 14, 2007

Otto von Schirach - Pick Your Perversion EP

Otto von Schirach - Pick Your Perversion EP
Label - Touchin' Bass
Date - 2006
Style - Weird/Not For Kids/Electro/Techno/Scary

The sleeve's artwork alone puts this record in a realm of its own. Whacked-out electro/tech from Otto von Schirach that will make unsuspecting victims completely lose their shit. Riddled with nasty DSP, this record is absolutely grimey.
The Phoenecia tune is my favorite of the two. 'Yo Yo I'm Feeling You' vocal quickly makes way for a demented orgy of glitches. Not for the weak.

A. Trick Snitch
B. Phoenecia - Boombonic Plague (Gorge!Binge!Purge!Edit)

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mahood said...

Honestly I wonder if it's still usefull to listen to Otto / Phonecia in 2007, as I'm afraid they do the same thing since 2000... but I try! Thnaks for your post.

XMP said...

allo, tonton. we are linked.