Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dry & Heavy - Full Contact

Dry & Heavy - Full Contact
Label - BSI Records
Released - 2000
Style - Japanese Dub/Jam

I first heard of Dry & Heavy only a few months ago, when my buddy pulled out his record (bright, orange sleeve w/ lion sketch on the front) and asked if I'd ever heard Japanese Dub before. I immediately thought of Mute Beat, then realized I didn't know of any other prominent Japanese Dub reggae artists. He put the needle on the record, played me the 2nd last song on Side B - I believe it's 'Life in the Jungle' but not completely sure. It was so dope, I was shocked and couldn't even speak until the song had played out completely. So good. Plus I had never heard of them before, so I was 2x shocked.

I made him play it back for me about 10 times before he finally had enough. Two weeks later I came over with my Nomad, and recorded the entire record.

A couple disclaimers first; the track titles and sequence is all fucked up since I didn't write stuff down as I was recording it. When I got home to edit the audio, there were more tracks than what tells me. Plus, the track lengths didn't match up to mine. So disregard all that. I did signify which were vocals and which were Dubs - the vocal tracks are really funny to me (sorry! just being honest!) but the Dubs are what really shine. PLEASE DO ENJOY>>>

Dry & Heavy - Full Contact

1 Dawn Is Breaking
2 Dawn Is Breaking [dub]
3 King Cobra Style
4 Unknown
5 Rumble
6 Love Explosion
7 Love Explosion [dub]
8 Private Plan
9 Private Plan [dub]
10 Life in the Jungle
11 The Smoker's Cough
12 Unknown [dub]
13 Landing

** Dry & Heavy is apparently quite popular in the Japanese hippy/reggae/jam-band/ festival scene. Generally, I'd be bummed about how Japanese peeps and German peeps are always light years ahead of Americans in their music scenes and degree of weird music popularity. But this LP was released domestically on a very very cool, small indie label out of Portland, Oregon. Doing some research on other BSI releases that infiltrated my music radar, I came across an unassuming little online record shop called Zion's Gate - located in Seattle. They have one of the most impressive vinyl selections, not just for Dub but also Electro, Minimal Techno, Ghettotech etc. Check 'em out...

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snowbewon said...

dude, this is cool...i don't know if this is steve k. posting all this stuff...but if it is, do you still have that 21st century dub album, i remember that from back in the day as some standout japanese dub...word.

p.s. paul barman sucks, no offense...i hope he's not a friend of yours... if so....sorry paul, you suck.

pataphysicien said...

Your link to discdogs is on the Vinyl release, but the number of tracks seems to match the US CD release
By the way, thank you. :-)