Thursday, May 24, 2007

Doctor Death's Volume IV - The Marvels Of Insect Life

Doctor Death's Volume IV - The Marvels Of Insect Life (V/A)
Label - C'est La Mort
Released - 1990
Style - Dark/Gothic/Cold

** A note about the Label [from Angry Robot]
C'est La Mort was a small, independent record label, run by Woodrow "Woody" Dumas of Baker, Louisiana. The label existed from the mid-80s to the mid-90s, releasing gothic, ethereal, and "artsy" pop and rock. The label is best remembered for its series of Doctor Death compilations, which grew out of Dumas's Doctor Death radio show. Also of note was Area, the label's flagship band, which released four albums before members went on to form The Moon Seven Times and Lanterna. C'est La Mort did much of its business via mail order and indie record stores, but did eventually establish distribution through Cargo in the '90s. A few C'est La Mort releases, including all four Area albums, were eventually reissued by Projekt's Archive sub-label. Any releases not reissued by Projekt remain long out-of-print and difficult to locate, other than from auction sites or used and rare record dealers. Some people refer to C'est La Mort as a "bedroom 4AD."

1 M-1 Alternative - The Marvels Of Insect Life Theme (3:54)
2 Johanna's House Of Glamour - Dark Hour (3:59)
3 Mumbles - Two Clouds (4:06)
4 Double Happiness - Cut (4:54)
5 Critical Mass - Vacation (2:44)
6 Flower Sermon - If God Is (3:20)
7 M-1 Alternative - Slumming (7:05)
8 Talisker Tale - Alone (4:52)
9 Psychic Surgery - Greeks And Romans (4:00)
10 Area - Green Light (3:45)
11 Blackgirls - Translator (3:08)
12 Leigh Gregory - Athea (4:23)
13 Halcyon Daze - Ragman (4:16)
14 Millions, The - Delicate Balance (4:00)
15 Magnetic Fields, The - Crowd Of Drifters (3:27)
16 Future Neighbors - Salty Sea (3:02)
17 And Siamese Urbain - Whale's Belly (4:47)
18 Handful Of Snowdrops - Now, Then And Forever (6:05)

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Anonymous said...

Do you have disc 2?

Thanks a lot!!

Anonymous said...

there is no disc 2...this is just IT :-) you have "Doctor Death's Volume V - Hearts Lust In Limbo (1991)"..? I had this on tape 15 years ago...but it's dead since a long time... :-(


Anonymous said...

Disc 2 is instrumental.

auntiecoagualant said...

I have both discs so I know it really exists!