Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eternal's Jungle Vinyl Rips - Part 8

Eternal's Jungle Vinyl Rips Pt. 8

  1. Aphrodite - Mash Up
  2. Aphrodite - Woman That Rolls
  3. Atomic Dog - Step Into Light
  4. Atomic Dog - Break It Down
  5. Danny Breaks - The Bear [Droppin Science 10A]
  6. Danny Breaks - Crime '96 [Droppin Science 10B]
  7. DJ Krust - DJ [Chronic 5A]
  8. DJ Krust - The Hustler [Chronic 5B]
  9. Kosmos aka Dylan - Tighten Up [Droppin Science 9A]
  10. Manix - Back to Burn
  11. Manix - Jazz Bop


Santero said...

So great to get rips of these tracks, this is the stuff I was buying when I first started DJing!

P M X said...

Awesome thanks for stoppin by! These are just some of the records I refuse to let go of, but every DJ needs to start ripping for the future! This is my full-time job... I rip tapes and vinyl and it gets monotonous but thats what the herb is for ;)

Anonymous said...

Can you reupload this to a different file sharing site as Rapidshare took it down for trademark?