Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aphex Twin - Untitled [Live @ NASA Tour/SF 1993]

Just as I said in comment form on the original Youtube user's page, RARE AS FUCK. Read post below for reference....

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Rob said...

I was at that show, and have been wishing for years that I had recorded it or that I could hear it! I was great to hear that again!
It was a great show. Besides Aphex Twin There was Young American Primitive and Vapour Space, who were quite good, and Moby, who seemed to want to be a rock star,even bringing out a guitar,(Very unhip right then.) and seemed to bore most of the crowd.
For the Aphex twin set, Richard was playing behind a large screen set up across the back of the fairly large stage. You could walk around behind and see him, but while he was playing some nutter friend of his was dancing frenziedly around the stage under bright strobes.
He was working away like a mad scientist backstage, even hardwiring gear!
I would dearly love to find a recording of the whole show, if it exists, and have fun things to trade. I have been recording shows for a long time and have an interesting library of fun things I have traded for as well.