Monday, July 2, 2007

KLF/VA - House Factor

Various - House Factor
Label - BPM
Released - 1989
Style - Early Rave/House/Acid House

A1 Octave Bass - G-Force (5:17)
A2 NAD - Distant Drums (4:38)
A3 Zeco - The Witch Trials (5:56)
A4 The Moody Boys - Jammin' For Survival (5:19)
B1 Mr. Monday - Unity (5:38)
B2 KLF, The - Kylie Said Harder (5:29)
B3 K.H.Z. - Mad On Jazz (5:09)
B4 Ike - Euphoria (5:03)

I don't know much about this release, but it appears The KLF had something to do with it. I picked this up a couple weeks ago at a used record store, not knowing what it would sound like. Mysterious KLF 1989 weirdness = guaranteed sale. Glad I picked it... a couple standout tracks were hiding in there. 'Mad On Jazz' is definitely special...


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