Friday, July 27, 2007

Bomb Squad Instrumentals/B-sides - DC special!

It's too bad the rest of our FM radio in the DC area blows. One dude named Bobby Hill has been doing these sick 3-hour Bomb Squad tribute shows every Christmas Eve for many years. It's a show called "The Other Side" and my brother & I caught it for the first time around 1990 on WPFW 89.3fm, a jazz station here in DC. That first show I heard blew me away - and although I'd been into PE before that, it was the show that sparked my obsession with Bomb Squad production on a musical level. Their shit is crazy.

So even with all the other parts of the world with dope pirate FMs or just cool regular FM stations, I don't think anywhere else boasts an all-Bomb Squad instrumental radio special! Bobby Hill is a great dude for putting such a crazy concept in action, and keeping it in action for so many years. Thanks, dude.

Here is this past years' special - I had correspondence with Bobby via email before the show even aired, and he pulled out some great stuff for 2006/2007! If you are a lover of dope beats or any shade of PE enthusiast, you will love this shit. If you're not, you should still love it if you're even on my page to begin with. I stayed home like a LOSER to record the show this past New Years Eve :\ But I'm glad I did

chopped into 3 sections for easy digestion>>>
WPFW Other Side - Bomb Squad Special [Pt 1] NYE 2006-07.mp3
WPFW Other Side - Bomb Squad Special [Pt 2] NYE 2006-07.mp3
WPFW Other Side - Bomb Squad Special [Pt 3] NYE 2006-07.mp3

Info/Tracklisting from WPFW's website:

The Other...side, w/Bobby Hill
Date 12:00AM-3:00PM
December 31, 2006
PlayList “It’s Not What You’ve Heard....It’s What You’ve Been Hearing”

BoBBy HiLL, Producer/Host

Program Playlist 12/31/2006

“BRING THE NOISE: 18th Annual Public Enemy/Bomb Squad Instrumentals Special

Public Enemy originally grew out of the friendship of James ‘Hank’ Boxley (aka Bomb Squad producer Hank Shocklee) and Richard Griffin (aka Minister of Information Professor Griff), who were Long Island teenage friends. The two formed the Spectrum City Sound System, and were joined by area MC Carlton Riddenhour (aka Chuck D.) and his friends Willie Drayton (aka Flavor Flav) and DJ Norman Rogers (aka Terminator X). In the early 80’s, the Spectrum City Sound System hosted the Super Spectrum Mix Show on NY’s Adelphi University’s campus radio station. A 1984 live broadcast, then titled ‘I’m Your Public Enemy #1’, eventually became Spectrum’s new name and their first single, re-titled ‘Public Enemy #1’. During the hip hop explosion of the mid-80’s, Public Enemy signed with Rick Rubin’s Def Jam label, which in 1987 released their debut recording entitled ‘Yo! Bum Rush the Show’. With the release of their next two recordings, 1988’s “It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back’ and 1990’s “Fear of A Black a Planet’, PE succeeded in redefining the hip hop sound by elevating sampling – the melding of snippets of pre-recorded sound and music – into a new art form, creating a music that was uniquely arresting in both it’s originality and conviction...sonic collages of urban beats and sociopolitical ideas. Bomb Squad Production Members: Hank and Keith Shocklee, Eric ‘Vietnam’ Sadler, Carl Ryder, Bill Stephney, Gary ‘G’ Wiz, Cerwin ‘C-Dawg’ Depper, Stewart Robertz, and JBL.

“Power to the people and the beats”
(Chuck D.)

Program features writer/musician/professor Thomas Stanley’s reading of ‘Inside the Sanctuary of Shockwave: The Bomb Squad --Excerpts from ‘More Brilliant Than the Sun: Adventures in Sonic Fiction’, by Kodwo Eshun

(1st Hour)
1. Public Enemy #1 & Thomas Stanley Full Eshun Readng/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987/8:34 (TS) 10:15
2. The Blues/Terminator X & The Valley Of The Jeep Beets/Terminator X/RAL/1991/2:08
3. Once Upon A Time In The Projects/12”/Ice Cube/Priority/1990/3:00
4. Change The Style/12”/Son Of Bazerk/SOUL/1990/5:00
5. Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1989/1:17
6. Terminator X Speaks With Hands/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987/2:13
7. Rebel Without A Pause/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987/5:00
8. Arizona Assassination Attempt/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1989/1:13
9. SET LENGTH (29:00) PROGRAM THEME: Public Enemy #1 /12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987
10. He Got Game/12”/Public Enemy/ Def Jam/1998/5:01
11. I Stand Accused/12”/Public Enemy/ Def Jam/1994/4:31
12. Mao Tse Tung/12”/Public Enemy/ Def Jam/1994/4:40
13. Shut Em Down (Pete Rock Mixx)/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1989/4:41
14. Resurrection/12”/Public Enemy/ Def Jam/1998/4:23
15. Can’t Truss It/12”/Public Enemy/ Def Jam/1991/5:01
16. SET LENGTH (28:00) PROGRAM THEME: Public Enemy #1 /12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987
(2nd Hour)
17. Incident At 66.6 FM/Fear Of A Black Planet/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1989/2:01 (Note: From Terminator X’s 1990 Performance Disk)
18. Contract On The World Love Jam/Fear of a Black Planet/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1989/2:00 (Note: From Terminator X’s 1990 Performance Disk)
19. Harry Allen’s Interactive Super Highway Phone Call To Chuck D./CD Single/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1994/2:53
20. Night Of The Living Baseheads (Terminator X Meets DST and Chuck Chill Out Mix)/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1988/3:00
21. Nighttrain (Meltdown)/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1992/5:00
22. Prophets Of Rage (Power Version)/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1988/3:00
23. Power To The People/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1992/3:00
24. You’re Gonna Get Yours (Terminator X Getaway Version)/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987/4:00
25. SET LENGTH (28:00) PROGRAM THEME: Public Enemy #1 /12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987
26. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted/12”/Ice Cube/Priority/1990/4:00
27. Welcome To The Terrordome & Terrorbeat/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1989/4:00
28. Hazy Shade Of A Criminal/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1992/5:00
29. Bedlam 13:13/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1992/4:13
30. Revolutionary Generation/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1992/6:00
31. SET LENGTH (28:00)PROGRAM THEME: Public Enemy #1 /12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987
(3rd Hour)
32. Louder Than A Bomb/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1988/4:01 (Note: Remixed by Jam Master Jay)
33. Final Count Of The Collision Between Us And The Damned/Fear of a Black Planet/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1989/2:00 (Note: From Terminator X’s 1990 Performance Disk)
34. LAST!!! OF CD #1 Caught, Can I Get A Witness (Pre Black Steel Ballistic Felony Dub)/ 12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1989/5:20
35. Bring The Noise/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987/4:25
36. Livin In A Zoo/12”/Public Enemy/Orange Label/Undated/6:00
37. Nighttrain (Get Into It)/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1992/5:00
38. The Edge Of Panic/12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1992/2:56
39. SET LENGTH (29:00) PROGRAM THEME: Public Enemy #1 /12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987
40. Fight The Power (Powersax)/ 12”/Public Enemy/Motown/1989/4:00
41. Fight The Power/ 12”/Public Enemy/Motown/1989/3:00
42. Enemy Assault Vehicle Mix/12”/ Public Enemy/Def Jam/1990/9:22
43. Say It Loud I’m Black And I’m Proud/45/James Brown & The James Brown Orchestra/King/1968/2:42
44. Say It Loud (Say It Live)/Motherlode/James Brown & The James Brown Orchestra/Polydor/1969/4:50
45. Hank Ballard/Blackenized/45/James Brown & The James Brown Orchestra/King/1969/2:54
46. SET LENGTH (26:00)PROGRAM THEME: Public Enemy #1 /12”/Public Enemy/Def Jam/1987/
47. Closing Themes: Lisa Sokolov & Bigg Jus

WPFW - Bobby Hill's The Other Side page


snowbewon said...

i remember you being bout' that shit back in the day...yeah boyeee!

XMP said...

also into sneaking Washburn guitar amp speakers into tiny bathrooms, and hooking up Moog Source + your Digitech Delay pedal to feed into that tiny bathroom. When people least expected it. um...

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for this. great stuff!

XMP said...

I just hope people bite! Bomb Squad beats are unparalleled, and they hardly get the recognition they deserve. Just try and Google Bomb Squad and you'll find hardly anything out there...

Anonymous said...

XMP man, just want to say, truly, truly thanks for these great posts you're giving. C'est truly appreciated! So much cool looking rare Bomb Squad stuff here, I'm gonna have to pace it, being non-Rapidshare-accounted.

I'm a massive fan of library music which you've done admirably but also hip-hop, soundtracks, funk, ambient, downtempo, etc.

Good music is good music and it's cool to have a wide range to taste from. Of course I really do hold that if people like these posts, BUY the albums or at least buy other albums by the same artists. I'm a musician trying to make a living myself and with the shift in climate as to how music is consumed, it's still vital that people support the artists they love.

Anyway, keep on keeping on....

Now, what you got next buddy?


XMP said...

thanks - not sure whats next though. Will have to dig around and see what pops up!

and I try to include artist and label info links for those who want to do their own research. Clearly supporting the artists you believe in and whose music you enjoy is the ultimate goal; and I'm sure those artists appreciate the free promotion blogs and forums give them! except metallica maybe. but they're kinda lame now anyways.

Anonymous said...

Certainly not putting you down for your links my friend. Spreading the original word has always been especially a true hip-hop thing, back to JB and more yep?

Thx 2 your blog, have ordered some stuff from my favourite UK site (and nope, I'm not in any way affiliated, just like their site and attitude)

Embrace the technology, the new etc. Just wanted to make clear my opinion on supporting the work of the people we love to d/l.

As I say, looking forward to more recs.



XMP said...

good point on JB/hip hop. JB = hip hop. the list of JBs breaks or samples used in classic hip hop is pages long...

all agreed on all points. i'm mostly glad anyone's paying attention at all to this stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog you have here! I've bought a couple of albums from on strength of stuff you've posted. Cheers.

I would guess that you have 'The Champ' by The Mohawks in your collection...? ;-)

XMP said...

you talkin about this?

I don't think we've got that one! Looks good though

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's the one! Pity you don't have it - hard to find a copy at the right price.

DJ durutti said...

this Bomb Squad mix is so good I think my head might explode.

THANKS for posting this.

XMP said...

I know I can't wait til the next one airs....

THS said...

Any chance of putting these back up? That would be cool.

XMP said...

looks like everything is still active. Or am I missing something?

THS said...

strange, when i try to dl i just get a couple of 5 kb files with nothing in it. Ive tried from different computers, same thing. ?

ths said...

i've found out the problem, it was me alright ;) i thought they were direct links to mp3s, i didn't look at the rapidshare location, silly

XMP said...

Nope no directs here my friend! ooh another one is coming up in a few months how exciting :)

Anonymous said...

So did you catch it? Hope you did...

XMP said...

I did indeed. Just waiting on the tracklisting from Bobby Hill for the 2nd part, and I'll be posting it!

King Megatrip said...

thanks for this!

gas said...

mirrored on postbocksas a single 3hr mp3 stream or download. excellent stuff ;)

XMP said...

Awesome! thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

Amazing. The Bomb Squad were the greatest. I think "Brothers Gonna Work It Out" is one of the penultimate American works of art of all time. Thanks!!!