Monday, July 2, 2007

Schifters (Jacky Giordano & Yan Tregger - 1974)

Schifters (Jacky Giordano & Yan Tregger)
Label - Freesound (France)
Released - 1974
Style - Electronic/Funk/Psych/Library/Soundtrack

(from groove collector)
Killer French grooves on this library, credited to the session musician and Freesound head artist Jacky Giordano. The color of the Freesound production is very unique. Lots of dirty wah wah, heavy drumbreaks and funky synth, on this LP, as you can hear it on "Rieka" and "old Timmy"...

(from scorebaby annex)
It's a classic slab of psych-funk library music composed by Yan Tregger and Jacky Giordano and arranged by Yan d'Ys.... a wonderful line up for one of the best library records from France. Full of breakbeats and killer instrumentation, this album is a must have for beat fiends.

1. O'Seven
2. Reika
3. Schifter
4. Old Timmy
5. Amplitude
6. Milady
7. Imput
8. Gost
9. Road Off
10. Leading
11. Virgin
12. Out Put
13. Red Bass (Tony Barthele/Schifters)
14. Harlem Bass (Tony Barthele/Schifters)
15. The Ghost and The Bass (Tony Barthele/Schifters)
16. Underground Bass (Tony Barthele/Schifters)



Lipton said...

Exellent! This was really a nice suprise... Last time when I was so exited was when I discovered the Sitar Beats (or sumpting) in Chocovere´s blog. You should check it out if you havent already...

Anyway, what is this "library record"? Even the wikipedia did not knew and the term pops up every now and then... Keep up the good work anyway, it is time to unzip the Nuggets =)

AMP said...

Glad you are enjoying! From the Nuggets Luke Vibert's Selections liner notes:
"Library Music, also known as Production Music: music made specifically for use in TV, film and radio worldwide, is often thought of as bland background music. This album tells a different story and displays how a particular convergence of circumstances led to the creation of some of the most unusual and exploratory music ever made."

XMP said...
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XMP said...

The Lee hath spoken. Glad you like the selections - this is some of the funkiest sh*t you've never heard.... I don't believe these records/CDs were generally manufactured in large quantity, so they tend to be very pricey. Much magic hides in the realm of 60s/70s film scores and library music! Stay tuned for more posts like this to come...

AMP said...

oh, hi!

Lipton said...

Ok, thanks, I tought it might be something like that, as these tracks has very "soundtrack" feeling on them, I burned this one for my car cd player, really good for a relaxed countryside ride...

I really wish people will upload more this kind of music as it seems quite likely one will not find it in local record store, no matter how hip they might be...

XMP said...

You are correct about that. Used record stores or thrift stores might turn up the occasional surprise, but your standard shops most likely carry this stuff - unless it's a recent reissue. There are a couple good online record shops that DO carry this stuff though... here's the top spots:

Dusty Groove -

Movie Grooves -

+ many good links for online/physical music stores that offer this stuff -

KiDG said...

Thanks for this lovely rarity!

the saucer people said...

Yippie! Talk about the clash of seventies French library gods! A rip of Monsieurs Giordano and Tregger's 'Schifters' album on Freesound, I can hardly believe my eyes!

A four years old link! you were definitely ahead of the curve given the profusion of "library music" blogs in the last two or three years...everytime I visit this blog looking for a particular album I find half a dozen other albums that I have either been fruitlessly scanning the blogsphere for or had no idea even existed!

Huge thanks for this one and for those who perhaps do not get just how rare this record and the Freesound releases in general are; out of the four releases by the label for sale on Discogs there is not a single one for sale (and even with ultra-rare releases there is usually at least one vastly overpriced copy for sale!)...this is definitely something special.