Monday, July 2, 2007

V/A - Stroboscopica (Sonorizzazioni Psycho Beat)

V/A - Stroboscopica (Sonorizzazioni Psycho Beat)
Label - Plastic Records
Released - 1998
Style - Smooth Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Psychedelic Rock
Description - "Italian 70's psychedelic b-movies soundtracks and sonorizations"

*All 3 volumes + all other soundtrack/library music come from the Secretive Vaults of Leeford Square - Hay thanks!!

(from Score, Baby!)
Stroboscopica Vol. 1 & 2 are two well-rounded comps of psycho beat lounge and jazz funk, much of which was used by Cinecitta movie studios in the 60s and 70s. The subtitle for volume two is typically bizarre: "70s psychofunk jazzy beats for erotic thrilling fiction". And the "genre/style" descriptions follow suit: "psychadelic reality", "whisky and baby doll", "action in the city", and "threatening hidden menace". The first volume favors psycho beat and the second favors funky crime themes. The featured artists include Franco Micalizzi, Marc 4, I Gres, Pulsar Music Ltd., Stefano Torrosi, even Ennio Morricone. All in all, very groovy stuff.

1 I Marc 4 - Matto Grosso (2:10)
2 Freedom Power - Dopping 2000 (2:41)
3 I Grès - Duo Balls (2:35)
4 Franco Micalizzi - Affanno (1:34)
5 I Marc 4 - Hyde Park (3:40)
6 I Grès - Voleur (2:05)
7 Freedom Power - Vortice (2:52)
8 I Pulsar - Leyla Theme (2:40)
9 I Grès - Restless (3:06)
10 Freedom Power - Reaction (3:00)
11 I Pulsar - Walking At Sunrise (1:13)
12 I Grès - To Jimmy (2:09)
13 I Pulsar - Cat Theme (2:40)
14 Freedom Power - Love For Sale (3:34)
15 Alessandro Alessandroni - Il Porto (3:09)
16 Francesco De Masi - Altalena Party (3:35)



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