Friday, July 20, 2007

Jacky Giordano - Pop In... Devil's Train

Jacky Giordano - Pop In... Devil's Train
Label - Vadim Music / Pulp Flavor
Released - 1976/reissue
Style - Jazz, Funk, Easy Listening, Lee Library, OST

(from Vadim Music)
At the age of 17, Jacky was already doing sessions for the greatest. In the 70's, he was composer for the Crazy Horse Saloon and manager of a musical company. In 1977, he directs the orchestra for "Turbulences" by Eddie Warner & Lalo Shiffrin. In the 80's, two of the albums he has worked on are certified gold in the USA : Géraldine Hunt and Fantasy. Jacky has also composed musics for the Alcazar cabaret and produced more than 300 albums. "Pop in…devil's train" released in 1976 for Montparnasse 2000 is a tribute to funk & soul music...

1. Betelgueuze In The Sky
2. Moving Grooving
3. The Big Mameluk
4. Terefic War
5. Tchu Tchu Face
6. Bombe Hachée
7. Worry For Nothing
8. Devil's Train
9. Sex Girl
10. Tabla Minor
11. Dont Be Cool
12. Blue Circuit


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