Thursday, July 5, 2007

Nino Nardini/Roger Roger - Jungle Obsession

Nino Nardini/Roger Roger - Jungle Obsession
Label - CML/Dare-Dare
Released - 1971/2000
Style - Electronic/Abstract/Jazz/Funk/Breakbeat/Soundtrack/Library

Notes: All tracks published by Creasound Ltd except "Tropical" published by Chappell recorded music library. First released in 1971 (non commercially).

Another awesome compilation of some of the most killerest early-70s library funk/grooves you've never heard before. So so good.

Random review from somewhere:
Nino Nardini's Jungle Obsession is an album of production music recorded in 1971 and released for public consumption almost 30 years later. As the title suggests, all tracks have an exotic bent -- think Martin Denny; however, the '70s production adds a more solid bass-and-drums bottom end. Some tracks are more mellow and feature loads of strings while others have primitive electronics, vibes, wah guitar and organ. Great tracks are "Shere Khan" a lush, string-laden track with an underlying sense of danger, and "Jungle Mystery" which has a, well... um, a MYSTERIOUS vibe to it.

1 Jungle Obsession (3:37)
2 Murmuring Leaves (2:48)
3 Mowgli (2:34)
4 Bagheera (2:15)
5 Creeping Danger (2:35)
6 Malaysia (2:03)
7 Jungle Spell (2:50)
8 The White Snake (2:03)
9 Shere Khan (1:57)
10 Tropical Call (2:30)
11 Bali Girl (2:38)
12 Jungle Mistery (2:52)
13 Tropical (2:40)



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! I've been looking for this OUT OF PRINT gem for a very long time. I slept on Pulp's re-issue so I can't thank you enough. Don't sleep people, this is a beauty!

XMP said...

glad to help out. this is one of my favorites as well...

AMP said...

More Dare-Dare/Pulp on the way!

Anonymous said...

Thank You! I broke this record with mi my feets, believe it or not!

Anonymous said...

Why isn't track 13 on with the download???

Anonymous said...

Same person who tried to post as "anonymous". I was wonder if you had an mp3 to the final track of the album, "Tropical". I really was excited to finally find the album, but when I downloaded it it was missing the one song that caused me to download it in the first place.

Please, I need that song! If you have it, or don't, let me know.

My e-mail is Thank you.

Anonymous said...

the recording/transfer quality here is superb. i have the album with a tiger on the cover.....