Friday, July 20, 2007

Various - The Sound Gallery Volume 1

Various - The Sound Gallery Volume 1
Label - Scamp
Released - ???
Style - Lounge, Jazz, Funk, Easy Listening, Soundtrack, Library

(from Chaos Kitty)
Swinging music has invaded the public's consciousness - it's on the television, the wireless and being gyrated to in the most happening of discotheques. Groovy instrumental work-outs, some familiar, others down right weird, have been eagerly embraced by the all-new urban sophisticate. These musical masterpieces stem from but one source, The Sound Gallery Volume One - two albums that moved your feet, soothed your brow, and loosened your clothing - however the mood took you.

The first volume of The Sound Gallery was released worldwide to great critical acclaim (five star reviews across the board and featured in many end-of-year polls) and is even lovingly referred to by its disciples as "The Bible." Dig the cool sound of The Dave Pell Singers' swinging "Oh Calcutta." Groove to the funky sounds of Mandingo's "The Headhunter" and "Black Rite." Refresh yourself with "Shout About Pepsi" by Denny Wright and The Hustlers. Soak your mind in the amazing takes by John Keating on "I Feel The Earth Move" and the always popular "Jesus Christ Superstar." Or simply join the party with the likes of Alan Hackshaw, John Cameron, Alan Parker, Paddy Kingsland and many more.

1. Oh Calcutta - The Dave Pell Singers
2. Black Rite - Mandingo
3. Punch Bowl - Alan Parker
4. The Night Rider - Alan Hawkshaw
5. The Riviera Allair - Neil Richardson
6. Jet Stream - John Gregory
7. Half Forgotten Daydreams - John Cameron
8. Jaguar - John Gregory
9. Life Of Leisure - Keith Mansfield
10. Girl In A Sportscar - Alan Hawkshaw
11. Young Scene - Keith Mansfield
12. It's All At The Co-op Now - Alan Hawkshaw
13. Funky Fever - Alan Morehouse and His Bond Street Brigade
14. Shout About Pepsi - Denny Wright and The Hustlers
15. The Headhunter - Mandingo
16. Blarney's Stoned - Alan Hawkshaw
17. The Earthmen - Paddy Kingsland
18. I Feel The Earth Move - John Keating
19. The Penthouse Suite - Syd Dale
20. The Snake Pit - Mandingo
21. Boogie Juice - Brian Bennett
22. The Detectives - Alan Tew
23. Jesus Christ Superstar - Johnny Keating
24. Music To Drive By - Joe Loss Concertium


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