Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I Gres - Exotic Themes For Films, Radio And TV

I Gres - Exotic Themes For Films, Radio And TV
Label - Plastic
Released - 1998
Style - Bossa Nova/Jazz/Funk/Swing/Soundtrack/Library

Material extremely hard to find
This essential reissue contains the tracks "Hot Dog", "Voleur", "Minor Bossa", "Shadow",
"Yellow Green", "Duo Balls", and "To Ramsey"
It's also got good notes, and a nice package
I Gres are one of the most stimulating and complete experiences in italian soundtracks production.

This is a compilation of killer groovy, easy and funky music that was released on the Italian Globevision library label originally as three LPs from a group called 'I Gres'.

A1 Shadow (2:25)
A2 Hot Dog (2:31)
A3 Voleur (2:05)
A4 Moaning (3:36)
A5 Minor Bossa (2:04)
A6 To Ramsey (3:09)
A7 Tropical (2:05)
B1 Duo Balls (2:35)
B2 Plancton (3:03)
B3 Jeannette (2:34)
B4 Sweet Steel (2:56)
B5 Yellow Green (3:25)
B6 To Jean Luc (1:59)
B7 To Wes (2:30)



Bin said... do you do it?
Post after post after post of rare, ungodly grooves!? Chalk me up as yet another fan!

Thank you for everything
you put into this blog, it must
be a ton of work.


jeffren said...

omg...i've been looking for this stuff for along time..i gres & i marc 4 material is very hard to find..what an awesome blog and post man..thanxx again