Friday, July 27, 2007

V/A - Earthrise.Shadow.3

V/A - Earthrise.Shadow.3
Label - Shadow
Released - 1997
Style - Electronic, Trip Hop, Jazz, Lee Library

1 Shantel - Azulee
2 Taran - Maxwell's Dream
3 Megashira - Lo
4 Jammin' Unit - Blind Television
5 Kosma - Mosaik
6 Marschmellows - Splendid
7 Cujo [aka Amon Tobin] - The Sighting
8 Spaceways - Charlie X
9 Slowly - On The Loose (Autechre's For Internal Use Only Mix)
10 Le Gooster - Le Funkster
11 Mr. Electric Triangle - Blow Jam (Red Rum Mix)
12 Futique - Free Radicals
13 Spectral Assignment - Blind Man's Bluff (Jazz Con Bazz Mix)



Michael said...

hi there..fantastic posts as usual.. do you have any of the Headz comps from Mo Wax? looking for 2B. know where it might be online?

XMP said...

AMP might know about that. i'm sure he'll be responding momentarily>>>> i'll look around though for you and see what I can't come up with

AMP said...

wish i could oblige, but i do not have any Mo Wax in my stacks. good taste, my friend!