Monday, July 9, 2007

Unknown Artist - Depeche Mode Mega Mix Parts I/II

Unknown Artist - Depeche Mode Mega Mix Parts I/II
Label - ON-USound
Released - 1990 (bootleg/unofficial)
Style - Electronic/Synth-pop

Part 1 contains: Everything Counts (In Larger Amounts), Shake The Disease, Blasphemous Rumors, People Are People, Leave In Silence, Flexible, Just Can't Get Enough (Live), Master And Servant (Remix).

Part 2 contains: Policy Of Truth (Capitol / Beat Box Mixes), Enjoy The Silence (Quad Mix), Everything Counts (Simenon / Saunders Remix), Strangelove (Pain Mix), Behind The Wheel, Personal Jesus.

* I picked this up at Orpheus a few weeks ago after seeing ON-USound printed on the label. Without even looking at it really, I got home and realized it said Clark/Gore/Clarke on the label as well. So it turned out to be some weird Depeche Mode megamix... I'm not the biggest DM fan but I do love a good bootleg if it's well done. And this is a proper megamix for 1990 as far as the beats/production etc. Definitely suggested for any DM fan...

A Mega Mix Part 1 (13:18)
B Mega Mix Part 2 (10:51)



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great download! In case you're wondering how I found you, I have Google send me a news update on "Depeche Mode" once a week and a link to your blog was in there. Great find! Thanks! -Elvie

XMP said...

see I knew some hardcore DM fan would dig this. thanks, google.

avner said...

From Discogs:
"US-based bootleg label... Majority of releases have single artist megamixes... Not to be confused with Adrian Sherwood's UK dub label, ON-U Sound (with a space between "ON-U" and "Sound")."

Great blog btw, thanks for your time & effort!

Anonymous said...

Thanks... but:

The file could not be found. Please check the download link.

Anonymous said...

Link down.. great blog though!