Thursday, July 5, 2007

Pulsar Music Ltd - Milano Violenta

Pulsar Music Ltd - Milano Violenta
AKA: Bloody Payroll, Commando Terror
Label - Plastic
Released - 70s/1990
Style - Jazz, Funk, Spacefunk, Soundtrack, Library, 70s, Dark/Criminal
Credits: Enrico Pieranunzi & Silvano Chimenti

Notes from Moviegrooves:
Excellent Poliziotteschi (violent Italian cop movie) soundtrack from Enrico Pieranunzi & Silvano Chimenti - full of cool crime-funk, easy listening and pieces to create dramatic tension.

Bit of an interesting one this; the track list reads like a library music LP with descriptions of each track like "Dramatic Tension" and "Dynamic" etc and the CD/LP has "Pulsar Music Ltd" in big letters across the front which suggests that perhaps this is a reissue of a 70s library music LP that was used extensively for the Milano Violenta soundtrack.

01. Cat Theme
02. Blue Funk
03. Dreamland
04. Subway
05. Walking At Sunrise
06. Six In
07. Swinging Day
08. High Tension
09. Leyla Theme
10. Running
11. Fixed Idea
12. Cat Theme
13. Obsession



thesupremeunknown said...

The music selection on here is AMAZIING, forget Funky 16 Corners, forget Flea Market Funk, forget Souled On. Hands down, this is the funkiest blog out there. Keep it up man, from one funkmaster to another.

XMP said...

Killer! Most of this stuff is from my brother Lee, so I'm sure he'll appreciate the endorsement.... See ya buddy!