Monday, July 30, 2007

Various - Hydrogen Dukebox : Shake The Bones

Various - Hydrogen Dukebox : Shake The Bones
Label - Hydrogen Dukebox
Released - 1997
Style - Electronic, Techno, Experimental, Ambient, Lee Library

Notes: Released in the U.S. as "High Performance" on the Instinct Ambient label

(review from
A twelve track slab of all things good available from this label from some new as well as existing artists, with a little more flavour added by notable remixers Beaumont Hannant, Monkey Mafia and Andrew Weatherall. New band Soil are very different with electro beats and bass tuned to beguile the listener. If this is a typical sample of their output, then a future album should be a totally electrifying experience. The Big Eye have successfully remodelled Beelzedub into a pseudo reggae/jungle outing of distinction. I also found the track by Pilote Burste scintillating as they have combined succulent themes and bass rhythms that few could play due to the varying beat. TLM are usually guaranteed to fill the speakers with delightful sounds and it should come as no surprise to find their beaten and broken Electrastar does exactly what is promised. The final track by Blue Frog finishes this truly excellent sampler in great style where the reviewer is left wishing for more. Overall the mix is certainly in the modern theme where the changes in instrumental music allows plenty of diversity to shake those bones.

1 Chamber - Funky Paradise (6:32)
2 Globo - Thirteen (Remixed By Beaumont Hannant) (7:24)
3 Omnivore - Spandex (7:21)
4 Slab - Rampant Prankster (Remixed By Monkey Mafia) (4:57)
5 Soil - Imaginary Ocean (6:46)
6 Crash - Shoeshiner (3:35)
7 The Big Eye - Beelzedub (5:07)
8 Pilote Burst - Rare Vermont (6:28)
9 Slab - Atomsmasher (Remixed By Andrew Weatherall) (2:53)
10 Transcendental Love Machine - Electrastar (5:44)
11 Girl Eats Boy - Girl Eats Boy (5:45)
12 Blue Frog - Contra (6:51)