Friday, July 20, 2007

Various - The Sound Gallery Volume 2

Various - The Sound Gallery Volume 2
Label - Scamp
Released - ???
Style - Lounge, Jazz, Funk, Easy Listening, Soundtrack, Library

(from Chaos Kitty)
Swinging music has invaded the public's consciousness - it's on the television, the wireless and being gyrated to in the most happening of discotheques. Groovy instrumental work-outs, some familiar, others down right weird, have been eagerly embraced by the all-new urban sophisticate. These musical masterpieces stem from but one source, The Sound Gallery Volume One - two albums that moved your feet, soothed your brow, and loosened your clothing - however the mood took you.

Volume Two's recordings range from the seductive - just listen to Laurie Johnson's champagne drenched "Tag", music from the Linda Thorson series of The Avengers; to the familiar -what's Valerie Singleton got to do with "The Good Word"?; to the insane - just listen to Lord Sitar (at the time rumoured to be one of the fab four) musically "enhance" the Who's "I Can See For Miles"; to the downright collectable - the first release on CD of George Martin's "Theme One" especially composed and recorded for the opening of BBC Radio One in 1967.

1. The Jason King Theme - Laurie Johnson
2. Powerhouse Pop - Keith Mansfield
3. The Good Word - The Scotsmen
4. Two Lane Blacktop - James Clarke
5. Zodiac - David Lindup
6. That's Nice - Alan Moorhouse
7. I Can See For Miles - Lord Sitar
8. Accroche Toi, Caroline - Paris Studio Group
9. Marseillaise Generique - Francis Lai
10. Francais Francais - Franck Pourcel
11. Left Bank Two - The Noveltones
12. Light My Fire - John Andrews Tartaglia
13. Avengers Tag - Laurie Johnson
14. Open House - Brian Fahey
15. Mama Elephant - E.Cap
16. International Flight - David Snell
17. Up To Date - Simon Park
18. On The Brink - Mike Vickers
19. Sports Car Special - Johnny Pearson
20. Countdown - Brian Fahey
21. Miss World - Syd Dale
22. Enter The Dragon - Jack Parnell
23. Breakaway - Steve Karmen
24. Caesar Smith - Laurie Johnson
25. The Rat Catchers - Johnny Pearson
26. At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbal - Brian Fahey
27. Theme One - George Martin



Clint's archive said...

I can't turn my back on this place for 5 minutes! What a great collection of posts, thanks so much for sharing all of the great stuff.

AMP said...

Thanks for the comments, Clint's Archive! We're really glad that you are enjoying the collection!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, you just do not stop. Absolutely incredible stuff dude. Gonna be busy now.

Cheers man,


XMP said...

Lee Library did not disappoint for the weekend rocket launch...

coronach said...

Thank you so much for these - there are tracks here that I have been trying to find for a very long time. Brilliant!