Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bite Hard: The Music De Wolfe Studio Sampler 1972-1980

V/A - Bite Hard: The Music De Wolfe Studio Sampler 1972-1980
Label - BBE
Released - 1998
Style - Jazz/Funk/Experimental/Library Music

A1 Keith Papworth - Hard Hitter (2:54)
A2 Alan Parker / William Parrish - The Hawk (2:16)
A3 Frank McDonald / Chris Rae - Power Surge (1:21)
A4 Anton Valotti - Spiro (2:31)
A5 Alan Hawkshaw - Collect (2:25)
A6 Alan Parker / William Parrish - Main Chance (3:04)
A7 Simon Haseley - Hogan's Thing (2:13)
A8 Frank McDonald / Chris Rae - Night Moves (3:42)
B1 Sam Spence - Sunken Ship (Version 2) (1:09)
B2 Jack Trombey - Rock Bed 1 (2:23)
B3 Peter Reno - Hold Back (4:44)
B4 Nick Ingman - Trip Wire (2:53)
B5 Barry Stoller - Condition Red (2:01)
B6 Alan Parker - Hot Ice (2:35)
B7 Derek Scott - Sounds Unusual (2:54)
B8 John Saunders - Mantaray (2:29)

(from Moviegrooves)
This LP is everything we were hoping it'd be... and more. Sixteen absolute killer tracks from the De Wolfe Music Library. The theme here is what we'd call 70's crime-funk - very much in the style of the stuff on the Sweeny CD (the track "Hogan's Thing" appears on both the Sweeny CD and this LP).

You get a whole range of cool dark-blaxploitation/crime soundtrack stuff - fuzz guitar funk, funky-as-hell beats, early synth and even a lovely ambient track from 1980. This LP is absolutely essential.



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Hello- Thank you for taking the time to post great stuff. I have the Music DeWolfe Vol. 1 CD but it has entirely different track to the tracklist here. Are there 2 versions of this CD ?
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D'OH, meant to post this under the DeWolfe Vol. 1 CD

XMP said...

It's possible I messed up the tracklist. I'll have to go back and check later - this might be the real tracklist here: http://www.moviegrooves.com/shop/musicdewolfevolume1.htm

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The samplers on this page are rad. Thank you bro. I have been listening to music that is brand new to my ears for a solid week now, and you know how great that is. Awesome site, great choices, kudos.

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