Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Keb Darge's Legendary Deep Funk

Keb Darge's Legendary Deep Funk
Label - BBE
Released - 1997
Style - Funk, Soul, Breaks, Lee Library

(from wiki)
Deep Funk is a underground genre of funk music which, unlike traditional mainstream funk, has a more soulful, rawer, grittier, and "heavier" sound. The term "deep funk" is also the name of the scene of collectors, DJ's, and musicians who are into deep funk as a genre.

It got its name after Keb Darge's "Legendary Deep Funk" DJ night, held at Madame Jojo's nightclub in London's Soho district.

The focus of the scene is collecting and DJing rare funk 45's, usually released originally by local funk groups & artists in the USA throughout the 1960s and 70s that usually stayed in their local home bases, only playing nearby clubs and other venues, and releasing their music on small local & regional record labels at the time in the form of 7" 45 rpm singles in quite small quantities (usually about 1000-5000 copies or less), hence their extreme rarity and high collectible value. Most of these records have quite high re-sale values due to their paucity, with some going for 4, and sometimes 5, figures.

Keb Darge, along with collaborating artists such as Pete Rock, RZA, and DJ Shadow, has released a series of so far three Deep Funk compilations called Funk Spectrum (Volumes I, II and III), released on BBE Records, and featuring classic releases of the genre, as well as modern-day deep funk/"new funk" groups such as The New Mastersounds, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Connie Price & The Keystones, Quantic, and others.

1 The Fun Company - Zambezi (2:23)
2 Ernie & The Top Notes - Dap Walk (3:09)
3 Ray Frazier & The Shades Of Madness - I Who Have Nothing (2:57)
4 Frank Penn - Gimme Some Skin (2:36)
5 Prophet Soul - Kick The Habit (2:09)
6 The UFO's - Too Hot To Hold (2:04)
7 Timothy McNealy - Sagittarius Black (2:46)
8 Pearly Queen - Quit Jive'In (2:38)
9 Billy - Put Your Own Words To It (2:02)
10 Cross Bronx Expressway - Cross Bronx Expressway (3:45)
11 Smokin' Shades Of Black - Grease Wheels (3:36)
12 Judge Suds & The Soul Detergents - The (Rockin') Courtroom (2:04)
13 Big Bo Thomas & The Arrows - How About It (2:57)
14 The Originals Orchestra - Who Dun It (2:49)
15 Lil Ray & The Fantastic Four - Soul Power (2:27)
16 Dave Serrano - Ou-Wee Man (2:15)
17 Ronnie Keaton - Going Down For The Last Time (2:53)
18 Joyce Williams - The First Thing I Do In The Morning (2:54)
19 Norwich Street Extension - Can't Fight The Feeling (2:45)
20 Family Of Eve - I Wanna Be Loved By You (3:48)
21 Family Of Eve - Please Be Truthful (3:39)

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Anonymous said...

Link is for Funk Spectrum: Real Funk For Real People. Could you fix link. Also, do you have Vol. 2 & 3?

AMP said...

Sorry we only have vol. 1 of this series. Likewise we only have vol. 1-2 of the Funk Spectrum series. It's hard to keep up with all of the fine reissue comps out there, especially on my budget!

Darge Kebap said...

great! but could u please fix the link?

XMP said...

all fixed. sinus medication had me out of it yesterday when I posted all these...

Anonymous said...

thank you

Turk said...


I've been searching a fair bit for this n it was kind of under my nose.

Sweet, I got vol 2 & 3 so I guess vol1 is proly the best,

Did I go on about this:-
Cal Tjader - the Prophet?, if not lets pretend, someone found it for me on KDX, and its possibly the best single album ever (if I we're to pick 1 maybe Lee Perry's - Chapter 1 that's still my favourite after 15? 18? years... but this is a new favourite...I gotta get this album out even though it dosen't fit on Aural-Virus (get that album out haha hoew about A post sometime this half of the year? - thank god for Shmalfus....

Where was I ? oh yeah all hyped about the Keb Darge, he the man, a white scottish soul dude, cool as f.

I'll proly hit d'ld n it'll be pulled as I typed this :)

thanx 'geez' :)

BTW I been away from A-V cos I got another mac, n its kinda good, 24" iMac n almost sexy n well 2+ months have gone by... I like Cider, cider ported pc games that is :) - I'm gonna be away for another month or? learning how to port the games myself... :))

Turk said...

Now theres a lesson Mr Anonymous (he gets everywhere)

If you sign up THEN request something we can all get chatty n friendly like n exchange tunes... now you'll prolly not view this post/comment, I can't email you or visit your blog to tell you I have Volume 2 & 3 of this so eh.. a lesson (that when a bit roundabout)

XMP said...

He might not see it but I did, and that's all that matters here. thanks for the skitz comments Mr. Turk!